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November 18, Hogwarts

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November 18, Hogwarts, Grand Hall

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Backbreaking Thursday was finally ending. One more day, and it would have been Saturday, finally allowing Elvein to sleep till noon. She hung her tired face on her palm, continuing to poke pieces of sausage on her plate.

Most students were as tired as her but still somehow managed to talk, stupefying her with a tiring buzz. She just decided to go back to Ravenclaw's common room to do some more homework in peace when a huge owl flew into the hall, landing right on Elvein's plate. Bird has brought a pretty big package. Students, surprised by the late post, forgo their tasks, concentrating on the box.

Elvein unpacked a big bottle of the highest quality butterbeer. The note fell from yellow packaging paper.

Even though you did not allow me to treat you on Saturday, I hope you would not resent me now. I always thought of Thursday as the most tiring day of the week. I hope you will like the drink and spend this evening with joy.


"Who's Demian?" Asked a boy sitting at her side.

"To be honest, I have no idea." Answered Elvein, hiding a note in her pocket.

"You have no idea who sends you butter-beer worth a fortune?!" The whole hall heard her classmate's surprised voice with a hint of resentment.

The furrowing girl looked at him with disfavor, making the boy hush. She grabbed a bottle and went back to Ravenclaw's common room. She sat in front of a fireplace, rereading the card several times. When she lifted her eyes, saw classmates surrounding her, a serious expressions on their faces. She cleared her throat and declared:

"Hope we have enough glasses. It would be unfair to taste such a drink alone."

Happy cries almost lifted the common room in the air. Everyone moved forward, hoping to be first in line.

"Hold it! Hold It! You'll leave her without a drink like that. Pass me a bottle, Elvein!" Terry Butt took butterbeer from her hands and continued. "First, to our host! Here you go, Elvein." He poured her generously. "Let's not forget cup-bearer!" - He poured himself as well. "Now! Back in line, everyone!"

With reasonable effort, they shared drinks evenly. Everyone reached with glasses, who had none, quickly transfigured various objects into goblets. Students brought treats from their rooms: candies, chocolate bars, and pumpkin pies.

"Cheers to Elvein! Cheers to Demian!" Cries were heard from all around.

The impromptu party was a success. Everyone was enjoying themselves, each one's mood much brighter. The drink was genuinely exquisite. Very rich and savoring. Elvein sipped for a long time, trying to prolong the sensation, meanwhile imagining Demian's smile. She imagined his smiling face while he wrote a card for her.

Using general bustling, the girl slipped into her bedroom. She nested in her bed, closed curtains, brought a note to her nose, and deeply inhaled the ocean's scent, which was so strong in "Three Broomsticks." Like that, she swam into dreamland, where during the whole night, a smile did not leave her face.
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