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Chapter VII

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Delthrain attempts to make peace with Wanexeter and the New Changeling Covenant.

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Years later, Delthrain regrets his part in the coup, having a change of heart regarding Talen's "vision". While the Qubic Empire now has a manned military space fleet that is colonizing the New Sol system, Delthrain forbade the fleet from Wanexeter. Many wonder why Delthrain does not seek out more portals, but his reasoning is that Earth is sacred and should not be defiled. That and no one can be certain where in the galaxy the other planets seen through the portals are. Clarice is frustrated and disgusted by his shift in attitude, thinking that the man was "growing soft". Despite this, however, she still wants to please him.

November 8, 11025

Delthrain personally leads the Qubic space fleet to Wanexeter. Making peace overtures, he proposes a fighting tournament to be held in the city of Sooka. Quoloft is somewhat distrustful of Delthrain but accepts the proposal.

Among the participants in the tournament are 25-year-old Eduardo Young, Quoloft's son, who wields a non-bladed staff. His fighting style is similar to his mother Reyjon's, whose personal weapon is a bladed staff. Meanwhile, Quoloft's personal weapons are a sword and a shield, the latter of which is the circular, green, and gold "Emerald Shield".

Eduardo and 28-year-old Princess Clarice Rouge take a liking to each other, and she decides to sneak into the tournament wearing purple "ninja garb" and a white fox mask. She wields dual short "ninja" swords.

The final battle of the tournament is between Eduardo and Clarice, just as she had hoped, and she is victorious. She removes her mask, but if her father was surprised, he gave no indication. Clarice then proposes that she and Eduardo marry as another gesture of peace. Eduardo is uncertain about marrying a woman that he barely knows, but Quoloft convinces him that it is in their best interests.

Eduardo and Clarice do not consummate their marriage immediately, as while they are fond of each other, they are not really "in love". However, they grow to love each other, and their son, Wilhelm Quoloft Young, is born on May 25, 11030.

After Wilhelm's tenth birthday, he exhibits shape-shifting and other abilities beyond those of normal Changelings. The Changeling ability to shape-shift is an evolutionary holdover from their prehistory, where they used the ability for survival.

Most present Changelings, while capable of changing shape, do not do so very often. The process is taxing on the body and is limited based on the person's sex and physiology. For example, a male cannot become female or vice versa, and a person can only transform into something of roughly equal size and shape.

Wilhelm, meanwhile, is capable of changing his sex—at least physically. He is still male genetically, so it can be argued that he rather becomes "androgynous". However, he is still limited by his current physical parameters, so he cannot "transform" into an adult. He also has psychic abilities, specifically psycho- and pyrokinesis [pahy-roh-kih-nee-sihss], the abilities to manipulate objects and fire with the mind, respectively.

Clarice is unsettled by this. She remembers a legend that Delthrain recited to her as a child: the legend of the "Hyper Changeling". The legend suggests that the Hyper Changeling will belong to two worlds, and that their destiny will either be to unite them or destroy them.
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