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Hecate's Chosen

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Misyachne Dytya is a daughter of a half-blood witch. And Phobos, the god of fear. Now, she encounters a situation she's never faced before. Going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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December 8, 1959

The hospital was crowded. The smell of blood and sweat was everywhere, clinging to clothes and scrubs. The cries of family and friends permeated the air and provided a backdrop to the sick and injured. And dying. In room 312, a young woman worked to push a child into the world. Her dark hair was matted and knotted and splayed behind her. Every few seconds, she would let loose a scream. Next to her, a young man clung to her hand, seemingly wincing for every contraction.

The doctors felt something strange from the man. Though he looked average with dark brown hair and light blue eyes, everything in them said run whenever he looked at them. He had introduced the woman as Yvonne but had yet to introduce himself and seemed intent on ignoring everyone but the birthing woman. The obstetrician focused on doing his job and did his best to ignore the strange man.

The birth was not going well. The woman pushed and pushed and pushed but the child refused to come. The man was speaking soothingly to her and she seemed to be relaxing but the child wasn’t coming. Nearly sick with worry, the doctor spoke quickly and quietly to nurses about setting up a c-section. Before the details could be hammered out, another cry rang out. The doctor looked up, surprised, and nearly collapsed. The child was crowning!

He rushed to help and calmly delivered the late child.

When it came out, he announced it as female and clipped the cord. Handing the baby to the urgent mother, he watched as she smiled kindly at the child. She moved her gaze to the man and said, “I wish her to be named Misyachne Dytya.” The doctor frowned at the strange name and watched the man slowly nod and take the child. Just as suddenly as the birth, the woman breathed her last breath and her life faded away. The doctor blinked in surprise and then fell, his mind blanking and fading.

Phobos stared at the child. His daughter. Misyachne. He smiled at her gently and called for Isis to take him to Camp Half-Blood. As he waited, he cleaned the babe and clothed her in gold fabric. He felt the presence before his brother spoke.

“Zeus won’t be happy.”

“I know,” he replied, his gaze leaving Misyachne as he stared at his similar and different brother.

Deimos breathed a sigh. “She’s worth it, though.”

Phobos nodded in understanding. “She’ll be touched by Hecate. You know she won’t let a child like this escape her clutches.”

Deimos shrugged and waved his hand, erasing the blood and evidence of birth. “Hecate does what she wants and if she wants to incur Dad’s wrath, who am I to stop her?” The twins smiled. Their father, Ares, was known for being very territorial with his children and grandchildren. He would break hell over Hecate for claiming this child as her champion.

They gave one last smile to the child and set her on Isis’s rainbow. As Misyachne soared, she opened her eyes, black eyes, and watched the colors fly.

June 10, 1964

The clang of metal sprang across the yard. Misyachne, ducked under a strike and raised her small dagger to the side of her opponent. She watched as Ella Cortez, leader of the Hermes cabin, faltered and dropped her sword, setting herself down on the grass. Ella was beautiful with light sun-kissed hair and fair skin. Misyachne hid her frown. She had been cursed with black hair and eyes and skin the color of toffee.

Ella grinned. “You just get better and better, Missy.”

Misyachne smiled back shyly. It was true. She was the best fighter the camp had and she was only four. It wasn’t necessarily her fault. Since she was raised at camp year-round, she picked up more than Ella or the other kids who went home for the school year. She gave the small dagger to Ella to put away and wandered over to the strawberry fields, wondering if a satyr would be willing to play with her.

Instead, she encountered an annoyed Mr. D. For reasons unknown to her, Mr. D had always liked her more than the other demigods. For one, he called Ella “Emmy Cartier” or “Evelyn Campbell”. But he always used her correct name. He didn’t call her Missy like everyone else. He used her proper name.

“Young Misyachne, perfect. Scare these insects for me.”

She smiled and knelt down to look at the bugs crawling over the strawberries. “Hello,” she whispered and watched, slightly sad, as they ran away. She’d been able to that that since she was a baby. Animals were terrified of her. Standing, she turned her head up to Mr. D. “Hello,” she said again. “Do you know where the satyrs are?”

Mr. D shrugged and pointed to the forest before thanking her and moving to the Big House. Misyachne headed for the satyrs, eager for fun.

December 21, 1967

Yells permeated the air around the forest. Misyachne ran through the trees, heading for the other team's flag. The other campers fell over each other getting out of her way. She had to admit she made a pretty fierce sight, crashing through the woods. Her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Leather armor, a gift from her dad, protected her from falling arrows and stray swords. She had perfected the sort of glare that made people move when you told them to. And even though she was only eight, she had a fierce sword arm. Not to mention, she thought wryly, she permeated an area of fear.

When she had met her dad the summer before, Phobos had explained that particular ability. When she chose, she could build up an aura of fear around her. Unfortunately, it always worked on animals, meaning she could never have a pet. On the plus side, it got her leather armor and a chance to meet her uncle, Deimos. And it meant she got to move to the Ares cabin.

According to the rules, she was supposed to stay in the Hermes cabin, but Phobos and Deimos had made a deal with Chiron ages ago. Children of Deimos joined the Aphrodite cabin and children of Phobos joined the Ares cabin. They could never lead the cabins but they had a home there. Though they had a reputation for being bullies, the kids of Ares were pretty laid back with her.

Misyachne grinned and amped up the aura as she gripped the flag and ran for the river bank. Twenty feet, ten feet, five feet... Cheers erupted as the flag began to change. The colors shifted to a background of red and a boar etched itself on the front. Friends gripped her arm. Misyachne’s grin faded as her vision wavered. Memories flashed before her eyes.

Anger – fear – hurt – a man in red – siblings – a love – an enemy – the pain of rejection – a fire – self-hatred – a lifetime of regret – silence.

Misyachne slowly came to. Objects swirled and moved as she came awake. The first thing her eyes focused on made her frown in concern. “Dad?”

Phobos smiled, though worry still lived in his eyes. “Hey, Dytya.” Misyachne grinned. Her dad alwas called her by her last name. “You gave us a worry there.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing to worry about. You’re empathic, Dytya.”

July 1, 1971

Dear Miss. Dytya,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am aware of your unique circumstances and assure you that Hogwarts has the same warding system as your Camp. It will keep you safe and unfound from the monsters. Additionally, we will provide transportation from New York to London and from London to Hogwarts.

Special care has been taken in setting up a training room for you and Professor Flitwick is willing to help you train on the weekends. I hope this is up to your standards and that I have addressed everything you requested. Please find enclosed a list of school materials needed, amended for your circumstances.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

The letter came with a list. Misyachne smiled. Her acceptance letter had come a week before along with an owl. Hecate had delivered it personally and taught her control of magic. Of course, being only half-witch, Misyachne could only manipulate the Mist instead of actual magic. Still, she’d had a few concerns about monsters and the safety of the other students.

Training was Chiron’s requirement and made her groan and smile at the same time. The Flitwick guy wouldn’t be needed, though. Deimos had promised to come and help and Ares had promised to send a couple of his kids to “toughen her up”. Misyachne smiled and penned a reply, gathering the list and reviewing. Mostly textbooks and potion materials.
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