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Draco's Decision

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How can Draco cope with the past, rising from the dead.

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Quiet dissatisfaction reigned in Malfoy Manor. It was apparent Lucius and Narcissa would have never accepted Elvein, especially after their only son "so recklessly and irresponsibly endangered his life, because of some squib's offspring."

Though Draco was not a scared child anymore, looking at his reflection, he saw a young man who had passed many complex paths. He perfectly understood that he was the family's only heir, whose decisions had to be accepted.

After the last conversation with Elvein, something shifted in him. He had enough of running after her like a puppy, waiting for her grace. Draco strongly believed he had exhausted all his limits, and continuing like this, simply held no sense.

That morning, it looked like he and Lucius changed places. Now his father sat with his eyes down while Draco's expression, same as all his manners, dominated. He even decided to bring Elvein for dinner. With these thoughts, he shifted to Tempels' house.

He acted like yesterday's talk had never happened, chatting with Bartholomew as usual. When Elvein came with her bowed head, he reached for the chair and made her take a seat beside him, even though she was trying to sit elsewhere. During supper, he even grabbed her hand under the table. Mr. Tempels seemed to be a brilliant man; therefore, assuming he was not noticing Draco's demanding attempts was absurd. Though, he never reacted to them.

"Elvein, will you show me the vineyard?"

The surprised girl lifted her gaze from her trembling fingers, still held by Draco's palm, and nodded.

They were passing through vines; sun-heated grapes were saturating the air.

"Bartholomew told me you were raised here."

"Yes, as long as I remember."

"Why have you never had a pet? Most students go to school with owls, while I have never seen you with any."

"I agree. I have only Blanche, our swan. No one would let me take him to school, so I have decided that I would not take anyone if I didn't take him."

Her dress collar was waving with the wind, and Draco was pleased to notice her skin was not blemished by marks. That lifted his mood:

"I think you have guessed the reason for my question."

"Hope you are not planning on gifting a pet."

"I was. It's a good thing I've asked first." This time, Draco reached for her hand openly, pleased that she did not pull away. They walked with their hands intertwined. Her fingers still shook, so he continued: "Elvein, as I've promised, you have as much time as you need. But I must be sure you are trying. I must know that you want to return what we had till that bloody train ride. I love you, till pain, till madness, and even more. Please, try."


Elvein, dressed in a dark green robe, sat at Draco's side, at the Malfoy family dining table, as usually silent, head bowed. Lucius was not sparing her with a glance, while Narcissa's scared eyes flew from her son to her husband, again and again. Tension was so thick in the air; that it stung her eyes.

Very calm and confident, Draco poured the drink first to Elvein, then offered it to her mother. His manners demonstrate dominance while provoking with calmness. He was daring his parents to speak up. He was the only one to talk. Mostly, addressing Elvein with questions. She answered quietly, with small sentences.

Elvein never cared for what others thought. She never avoided confrontation because of her set of mind. In that, he was like her father. But being in Malfoy Manor while understanding how much of an unwanted guest she was, felt painful. One thing was speaking her mind up to them in school, but now she was the one invading.

The whole Malfoy Manor felt she was an undesirable guest. The walls seemed freezing and dour. Silverware burned her fingers. Every bite felt like poison. She knew Draco would never allow something to hurt her, especially in his own house. It was all in her head. In her feelings. She has decided that she has never felt so bad in her life. Not even at Demian's castle. Understanding, this visit served Draco to prove something to his family once again. Elvein felt obliged to follow his every wish; that's why she did not refuse or complain. Hoping he would guess how uncomfortable she felt. She also admitted, that if Draco had asked to visit Malfoy Manor once more, she would have returned to this horrible place.

After dinner, Malfoy took her outside for a walk. The Manor's gardens were as vast and devastating as the house itself. Elvein felt as if her own clothes were choking her, though still, she kept quiet. Malfoy was one to talk:

"I know how unpleasant it is for you to be here, but this mention is also part of me. Sooner or later, my parents will have to face the truth."

Draco seemed pleased, which surprised Elvein. She could not get rid of the feeling of being used. She was brought here, as a sign of young Draco's independence and rebellion. The signal on what Draco was capable of if they would defy him. She shivered inwards but spoke:

"Is this where you were playing as a child?"

"No, behind mention is a quidditch stadium. I spent most of my time there." Draco seemed even more cheerful. "Let's go; I'll show you!"
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