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Chapter IX

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The Qubic Empire reluctantly welcomes a new leader.

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After returning to Xiaexeter, Clarice sinks into a deep depression. She genuinely loved Eduardo, and accidentally killing him scarred her deeply. Her depression drives her to consume large amounts of alcohol, and she remains in a near-constant drunken state. She throws wild parties and performs obscene acts in public, having no memory of it the next day. To say that the Imperial news media is having a "field day" with the princess is an understatement. Delthrain is, naturally, not pleased, as he has a public image that he wants to maintain as emperor.

Clarice's drunken escapades eventually lead her to sleep with Rubarth Qube, Jr., who is as much of an embarrassment to his family as Clarice is to hers. In their mutual drunken states, they forget to use contraception, and Clarice becomes pregnant. Becoming pregnant with barely a memory of how does anything but help her mental state. To add insult to injury, Clarice has to endure alcohol withdrawal to protect her growing child. Rubarth, meanwhile, is nowhere to be seen, having "skipped town" as it were.

It is a stormy night as Clarice lies in bed with her eyes closed. Thinking, it occurs to her that Rubarth is Talen Qube's grandson. Delthrain told her many stories about Talen, even admitting that he had thought of assassinating Talen himself. She grew to admire Talen, who was much more like her father before he "became soft". An evil thought then enters her mind: why not assassinate her father? The thought prompts her to open her eyes and take on an insane grin.

Clarice leaves her bedroom and sneaks into her father's. It is dark, but not so much that she cannot see. She quietly grabs Delthrain's rapier hanging over the mantelpiece. Studying it, she thinks of how beautiful the sword is, particularly the hilt and handguard, which are decorated blue and purple with silver accents. It is also the same sword that scarred and killed Sooka Young.

Clarice smiles, thinking of how poetic it would be if Sooka's instrument of death were to be Delthrain's as well. She approaches her father's bed, lifting the rapier in preparation to stab him. The emperor awakens just as the blade impales his abdomen. He looks on in horror as his own sword protrudes from his body. Gurgling as blood fills his lungs, he looks at Clarice, her visage briefly visible by a flash of lightning through the window.

Delthrain's last word is, "Why?"

Clarice alerts the guards via the intercom. When they arrive, they turn the lights on, seeing Clarice standing over her father, his rapier still protruding from his body.

"What happened!? Who is responsible for this!?" one of the guards asks. Clarice looks at the guard with a cold expression and pulls the rapier from her father's body.

The guard is confused, "Surely, it was not you, Princess."

Clarice points the blood-stained rapier at the guard, "You will address me as Empress."

January 10, 11045

Empress Clarice Qube bears Prince Jameson Talen Qube. She changed her surname not for Rubarth but rather his grandfather, Talen, hence Jameson's middle name. Like Wilhelm, he too exhibits abilities beyond normal Changelings; however, it is not natural.

While Jameson was gestating, Clarice had him genetically manipulated. The prince is essentially an "artificial Hyper Changeling", and rather than pyrokinesis, Jameson's abilities involve the manipulation of ice and electricity.
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