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Proof of Existence

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A crossover with Learning With Pibby and Rocko's Modern Life!

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Author's Note: Watching the Learning With Pibby trailer and seeing a part where Pibby, Alloy-Boy, and Melira go through O-Town is what inspired me to write this fanfiction. I know Alloy-Boy is really called Beta-Kid, but I'm calling him Alloy-Boy in this. Don't mind me, what's what the Pibby Wikia page said. With all that said and done. On with the fanfiction!

Learning With Pibby In Association with Rocko's Modern Life Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

Proof of Existence.

In a small village on top of a big hill. There was a house. It was a very nice house, but the residents inside were not very nice. The owner of said house is Melira. She resembled a big gray cat with stripes. Melira has a lighter colored muzzle and ear holes. Melira was very much like those female Disney villains like Ursula The Sea Witch and Cruella Deville. There the gray cat in a red dress was doing her favorite thing in the world. Drinking alcohol. One bottle after another then throwing the bottle in the fireplace once she was done. Did I mention Melira is a foster mother?

Melira's foster children are Alloy-Boy. A sidekick to an unknown superhero. And Pibby. A small blue colored female humanoid creature who carried around with her a pet bunny named Bun-Bun. Pibby was the sole provider of the house, she and Bun-Bun worked in a bakery for a living. Alloy-Boy walked into the main room where Melira was on her drinking binge. Alloy-Boy was her favorite, and Melira treated Pibby like a servant. Come to think of it, Melira didn't treat Bun-Bun any better either.

"Boy it's good to be home!" Alloy-Boy announces himself. "Oh my darling foster son! How was the car racing track today?" asked Melira. "Sloppy". was Alloy Boy's best answer.

"Sloppy? We haven't had rain in weeks." Melira says. "Oh some idiot spilled beer on my cape." Alloy-Boy explains. "Okay, I'll get Pibby to get you a new one." Melira assures Alloy-Boy. Melira takes off Alloy-Boy's cape and throws it into the fireplace.

Alloy-Boy clears the table. "Watch what you're doing! That's my lunch on that table!" Melira yells. "Oops. heh heh. Sorry," Alloy-Boy chortles. "Why not give me a drink?" asked Melira.

Handing his foster mother a bottle, Alloy-Boy gives Melira the drink. She drinks it and shouts, "WATER! DON'T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!" Pibby and Bun-Bun come into the room. They both were carrying bakery boxes.

"Here comes Pibby and Bun-Bun!" Alloy-Boy says. "Good evening Foster Mother. Foster Brother Alloy-Boy!" Pibby announces herself. "Did you wipe your feet?" Melira asks. "We did, dear foster mom!" Bun-Bun responds.

"I had a wonderful day today. Bun-Bun and I made 8 layered cakes!" Pibby tells her family. "What's for dinner?" asked Alloy-Boy. "Hungry Man and Lean Cuisines!" Bun-Bun says.

"AGAIN! We don't even have an oven! We always have to eat our food cold!" Melira says. "But foster mom, look at this. If we get 3098 more coupons. We get an oven!" Alloy-Boy tells Melira.

"Darling Alloy-Boy! You're so considerate!" Melira praised Alloy-Boy, then she turned to Pibby, "Why didn't YOU think about that?"

"We did..." Pibby says. "That's why we've been buying so many..." Bun-Bun added on. "DON'T FIGHT WITH ME!" screamed Melira. "Do you have to be so loud?" shrieked Bun-Bun. "We love you, foster mom!" Pibby says.

"Go wash the dishes then clean out the fireplace!" demanded Melira. "OKay!" Pibby said. She and Bun-Bun look at the pile of dishes in the sink. "We'll stick with the fireplace." Bun-Bun implied.

Alloy-Boy was looking through the bags Pibby and Bun-Bun brought home. "I wish my fairy godmother would come around. Since you adopted me and Bun-Bun we both feel like a couple of Cinderellas." Pibby said.

"All you need is a glass slipper. I don't see that coming for you!" Alloy-Boy laughs. "You'll miss us when we're gone!" Bun-Bun said. "Where are you going Cinderella #1 and Cinderella #2? To the ball?" laughed Melira.

"No, we're going on a camping trip." said Pibby. "That's right, two weeks vacation with full pay." Bun-Bun adds on.

"Don't forget to leave money for the house!" Melira demands.

Alloy-Boy sees a cake, "Hey, Pibby! Is this cake for me?" Pibby runs and grabs it away from Alloy-Boy, "No it's mine! I bought it for my foster mother for a going away present."

Then going through more bags Pibby brought home, Alloy-Boy saw an iPhone. "Is this iPhone for me?" he asked again. Melira gets up to see the cake and iPhone.

"No that's for me too!" Pibby said as she, Bun-Bun, Melira, and Alloy-Boy were grabbing the iPhone and Bun-Bun tried to get it back. "That's ours! We're going on a camping trip!" Bun-Bun whines. "We're going to win a prize!" Pibby says. As the Melira and Alloy-Boy were trying to pry the iPhone away from Bun-Bun and Pibby the Iphone took a picture, the cake falls on the floor with Pibby's foot in the cake and that's what the iPhone took the picture of.

