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Chapter II

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A pair of archaeologists discover a portal to a familiar planet.

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The year is 11000 AD; the Empire has prospered for a thousand years. Talen Qube is the head of the aristocratic Qube family, one of the Empire's most powerful and influential families. He is also part of the intendant's cabinet. The Qubes are rivaled only by the Young family, headed by Sooka Young, another member of the intendant's cabinet. Both families have their own militias, but while the Youngs don the Empire's colors, the Qubes have their own colors: blue, purple, and silver.

While the Empire has many political parties, most citizens and government officials belong to either the "Traditionalist" party or the "Imperialist" party. The Youngs are mostly Traditionalists, while the Qubes are mostly Imperialists, and they are often thought of whenever someone mentions either party.

The Traditionalist party is far older than its counterpart, going back to the Empire's foundation. The Imperialist party is fairly new by comparison, having been founded by the Qubes, as they believed that the Empire had become too complacent and was stagnating. For centuries, the Imperialists pushed for the Empire to have its own manned space fleet and to expand by colonizing the New Sol system.

The Imperialists argued that even the Tijiki had a space fleet and had nearly completed terraforming the third planet in the system. However, the Imperialists were continually rebuffed, and the Tijiki eventually finished terraforming the third planet, calling it "Wanexeter" after Wan [wahn] Exeter, the descendant of Dr. Xia Exeter who initiated the project. Some Imperialists were incensed by this, as some felt that the Tijiki were "a bunch of willing primitives".

February 18, 11000

On the outskirts of the Imperial capital city of Comeiran [koh-may-rahn], a married pair of archaeologists makes an astounding discovery. It appears to be a portal, which upon activation shows a landscape beyond it. There is a control panel on a pedestal near the portal with two arrow keys. Above the keys is a monitor which would have likely identified the destination of the portal, but it is damaged and non-functional.

The male archaeologist approaches the console while his wife takes readings with her tablet computer. He pushes the right arrow key, each press changing the destination of the portal. He recognizes a landscape just as he pushes the right arrow key to switch, having to push the left arrow key to go back.

"Hmm—" the male archaeologist vocalizes.

His wife looks up, "What is—it—? Why does that look so familiar? I will be back," the female archaeologist runs to their mobile laboratory, grabbing a probe drone.

Coming back outside, she activates the drone, which unfolds, and she uses the tablet computer to order it to enter the portal. As it is a probe, it will transmit data back to the tablet computer. The drone flies into the portal via rotor blades and transmits. Upon receiving the information, the female archaeologist gasps and covers her mouth.

"What is it?" the male archaeologist inquires, coming to his wife's side.

"Look at this!" his wife hands him the tablet.

"That cannot be!" he exclaims in disbelief.

After a few more minutes, they recall the drone and quickly run to their mobile laboratory to study the data.
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