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Chapter 3-Rosalin

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in which Rosalin journeys to Altargia.

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  It’s been three weeks since I’ve fallen into Lindenval, and the time has been spent cramming as much knowledge of the order and the world around me. From the day I got here, the Order of Illarwyn (the tree of life in this world) has taken me in. They’ve been kind to me and let me stay in their church, so at least I’m not sleeping on the streets in this strange new world. I’ve learned several unfortunate facts since being isekai'd. The first being this place is as fantasy as fantasy gets, so monsters known as demons exist. The way they were described to me, as blood thirsty creatures that live to kill any living being they run across gave me many sleepless nights.

        A small village like this doesn’t have many reinforcements from the capital, so if a demon were to attack we’d be fucked. The second thing: I’m apparently some sort of saintess? I have a hard time believing it as I don’t have any magic as far as I know. I also wasn’t extremely religious in my own world. I feel like that title belongs to someone more, I don’t know, saintly? I suppose the only thing that would qualify me is being a virgin at my age but it’s not like being a virgin is rare.

        But regardless they insist it's me and I’m some super special unprecedented one because, wait for it, I’m black. Yes, I’m the saintess to rule them all because I’m black. I’m the first one to ever be in the goddess’s image, and the only black person in existence in this world. In fact they all called me Anara at first but after repeating I’m not her for two days straight they decided I’m the latest saintess instead. Which brings me to my last unfortunate discovery. Because I’m this saintess, I now have to go out and fight demons. The demon king has spread a plague throughout the land called a blight. Blighted vegetables and fruits become poisonous and blighted land no longer grows anything, not even grass. When people contract it, they become sickly, feverish and die. I’ve been told it feels as though anything that touches their skin lights it on fire. Even their own clothing rubbing against their skin is agonizing.

        They’re in constant unbearable pain, and the only thing that can end the blight from spreading to more people is for me to defeat the demon king. Every time I think about it, I break out in a cold sweat and feel a panic attack coming on. Even now my wrists start tingling and I absentmindedly rub them as I pour over a book in the church library. This one is about Illarwyn. The dark green leather of it contrasts nicely with the gold edged pages, and the symbol depicting the tree on the cover matches the brooch I now wear pinned to my own silver cloak. According to this book, Illarwyn balances the light and darkness in the world although there’s nothing elaborating on HOW.

        It does however go into mind numbing depth on the very specific method for how leaves were collected from it in the past. The leaves were used to make any number of medicines and potions, and eating the fruit allegedly can extend a person’s lifespan 20 to 30 more years. There were many wars fought over controlling such a powerful and near limitless resource, but the true location of the tree is now lost to time.

“Saintess?” a soft feminine voice pulls my attention out of the book and I look up to see Marla standing half hidden by a book shelf, her long brown hair in a crisp bun.

 The younger girl was introduced to me as the most soft spoken and sensitive member of the order here in Lindenval. And true to form whenever she needs something from me she hides before announcing herself.

“I thought I told y’all to call me Rosalin. I really don’t like being called by my title, it feels weird.” I smile at her and lean more to the right to see her better. She shies even farther behind the bookcase until only half her head is visible.

I hold in a laugh and ask “What did you need? I’m just reading so I’m happy to help with whatever it is.”

“The Archon is looking for you, he told me to come fetch you saintess.” She nearly whispers, avoiding eye contact with me.

“Rosalin.” I correct then stand up and smooth my light grey dress back into place as close my book tucking it under one arm “Lead the way Marla.” I reach the doorway and stand off to one side and let her pass.

        She stops clinging to the bookcase and hurries past me without another word. I follow her through the corridor, sunlight streaming in from the windows we pass. The only sound is the soft click clack of our booted feet and I attempt to engage her in conversation but give up after getting near whispered one word answers. We eventually reach the northeastern tower and she stops at the foot of the stairs, causing me to almost walk into her back. I back up a step and she walks a wide circle around me and heads back down the hall.

“Thanks Marla!” I call after her and smile to myself when I get a soft “you’re welcome saintess” back when she’s far enough away for her liking.

 She’s so adorable! It's got to be the short plus shy and glasses thing. One of these days I’ll get her to be friends with me. Or at least stop being so formal.

