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Chapter V

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The newly-established Qubic Empire attempts to conquer the Tijiki.

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The year is 11001; General Rouge leads an invasion of the Southern Continent via a fleet of seafaring warships. However, they are not only met with the Tijiki but also rebels wearing the colors and carrying the flag of the Changeling Democratic Empire. Among them are Sooka Young and her family, who also wear the colors. During the fighting, Sooka's husband, Khan Laszlo Young, is killed. Delthrain et al. also discover that the Tijiki and rebel forces are using a portal similar to the one discovered near Comeiran.

"This must be why they took no interest in the discovery!" the general thinks to himself.

The portal is being used to evacuate everyone to Wanexeter, while the Tijiki and rebel forces hold off General Rouge's troops. With almost everyone evacuated, Sooka Young decides to stay behind. Her son Quoloft, with his wife Reyjon [ray-juhn] holding their one-year-old son, Eduardo, prepare to enter the portal.

"Mother! Come on!" Quoloft shouts.

"I am sorry, Quoloft, but I have unfinished business with Talen. Now go! I am going to destroy the portal so that they cannot follow you!" she replies, emphasizing the detonator in her right hand.

"Quoloft! We have to go!" Reyjon urges, as she sees Delthrain's forces nearing the portal.

"Good luck, Mother—" Quoloft says as he and his family enter the portal.

As Delthrain's forces near the portal, Sooka holds her hands up in surrender. Seeing this, Delthrain smirks, until he notices the detonator.

"Stop her!" he orders, and his troops begin to run toward the portal. Sooka, however, pushes the red button on the detonator, destroying the portal before they can get to it. Delthrain, riding a horse, yells, scarring Sooka's right eye with his rapier while knocking her down as he rides past her.

Delthrain's troops surround Sooka, as she writhes in pain on the ground. Delthrain stops and dismounts his horse, stomping his way over to her with a teeth-baring, angry expression on his face.

"Move!" Delthrain pushes the troops surrounding her aside, subsequently grabbing her by the throat and lifting her into the air.

"Give me one good reason why I should not snap your neck!" the general snarls.

Struggling to speak, Sooka says, "Surely, you would not wish to disappoint your emperor by denying him the pleasure of killing me himself."

With the blood from her wound beginning to run down his hand, Delthrain drops her on the ground, where she coughs.

"Bring her to the ship!" he orders.

"But, sir—" a soldier begins to speak, but Delthrain grabs them and shakes them violently.

"Do as I command!" he barks.
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