Pibby wins and gets the iPhone, Alloy-Boy says, "Let her have the stupid iPhone. She and Bun-Bun can take pictures of me on the camping trip."

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Bun-Bun and I are going alone!" Pibby protested. "ALONE?! I adopt you and your stupid rabbit as my very own and now you deny my foster son, your loving foster brother the pleasure of your vacation?" Melira said in a sharp tone. "Besides you need Alloy-Boy to protect you, if you're alone you can get killed!" Melira added on,

"We're sorry. Pibby and I are ungrateful, aren't we Pibby?" asked Bun-Bun. "Yes we are." Pibby moans and then turns to Alloy-Boy, "You win Alloy-Boy, you can come with us on the trip and use the iPhone."

Alloy-Boy and Melira see the picture on the iPhone. It was Pibby's foot in the cake. This sent Melira into a mad rage, "You ruined my cake! Now I'm going to starve because of you!"

Bun-Bun gets another cake from a box, "Have this one, foster mother!"

Melira took the other cake that Bun-Bun gave her and threw it into the fireplace. "NOW CLEAN THAT UP!" Melira shouted at Pibby and Bun-Bun. "Better get to it!" Alloy-Boy joins in.


The next day, Pibby, Bun-Bun, and Alloy-Boy were on the camping trip. They had a tent and a camper. Pibby gets her iPhone ready as Alloy-Boy was reading a Facts and Figures Magazine. On the cover of the magazine it reads: iPhone Photo Contest that was the contest Pibby was planning to enter. Alloy-Boy implies, "I like this Facts and Figures Magazine!" Then Alloy-Boy flips over to the cover and sees the advertisement for the iPhone Photo Contest. "Hey, Pibby! Isn't this the contest you entered?" Alloy-Boy asked his foster sister. "Yes I did!" answered Pibby. "We get a $10000 prize for it too!" Bun-Bun added on.

Alloy-Boy laughs, "I can imagine you and Bun-Bun winning a prize like that!" "Hey don't laugh at our expense!" Bun-Bun said. "You can't even win $10000 Jelly Bellys!" Alloy-Boy continues to laugh.

Pibby and Bun-Bun decide to ignore Alloy-Boy's cruel laughter and take some pictures with her iPhone. They both see a squirrel in a tree. "Hold still, squirrelly!" Pibby says. Bun-Bun tells her, "Animals like that never hold still. Trust me I know."

"Watch the birdy!" Pibby tries to tell the squirrel. Alloy-Boy decides to play around with Pibby. "Hey, Pibby and Bun-Bun! Listen to this...." Alloy-Boy says pretending to read from the magazine, "Nicktoons are real! Scientists are convinced that popular Nicktoons characters have come out of the television to visit the real world! But, no one has gotten a picture of an actual Nicktoons character yet!"

"Really? If we can get a picture of a Nicktoons character! We can win first prize!" Bun-Bun says to Pibby. "Exactly! If only a Nicktoon would come right now!" Pibby says. Alloy-Boy was secretly snickering to himself. That was until a brush of wind began to mess up their camp grounds. A plate with a sponge cake on it begins to fly into the air.

"It's a tornado!" Alloy-Boy yelled. The plate with the sponge cake on it flew to the area where Pibby and Bun-Bun were taking the picture of the squirrel.

"Hey, I know! Let's do a video of the squirrel instead!" Pibby said. "Good idea!" Bun-Bun agrees. Pibby films the squirrel and the plate with the sponge cake on it too. Pibby was excited that she got a video on her iPhone that was sure to win that contest.

"Oh Boy! Oh Boy!" Pibby cheers. "Did you get a picture?" asked Alloy-Boy. "Something better!" exclaimed Bun-Bun! Pibby uses the iPhone to show Alloy-Boy the video she filmed with the squirrel in the tree. Much to their shock, they see the plate with the piece of sponge cake on it. The sponge cake was in the shape of Spongebob Squarepants.

"Did you notice this, Pibby! You got Spongebob Squarepants in that picture!" Alloy-Boy tells her. "Yeah, you're right!" Pibby observes the video. "This is going to make us lots of money!" Bun-Bun said.

"Yes! We're going to be rich!" Alloy-Boy says. "I know, right!" Pibby said. "Come on! What are we waiting for, we should go to the Magazine company and show them what we got!" Bun-Bun says. Now, Alloy-Boy, Pibby, and Bun-Bun were on their way to the Facts and Figures Magazine Company.

Alloy-Boy was planning to take the credit for it all. He thinks to himself, "Once I get the money, I'm going to get all the recognition for this. Then I can finally have Melira all to myself and she'll kick Pibby and Bun-Bun out for good!" Ever since he was adopted by Melira, Alloy-Boy had developed an Oedipus Complex for his foster mother. Alloy-Boy was Melira's golden child who got super spoiled, while Bun-Bun and Pibby were the scapegoats who always got the brunt end of the discipline. He always hated that she had adopted Pibby and Bun-Bun and would do anything to get Melira upset with them so she can kick them out.