        As I climb the stairs I try not to look down. I’ve had a fear of heights and small spaces all my life and although this tower isn’t the smallest the enclosed space still makes me nervous. Halfway up I stop on the landing in front of a large wooden door and knock in the pattern I was taught to do.

“Enter.” A raspy voice says then follows it with a cough.

        The Archon, to put it nicely, is very very old and the years show on the many lines on his face. When I enter the room he’s seated at his birch wood desk. The window behind him faces the town square and I can see the market busy as usual in the background. He coughs once more into a handkerchief then tucks it away into his white robes and directs me to the seat across from him. The chair is plush but worn from years of use and I sink down in it a bit.

“I have a letter here from the order in Altargia.” He begins and i wiggle a bit in the seat uncomfortably.

        I expected at some point to visit the capital, it IS  the seat of the largest church in the empire, the Spire. And I was told the other saintesses all started their journey from Altargia. But I didn’t want to have to face destiny so soon. Three weeks doesn’t feel like enough time to have prepared myself. I prefer the slow idyllic life of the village. Helping out the baker with his breads on Sunday mornings, reading to children in the church library on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, doing odd jobs when asked. All of that’s become routine for me in the short time I’ve been here. And as selfish at it is, it's my fate to go on this journey, I’m honestly scared and don't want to go. I’ve never fought a person before let alone an actual demon. I can barely handle a person raising their voice to me or criticizing me after the childhood I’ve had. I don’t know if I have the mental fortitude to do this.  

“I see..” I hedge and feel a tingling in my wrists coming on.

“The Archon of Altargia asked for you to visit at the end of the month. Our hero had already been identified years ago and now that you're here both the order and the royal family are very excited to give the people some hope in this dark time.” He goes, and strokes his beard as he talks. I look above him focusing on the window's glass and his short snow white hair while I flex my tingling fingers.

“Ah okay.” I reply and take slow deep breaths through my nose.

“Ahem. Well, there will be an announcement made to all the territories of the empire as well as other countries upon your arrival. Shortly afterwards a ball will occur where other country leaders and diplomats as well as Archons from churches across Eithoria will be there to meet you.” He drones on and it's a struggle to focus on the words he’s saying.

“Sounds lovely.” I reply and turn my gaze away from the children playing outside back to his face. His eyes are a warm teddy bear brown and under normal circumstances he has a reassuring grandfatherly presence.

“It’s customary to give the saintess gifts at this event as a preliminary thanks for your efforts. There will be another ball after the demon king’s defeat but that’s more to celebrate the hero.” He gives me a gentle smile and takes my hands in his, “Is there anything in particular you’d like when I visit you in Altargia? I’d prefer to get you something you’d be happy to have.”

“Maybe a book..” I reply weakly and stare at his pale wrinkled hands holding my brown ones.

“A book? What a studious girl you are. The last saintess requested we bring her jewels.” He chuckled giving my hands a squeeze before letting go “It’s been a joy to have you here with us. If I could keep you here forever I would. Alas you’re on to more exciting things.”

I stare at him for a moment then ask “may I go now sir?”

“Oh yes of course. That’s all I needed. The carriage should be all ready for travel next Friday.” He replied and walked to his office door holding it open for me.

         I rise from the chair as he does and bow to him as protocol demands before heading out the door. You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re going to be fine. It’s okay. I’m fine. I woodenly descend the strairs and repeat placating words to myself as panic rises to my chest and tears sting my eyes. You’re fine. YOU’RE FINE. Do NOT start crying now. They’ll think your crazy. It won’t fix anything. You’re okay.

        I feel myself start to tingle all over and it's hard to breathe as I walk back to my room. Several people greet me in cheery voices as I pass but my vision is so blurred I have to focus on my feet to hold off the inevitable. Look you made it to your room. Good job me. It’s gonna be okay. I’ve been through rough times. I’ll be fine. I try to think positive but as soon as the door closes behind me I’m bawling. Holding in silent cries I gasp in air as quietly as possible. I’m shaking as I lay on my bed and pull the blanket over me, shoes, cloak and all.

