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Chapter I

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The colonists are visited by their new home planet's indigenous inhabitants.

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About a year later, Leviathan Colony is visited by a group of aliens who are mostly indistinguishable from humans aside from more outlandish eye and hair colors. One of the colony's security guards comes to the office of the colony's governor.

"Excuse me, Governor, but we have a situation."

"What is it?"

"I believe that our humble colony is being paid a visit by the planet's natives, sir."

The security guard leads the governor to one of the colony's gates, through which they can see the visitors, who are being led by a female. The governor notices the guards on the watchtowers pointing their weapons at them, with some of the visitors returning the gesture.

"Stand down!" the governor orders, and the guards lower their weapons. The female leading the visitors then orders her compatriots to lower their weapons as well.

"Open the gate," the governor orders.

"Governor?" the guard beside him says with concern, but the governor just looks at the guard, who repeats the order. The other guards open the gate, and the governor approaches the female leading the visitors, holding out his hand. She is confused, but she takes it. The governor then invites them into the colony.

The colonists learn that the female and her compatriots are indeed Xiexnuvee's indigenous inhabitants, who have limited shape-shifting capability and far greater lifespans. However, they are among the last of their kind, as their species had been driven to near-extinction by war and natural disaster brought about by the moons' collision. Over time, more of these "Changelings" visited the colony, and it was revealed that they could interbreed with humans successfully without genetic manipulation.

By the year 10000 AD, "pure" humans and Changelings were nearly extinct, and the hybrids simply chose to call themselves Changelings since they inherited the transformation capabilities. They had also inherited the longer lifespans, which allowed them to live for hundreds of years. It is also around this time that the "Changeling Democratic Empire", a planetary government whose colors are red, black, and gold, was founded. However, the "Tijiki" [tee-jee-kee], a society on the Southern Continent whose name means "simple living", remained independent of the Empire.

The society of the Empire could be described in some ways as "techno-medieval"; although, it is led by an elected "intendant" and not by an emperor or an empress. Some of the architecture is similar to medieval Europe; the aforementioned intendant lives in a castle. Horses, some even robotic, are also a common sight and are used by the military and law enforcement despite the presence of self-powered vehicles. Soldiers in the military wear medieval-style armor in the Empire's colors, wielding swords and similar weapons in addition to energy weapons. However, the daily life of the average citizen is what someone might expect in a highly-advanced and technological society.
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