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Diagon Allay

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Lets take a stride on Diagon allay

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October brought lots of cool and pouring rain, so much unlike in South France. That only made Draco happy since he disliked the local climate. His body was genetically used to London's cold and humid air.

The whole month's progress was Elvein's permission to hug her waist. But as soon as Draco tried to kiss her hand, she ran to her room and did not leave it till the end of the day. Malfoy struggled between fires, suffering from Elvein's sense of guilt and from jealousy towards barely alive Ekrizdis, who was still sitting in his ruined castle.

Days flew in a steady rhythm while dark thoughts grew their roots in the deepest crests of his soul. Every minute spent away from Elvein became unbearable. He needed her thinking of him only, looking at him only, and he did everything to achieve this.

Conversations with Bartholomew calmed him as Mr. Tempels' wine. Man, who treated him better than his own father, was fascinating. He always knew what and when to say. Like Elvein, he used to talk with stories and allegories, but there was so much support and accuracy in his words that Draco thought Elvein must be happy just for having such a father.

"Elvein, please get ready; I want to take you to Diagon Alley." He remembered very well how the girl disliked crowds, but also noticed with satisfaction, how she tried not to refuse his requests. "I have made up my mind about your early birthday present. Let's visit Ollivander." Draco finished smiling.


Twisted and hooked buildings with pointy tile roofs on Diagon Alley welcomed comers with usual crowds and joyful tension. Everyone was harrying to their own businesses, sighting full windows, pulling heavy packages, and moving forward with commotion and busy expressions.

Just a year ago, dark and mostly destroyed alleys had returned to their initial face. Mr. Fortesque treated his ice cream savoring customers with a huge smile. "Everything for Quidditch" charmed with the newest brooms, passers, and kids with dreamy eyes whose noses smashed at the glass window.

The most significant lines were at "Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes." So many joyful and engaging noises were pouring from their shop that no child nor even grown-up could resist passing by, without at least dropping a glance at their windows stocked with unimaginable things.

The breathtaking couple showed up at the beginning of the street. Every head turned in their direction. Bewitched by Elvein's beauty, surprised by an ex-death eater walking by Squibb's daughter, could not take stunned eyes from them. At first, Draco found that amusing. But the deeper they went in the alley, the more unpleasant feeling he got.

If males were ogling with adoration, women looked at Elvein with unhidden irritation and some even with ill nature. Eying her with disgust, they grabbed their men and dragged them away.

Draco looked at Elvein once more. She walked silently with her head down. She was even more beautiful than before, which was more prominent when surrounded by others. Once unhealthy paleness replaced with a healthy glow, too much skinniness - tender healthiness, he saw that Elvein was entering the age of her bloom. Instead of a childish face, high cheekbones protruded from her gorgeous face. Her breasts were fuller, and her robes could not hide her feminine curves. Even her aura was more powerful.

Draco placed a possessive hand on her waist, bringing her even closer while passing by two wizards, which looked at Elvein with unhidden lust. Draco was ready to smack their faces but restrained himself, and they entered Olivander's shop.

Wand's master looked amazed; memories of his torture at Malfoy Manor sharp in his mind. Though he managed to smile at Elvein:

"Good day Mr. Olivander. Glad to see you in good health." Draco's stern voice brought the old man to reality. "We are here to purchase Elvein's wand."

"Mss Tempels, so glad to see you." Mr. Olivander only nodded at Malfoy, switching his attention to the young woman. "May I ask what happened to yours? Silver birch, twelve inches, and heart - Unicorn's hair, just like your father's."

"It broke," Elvein answered shortly, glancing at Want master with shameful eyes.

"I understand." He nodded and returned shortly with a new wand. "At first, I wondered, how did it happen that a wand as long as twelve-inch chose you. But now, I see." He stared into her eyes with a strange interest but said no more.

Despite Elvein's protest, Malfoy paid for their purchase and led their way from the shop.

"Let's have lunch here.'' He once again grabbed the girl's waist, glaring at passers-by with a dreadful look. "I know several wonderful cafes here."

"Maybe, it would be better to return home?"

