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Chapter III

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The archaeologists reveal their findings to the Empire's intendant.

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In the intendant's castle in Comeiran, Intendant Fan [fahn] Ling is at his desk in his office when the archaeologists are escorted in by two guards.

"These are the archaeologists that wanted to see you, Intendant," one of the guards says.

The intendant smiles, "Greetings! Will you sit down?" he offers, and the guards leave, shutting the doors behind them. The archaeologists sit down. "I assume that you must have made quite the discovery to go to the trouble of meeting with me."

"Yes, Intendant," the male archaeologist responds nervously.

"So, what is it?" the intendant asks.

"May we use your monitor?" the female archaeologist asks.

"Of course," the intendant replies. The male and female archaeologists stand and approach the wall monitor. The former activates the monitor, and the latter plugs their tablet computer into it via a two-way cable. The female archaeologist displays a picture of the portal that they encountered on the monitor. In the picture, the portal displays the landscape beyond it.

"Is it some sort of display screen?" the intendant wonders.

"No, sir, it is much more. It is an interplanetary portal!" The male archaeologist says, and his wife switches to another image, this one showing a rotating three-dimensional model of a planet and some other data.

The intendant stands and points, his eyes wide, "That planet—is that not—Earth!?" The archaeologists grin from ear-to-ear and nod excitedly.

Soon, news about the discovery spreads throughout the planet, with tourists and journalists visiting the site. However, the portal is cordoned off. Talen Qube himself even pays a visit, riding a horse, wearing gaudy purple and blue clothing with silver jewelry. He has spiky, blazing red hair and wears a silver monocle on his left eye. His posture betrays an air of arrogance that no doubt descends from his aristocratic lineage.

The Imperialists see the portal's discovery as an opportunity for the Empire to expand. However, Intendant Ling only allowed scientists through the portal. Oddly, the Tijiki showed no interest in the discovery.
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