        I can’t stop myself from crying as I lay in my blanket cave, I’m so scared and the panic attack is in full force. When I was younger watching any number of  magical girl shows I wanted to be them so badly. To have cool powers and save the world. Mid panic I curse my younger self as if somehow her innocent desires got me into this situation. I get a strong longing for home and its normal problems. Struggling to pay bills and being yelled at by customers is much more appealing now. And what of my family? Do they think I’m dead or I’ve gone missing? Sure some messed up things happened in my childhood but I wouldn’t want my parents or step parents to worry. And my sister is going to be devastated when she finds out I’m gone. I cry even harder at that, imagining my twin thinking I left her without a word.  An hour or so passes, the panic subsides and its simply my homesickness that makes me cry myself to sleep.

        A week and many sad goodbyes later I’m in a carriage on my way to Altargia. Marla gifted me the soft lavender dress I now wore under my cloak, stating she’d made it herself. She ran off before I could thank her properly but running my hand over the material I could tell she’d put quite a lot of effort into it. Over the past week I’ve had help from everyone in the order on learning etiquette for my visit to the capital. The dancing lessons for the ball were interesting and at least I had a party just for me to look forward to.

        I’ve always wanted to go to a ball like in historical romances so I guess this can be in the pros corner for being isekai’d. The only other time I’ve worn a really nice dress was for my sister’s wedding. I’ll have to enjoy it for the both of us nerves and all so I can tell her about it when I get back home. If I ever go home. The carriage drove over a bump in the road and I jolted out of my thoughts. I leaned over on the uncomfortably hard red seats and looked at the forest passing by out the window. I was told before leaving that the distance from Lindenval to Altargia is about three to four days.

         By the time I get there I’ll be so relieved to be done travelling I won’t have time to get anxious. I wish someone could’ve come with me, I hate going to new places alone. If I was going to end up in a fantasy world couldn’t I have gotten a cute talking animal companion? All the magical girls got one. Come on universe! Give me a sassy cat or a bird or something.

        I sigh closing the curtain back over the window before I could get nauseous from motion sickness. I look around for something to do and remember the wicker basket of books the Archon of Lindeval handed up to me when I alighted into the carriage. Sitting on the seat across from me it was filled to the brim with small but thick books and i pull one out at random. “The Complete History of Beast Folk Migration?” I puzzle out loud then shrug and decide to read it anyways. Even if this ends up boring its better than nothing. And maybe I can get some sleep in if it’s that bad. I didn’t know we had animal people here though, nobody mentioned that. Settling in for the long ride I adjust positions and sit lengthwise on the seat, cracking the curtain once more behind me for the extra light.


     I’m laying naked on my side on a plush bed covered in dark blue velvet. The mattress is bigger than any king sized bed I’ve ever seen and my head sinks into the matching satin pillows. I look around at the canopy overhead holding carefully tied back curtains. Those alone look luxurious..coupled with the bed, and i definitely wanna see what the rest of this room looks like. I’m about to sit up when I feel a strong arm wrap around me. “You’re getting closer..” A familiar voice rumbles behind me and my body feels hot all over. Strangely, i can understand the words this time when i couldn't before. “Getting closer to where?” I say and look down at the arm holding me. It’s muscular and pale, his veins standing out in his hand as it rubs my stomach. He doesn’t answer and instead leans towards me and sniffs my hair breathing in deep. “I can smell you now..Your scent is alluring.” He says in awe and I try to squirm around to look at him. “No. Not yet. We’ll meet soon but not yet.” He breathes against my ear and I shiver in response. I don’t even think to question it, I instead focus on that hand watching it brush lower with each circle it makes on my stomach.

        I swallow and as if possessed I blurt out “Just touch me. Don’t tease me like that.” His laughter is delicious and my body tenses in anticipation when he reaches up and grasps my breast. His thumb rubs similar circles over my hardened nipple and I lean into his touch. “So eager..Good girl. That’s right, just enjoy me.” He murmurs as he pinches one dark peak then the other. I get restless and rub my ass against him, loving the way he feels behind me. He’s thick and impossibly hard, leaking precum from the tip. “I think I need more. Please.” I moan and reach behind me to grab onto him to emphasize my need. He pauses his ministrations and licks my neck “Close your eyes for me. Keep them closed until I say so.” I eagerly close my eyes and he bites my neck before rolling me onto my back. I can feel him hovering over me but I don’t give into temptation and keep them shut. His tongue licks my right nipple and I whimper, spreading my legs open for him. Again and again he lavishes my nipples with his tongue alternating between them.