"No." Draco's voice left no space for negotiation. He was not letting anyone keep them from enjoying simple things, like meals at a cafe.

"Then let's go to Leaky Coldrain; it's more... peaceful there."

Draco agreed.

Tom's pub's cuffed, at places dark stone walls did seem more peaceful. At one table, an Egyptian wizard slept on the table. His head hung low, and he snored quietly while his spoon swam in long gone cold soup. Several men dressed in traveling robes sat quietly talking to Tom at the bar. Other than that, the pub was empty.

No one has paid attention to Draco, who has squared his shoulders, eyeing the surroundings with dread. Elvein, who hid behind Malfoy's back, approached an empty table at the darkest corner of the hall. Curious portraits sent them off with quiet, surprised chatters.

Draco pulled a chair for her and set himself, covering her from prying eyes. Elvein sat there, almost curved into a ball, making herself as small as possible. Draco grew angrier. They have ordered quickly; Draco lifted her palm and said:

"I forgot about your wand. I'm quite surprised you did not remind me earlier. I would not have survived a day without mine."

To answer that, not even unpacking her wand, with a graceful movement of her palm, Elvein called for a glass. With a whisper, "aquamentus" glass was filled with water. She sipped it and said:

"Wand is just a wire between us and the object of magic. It's not easy, but not very hard as well. I can't perform advanced magic yet, but other than that…."

Malfoy could not find an answer for quite some time. He clearly saw that Elvein was much stronger than him - her protector. He could not unsee one more parallel between her and Ekrizdis, which drove him vicious. He recalled his words, "are you sure you deserve her?" "not strong enough, not smart enough." He was furious with Demian, who even now, sitting alone in the middle of the ocean, still managed to poison his mind.

"She chose you! With her own hands, stabbing his heart. For you!" unconscious screamed at him, and he tried to change the subject:

"Let's visit "Twilfit and Tattings." They have the best choice of clothes on Diagon Alley. My mother spends most of her fortune there. Plus, we've deserved a change of wardrobe. And, of course, I did not forget how I ruined your dress." His eyes shone with desire and happy memories.

"Let's not." Elvein drew her eyebrows together. "I made that dress myself. If I need it, I'll make another one with ease. Plus, I doubt having to attend something anytime soon."

"Elvein, Please don't argue with me-" Draco shook his head dissatisfied but was cut short by a tray of food, towering in the air and poking his back.

He moved to let food on the table, which was a mistake. Elvein caught the eye of the stranger at the bar. She quickly descended her head, but it was already too late.

A tanned shaggy stranger with rough features was approaching them. His dark robe had dirt in it. He looked like someone who traveled a long distance.

"You are Elvein. Ekrizdis' Elvein." He stated, not glancing at Draco. "Where is he?"

"Obviously, not here." Draco's irritated voice rang in the pub. The stranger did not even notice him.

"It's been more than a year since anyone has seen him. If he were alive, he would not have let you come here alone. So, it means you don't belong to him anymore?" Strangers' eyes held a satisfying sparkle.

"As you see, now I am here, so GET LOST!" Malfoy gritted through clenched teeth.

Another mistake. The stranger lost all fear and smiled with pure lust.

"No one asked your opinion, brat!" He sat on a chair and leaned towards Elvein. "Elvein, you don't know me, but-"

Malfoy kicked the stranger's chair under him, sending the man to the floor. They both erected their wands ready to fight, and who knows what would have happened if Elvein had not screamed:

"No!" She ran to Draco.

The stranger was not stopping on that. He tried to get up, eyes mad with anger.

"Stay back, Elvein."

Draco was approaching twerp, most likely, he would have killed him, but Elvein pushed the stranger with strength, unimaginable for this fragile being, sending him sprawling on the stone floor. Then she hugged Draco.

"Draco, please look at me." Her tear-filled huge eyes made Malfoy forget his opponent. "Take me home, I'm begging you!" She hid her face in the young man's chest.

Draco hugged her back, his breathing ragged. Then he poured several coins from his pocket onto the table, and they both disappeared in transgression.
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