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Chapter IV

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The Changeling Democratic Empire falls after a coup.

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September 10, 11000

Talen Qube orders the general of his militia, Delthrain Frederick Rouge, to lead his troops in an attack on the intendant's castle. The castle is quickly seized, as the guards are unprepared for such an act. Intendant Ling hides under his desk as the guards of his office are slaughtered by the better-trained militiamen. After everything is secure, General Rouge steps into the intendant's office.

"I know you are here, Intendant. Why not come out of hiding and face me?" he asks. The intendant does so.

"What is the meaning of this attack!?" the intendant demands to know.

"The meaning, my dear intendant—" Talen Qube begins his reply in the corridor as he enters the office, "—is to expand an empire that has wallowed in complacency for far too long." Sitting at the intendant's desk, Qube then commands, "Take the intendant to the castle dungeon. I have something 'special' in mind for him."

"At once, sir," Delthrain grabs Fan Ling and begins to leave.

"You will rue this day, Qube!" Fan Ling shouts as they exit.

"You will refer to me as Emperor Qube! Moreover, from this day forth, the Changeling Democratic Empire shall be known as the 'Qubic Empire'!"

Talen Qube's first act as emperor is to publicly execute Fan Ling and his Traditionalist cabinet members via hanging. However, Sooka Young is absent, as she had resigned her position and moved with her family to the Southern Continent to live among the Tijiki. It was as if she had anticipated the coup.

At the moment of execution, there is an explosion from the site of the portal. Qube, Delthrain, and some of his troops go to the site to see that the portal is destroyed.

"No!" Qube yells.

"Sir! Look!" Delthrain points to a black box on the ground designed to withstand the explosion. They approach it and study it, finding a button.

Pushing the button, a recorded message from Sooka Young plays, saying, "If you are hearing this, then hopefully the portal has been destroyed to keep it out of the hands of those who would abuse it. For a while, I have been having dreams of the Empire's fall. While the dreams might mean nothing, I do not want to leave anything to chance, so my family and I are going to live among the Tijiki.

"Before I leave, however, I am planting a remote-detonated bomb and this black box with this recording at the portal. If a new power arises, know this: should you attempt to conquer the Tijiki, they will not yield easily."

After the message ends, Qube screams toward the sky in anger and shoots the black box multiple times with his plasma pistol. The blasts do little damage.

"I will have your head, Young!" Qube bellows. Though angry, Talen believes that there may be more portals. Besides, there is still something left to conquer on Xiexnuvee: the Tijiki.
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