        When he gently bites one I dig my fingers into his soft hair, longing for more stimulation. Seeming to sense my frustration his hand dips between my thighs. He pushes a finger into me and groans, making a come hither motion with it. My own cries get louder as he slowly adds two more and I can feel myself flush warmer in embarrassment. In and out he works me without letting up on my breasts.  I want so badly to look into his eyes while he touches me, watch his soft pink tongue flick over my dark brown nipples. The thought excites me more and i have to force myself to keep my eyes closed. He pulls those devilish fingers back out, and uses one to rub lightly over my clit. My hips rock forward and I feel him smile against my skin as he sucks on my nipples. I get closer and closer to the edge and he continues to tease my sensitive spots with light rubs and leisurely licks as if he has all the time in the world to please me.

        I can’t hold back my sounds now and somehow as i beg him to go faster and I can hear him in my head encouraging me You’re almost there, I can tell. Your clit is so firm and I can feel your pussy throbbing. You want to be filled by me, don’t you? I’ll fuck you till we’re both too tired to move, but you need to orgasm first darling. The combination of his touches and his words have me rapidly approaching the finish line and I don’t even attempt to form a coherent response. I just dig my nails into his back moaning and rocking my hips into his hand. I can’t get enough of your breasts, they’re perfect. I’m going to lick every inch of you when you cum for me, till you do it again on my tongue. As I teeter over the edge, a loud knock startles me.

        “Your holiness we’ve reached Salworth.”  The driver, an order member from Lindenval named James, calls out and I am in no shape to respond. I press my hand against my mouth as I moan in climax, and try to slow my breathing. He knocks again and I take a couple breaths before gathering myself “Alright, I’m ready.”

        James helps me out of the carriage and I wait while he goes to park it. My knees feel weak and i can feel my soaked underwear sticking to me under my dress.

        What the FUCK was that? WHY did I say that? I need Jesus. I need Anara. I’ve gotta pray, holy shit. I have never had such an intense orgasm before. I..I don’t even feel ashamed of myself. I definitely would’ve let that mysterious stranger in my dream fuck me. I am NOT saintess material. I am still replaying that in all it’s unholy glory. If he’s gonna start popping up when I go to bed..well shit. Call me sleeping beauty. I touch my cheek as I feel myself blush, and I pull on the hood of my cloak to hide it from view. I’m still distracted as we walk into the Inn and he let’s the inn keeper know we have pre-paid accommodations, courtesy of the Altargia’s branch of the order.

        We’re given separate rooms and I power walk up the stairs to mine following behind the employee told to direct us. We pause outside of my door as she asks if I need anything. I order a hot bath and a meal sent up then collapse on the bed once inside. I’m going back to bed IMMEDIATELY after this bath. I gotta know what oral feels like, even if it was just a dream. That was the best filth I’ve dreamed up in a minute. PLEASE let me get a repeat performance. I just wanna see somethin goddess, I promise. 

         When she returns, its with two buckets full of hot water. She drags a bronze tub from a door in the corner of the room and pours the water in. “It’ll take several more to fill it up miss but I’ll be quick about it.” She assures me before taking off again. Several trips later, I’m in warm honeysuckle and citrus scented water next to a crackling fireplace. I watch the steam curl upwards around me and I wonder why I had such an oddly realistic wet dream. That's never happened before no matter how many hot guys i saw on campus. I can still feel his tongue even though it was definitely a dream and I’ve never done more than kiss a guy. After my bath I inhale my meal consisting of beef stew and warm buttery bread. I chase it down with a glass of red wine and blow out all of the candles. Leaving the fireplace going since the sound of it is relaxing I eagerly get into bed.

        I wake up the next morning sorely disappointed that I slept through the night without anything happening. In fact I didn’t dream at all just had a normal restful sleep. I guess my imagination ran out of juice. Not like I’ve got much to work with with no experience I sigh over breakfast. The inn at least had very good food and breakfast boosted my mood a little. The egg dish I ate was spicy and hearty with plenty of meat and potato mixed in. Shortly after breakfast I’m settled into the carriage again for another day of travel and I begrudgingly pick up “The Complete History of Beast Folk Migration”. Flipping to the last page I remember, I continue reading a chapter on seafaring beast folk.
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