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Chapter VIII

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The "Hyper Changeling" makes himself known.

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Clarice, Eduardo, and Wilhelm live in the intendant's palace in Sooka. The former fears that Wilhelm may be the Hyper Changeling, and while the legend states that his destiny could be either to unite or destroy, she did not want to leave it to chance. Therefore, while Eduardo is away on business, Clarice attempts to kill her ten-year-old son with a knife to the back.

However, something awakens within Wilhelm. He grabs her wrist and looks at her, his eyes taking on a golden glow. He then psychokinetically knocks her on the floor. The air stirs as he levitates, while a golden aura surrounds his body. His hair also seems to take on a life of its own. She looks up at Wilhelm with horror.

Eduardo enters the palace after returning from his business trip. As Eduardo approaches their living space, he hears Clarice say, "It is you! You are the Hyper Changeling!" Eduardo quickens his pace and sees his son bathed in golden light. Not noticing her husband, Clarice stands up and attempts to stab Wilhelm again.

"No!" Eduardo shouts as he comes between her and Wilhelm, taking the knife for the latter. Wilhelm's eyes widen as his father's body crumples to the floor.

"Father!" Wilhelm shouts. Enraged, Wilhelm screams, and the windows break. Golden electricity arcs between his teeth and across his body. A fierce gust of wind buffets Clarice as the golden aura surrounding Wilhelm intensifies, the floor beneath him buckling and cracking. The debris from the floor then floats. Afterward, Wilhelm channels the golden electricity into his hands, firing a golden fiery energy blast at Clarice.

She dodges it, the blast destroying the floor and wall in front of Wilhelm. Hearing the commotion, Quoloft and some guards arrive.

"Could it be—?" Quoloft speaks, his gaze locked onto his demigod of a grandson.

Wilhelm holds his head as if in pain. He succumbs to blind rage, carelessly firing energy blasts, severely damaging the palace.

"Wilhelm! Wilhelm! It is Quoloft, your grandfather! Please calm down!" Wilhelm holds his head again as he recognizes his voice.

"You have to kill him!" Clarice yells, and Wilhelm fires another blast at her, which she also dodges.

Quoloft runs toward Wilhelm, the guards beckoning him to stop. He embraces his grandson as the electricity crackles around his body, grimacing as it hurts. The touch of his grandfather brings Wilhelm to his senses.

"Grand-grandfather, is that you?"

"It is I, my grandson."

"Mo-mother, sh-she—"


"Sh-she killed Father. Why? What did he do? So tired—"

Exhausted, Wilhelm falls unconscious as he returns to normal. The guards approach Eduardo's body and Quoloft. He gives Wilhelm to one of the guards.

"Take him to the hospital," he orders.

"Yes, Intendant," the guard responds, as the other guards take Eduardo's body. After the guards are gone, Quoloft approaches Clarice.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" he asks with eerie calm.

"I did not intend to kill Eduardo. He got in the way," she replies.

"You tried to kill your own son."

"He is dangerous! You saw him! He is the one from the ancient legends: the Hyper Changeling!"

"I know of it."

"Then you know that he could destroy us!"

"He could also unite us."

"I could not take the chance that destruction could be his destiny!"

"Did you even consider that your actions today may lead him down that path?"

Clarice looks down, "What will you do with me?"

Quoloft turns his back to her, "I am sending you back to Xiaexeter."

Clarice looks up, surprised, "You are not arresting me?"

Walking away, Quoloft does not answer. He just directs the guards to escort Clarice to the nearest spaceport.
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