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December 5th, Hogsmeade

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Demian finds Elvein in Hogsmeade

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December 5th. Hogsmeade

If you have noticed, every place has two faces. Even home. One, which guests see. Second - facing owners only. The same was Hogsmeade for Elvein. Its first face, smiling and joyful, welcomed newcomers with shops, pubs, cheerful buildings, and delicious foods. Elvein was attracted to its second face, though. One which, for her, was more horrifying than Shrieking Shack, as majestic as Hogwarts' towers and as spanless as the whole of Scotland itself. Today, she came to its outer land to face this part of Hogsmeade.

Behind the last houses, there was a small field, which ended with the steep. Elvein sat there, on cold stone, feet dangling in the ravine. There was parchment on her lap, on which she created a horizon with a simple muggle pencil. The wind was lashing at her face, but she even liked it since her eyes became watery, showing the horizon as an even more surrealistic shape.

It was freezing the whole month, but not a single snowflake has landed yet. Enfeebled sun in the sky, was wearing a cold tiara. How did she miss its warmth and coziness...

Her gaze once again shifted to the horizon, adding more scratches on paper, when she felt something heavy landing on her shoulders. She jumped out of sudden, and if not for a stranger's hands, she would have fallen into a steep.

"Careful there." A familiar voice held a smile in it. Demian had wrapped her into his robe and now was sitting at her side. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"Demian?" She did not hide her surprise.

"Hello, Elvein." He breathed deeply crispy cold air, wind stealing the vapor of his strong lungs. He looked relaxed and unbothered by frosty air, which on Elvein's skin, felt like sharp bites. He continued: "What are you doing here? Why are you not with your friends?"

"What about you?"

The young man laughed cordially and answered:

"Fair enough. Saw your white head and came this way."

Elvein's face heated, hoping it was already pink because of the cold. Then added bashfully:

"Honesty is always worth respect."

"We are the ones apprising our word, same as devaluing them." Nodded Demian.

"I have received your present." Continued Elvein with her head down. "You did not have to, though the whole Ravenclaw cheered for you." She finished with a shy smile.

Demian's chest shook with laughter:

"Next time, I'll send several bottles."

"Please don't. I already own you."

"Elvein, I do not belong to a category of people who do things in hopes of getting something in return. It might sound ambiguous, but I only do what I wish to." He switched attention towards drawing. "May I see it?"

The girl extended parchment, which had an exact copy of the horizon in front of them, with one difference. The lines on the drawing were engaged like waves as if someone watched the landscape from the depths of the water.

Demian studied the drawing with a severe expression; then, he searched her face attentively.

"How did you get this idea."

"Wind made my eyes tear." Answered Elvein with a simple smile.

Demian returned his attention to drawing, while the girl continued:

"I did not know you were staying in Hogsmeade. I would have thought of some present myself."

"I was asked to prepare something for the Triwizard championship's third part. If you promise to keep it a secret, I'll tell you its labyrinth." Demian just now tore his gaze from parchment and smiled at Elvein. "Please don't feel obligated, but if you do want to, gift me this drawing. I really like it."

"With pleasure. But it's so-so, even for an amateur." She eyed her drawing with a critical face.

"Please, do not badmouth my gift." He gave her a dramatic expression and saved parchment in his breast pocket.

First time in many years, Elvein laughed. The clear, tinkly sound of her voice flew through the air, like weightless steeds. Then she turned her dissatisfied face upwards. Clouds thickened even more, and the first snowflake landed on Elvein's cheek. Demian followed her gaze, and in seconds, above them, a transparent dome stretched out, which, just like a white umbrella, was covered in fluffy icy powder in mere seconds.

"You don't like clouds. Neither do I. Can't promise you to change the weather, but.." Demian's fingers did strange and complicated movements, and above his palm, the little sun had flamed. A tiny planet hovered in the air, just above the amazed young girl's head, spreading light and warmth.

"How?" Elvein could not tear her eyes from the tiny star.

"Creating something is not that hard. Understanding is the tricky part. As soon as you understand it, transfiguration is a matter of seconds. For example, the sun. What is it? A little bit of helium, a little bit of hydrogen, and there it is your personal sun." Demian's finger was pointed at the tiny planet. "It won't last long, but I promise, tonight it will shine through the darkness for you."

She did not know why, but Elvein wanted to cry. Who was Demian? Where did he come from? What did he want from her? Why does her heartbeat so frantically when he is beside her? Why was being with him so comforting and pleasant? She was confused. Not knowing what to do Elvein quickly rose to her feet, took off Demian's robe, and returned it to the owner.

"Thank you, Demian, but I must go back."

Demian rose with her. He took his clothes back and nodded. Elvein turned around and almost ran towards the castle when she heard Demian's voice:

"When will I see you again, Elvein?"

The girl answered with a movement which was something in between "No" and "I Don't know". She turned around and, this time, ran towards Hogwarts.

The tiny planet was spreading light on the pale girl's face. She lay on her back, with her eyes looking at the blue moon and stars on her bed's curtains. The small sun was warming the girl, tucked in a blanket. She recalled saying about stars from the sky, hiding her face in a pillow, and for the first time in her life, thought that she was happy that she existed.
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