Momentarily, the iPhone video Pibby had taken went viral. It became a social media sensation. Headlines Read: ACTUAL PHOTO OF NICKTOONS STAR SETS THE WORLD ABLAZE!" Then a shot of the White House was shown and a Headline Reads: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS REALLY EXISTS!" Alloy-Boy was now on the cover of Facts and Figures Magazine the title reads: Photo Contest Winner. First Photo of Actual Existence of Spongebob Squarepants!"

An unnamed alligator who was President of Facts and Figures Magazine presented Alloy-Boy with the grand prize right in his office. "As President of Facts and Figures Magazine, it gives me great pleasure to give you the first prize! $10000!" presented the alligator. Alloy-Boy sees the money in a wheelbarrow and runs away with it. "THANK YOU!" Alloy-Boy calls out.

Before they all knew it, Alloy-Boy and Melira were at a swanky party. Pibby and Bun-Bun had to be waiters. Melira and Alloy-Boy were glossing over the money. Alloy-Boy even found himself surrounded by women who too were superhero sidekicks. "Stick with me, babes! I'll take you both to the moon, one way! Better than slinging hash if you ask me!" Alloy-Boy said to one of the women. Melira found herself a business man who was a tiger, "Kiss me tiger!"

One of the women wants to propose a toast, "Let's give a toast to our hero!" "We need some wine!" said another woman. Melira goes for a bottle only to see it was empty. "It's all gone!" Melira shouted. "Don't worry, Pibby will get us some!" Alloy-Boy assures her.

"Pibby get over here!" Melira calls. A door to the kitchen opens out comes Bun-Bun and Pibby. "What is it you guys?" Pibby asks with a pile of plates. "We need some wine here!" Alloy-Boy demands. "I'll get the wine and you take care of the dishes." Bun-Bun tells Pibby.

Bun-Bun goes to get the wine, and the door to the kitchen hits Pibby by accident which causes her to break the dishes. The businessman tiger was stunned as were the superhero sidekick women who were drooling over Alloy-Boy.

"What in the world was that sound?" asks the businessman tiger. "Oh don't mind her. That's my disappointment of a foster daughter, Pibby!" Melira says. "I can tell she's a loser!" laughs one of the women. "Just be glad you don't live with her." Alloy-Boy says. "If things get this good, we just might get rid of Pibby and Bun-Bun forever!" Melira says.

Bun-Bun comes back with the wine. "I got some wine!" Pibby was in the kitchen sweeping up the dishes she broke. Opening up the wine bottles, the wine splattered all over. "Let's get Pibby to clean it!" Melira suggested. "PIBBY!" yells both Alloy-Boy, and Melira.

Pibby comes out of the kitchen, "Now what?" "We're soaked with wine. Dry us off!" Alloy-Boy says. Getting a towel and wiping up the wine mess. When they got done drying off the party guests, Alloy-Boy and Pibby talked in private.

"Alloy-Boy! I took that video. I should get some of that......" Pibby begins then Alloy-Boy cuts her off and says, "If you tell anyone you took that video, I will tell Melira about that diary you wrote where you write how you _really_ feel about her! Got it!"

"Fine! I'll stay quiet!" Pibby reluctantly agrees. "Good! Now I'm going back to the party!" Alloy-Boy says.

An unexpected twist happens when the unnamed alligator who was President of Facts and Figures magazine comes in with a Skunk who was an FBI Agent. Both the alligator and the skunk march up to Alloy-Boy.

"So, you thought you could fool around with us hey?" asked the alligator.

"What are you talking about?" asks Melira.

The alligator and skunk showed an enlargement of the video Pibby had taken. "This is an enlargement of that 'Spongebob' video you took!" says the alligator to Alloy-Boy.

"I'm an FBI Agent and my government agents and I detected it. This isn't Spongebob! It's just a plate with a sponge cake on it that just so happens to look like him!" said the skunk.

"You are nothing but a swindler!" said the Alligator. "What are you saying about my dear sweet foster son?" asks Melira with worry.

"It's Pibby! She double crossed me!" Alloy-Boy says. "I'll get her to explain this! PIBBY!" Melira yelled for Pibby.

Bun-Bun and Pibby both run. "That's always been Melira's distress signal." said Bun-Bun.

"You're in a big pile of trouble now young lady!" Melira says, "You too, Bun-Bun!"

"Tell this alligator and skunk the truth who really filmed that viral video!" Alloy-Boy speaks.

"You did, Alloy-Boy!" Pibby said with confidence.

"NO! NO! Don't throw me under the bus, who REALLY did it?" Alloy-Boy talks out loud.

"It was you! You did everything! You held the iPhone and filmed the video with Spongebob!" said Pibby. "Yep, it's true. We saw you!" Bun-Bun says siding with Pibby.

"We have no choice but to believe Pibby. Agent Skunk, take this swindler out of here and throw him in an overnight cell!" the alligator demands.

Alloy-Boy finds himself being taken away by both the skunk and the alligator. The women and tiger businessmen stood in awe. Melira panics, "OH NO! MY BOY! MY BOY! MY DARLING LITTLE BOY!"

"Hire a lawyer for me, Mom!" Alloy-Boy calls out. The money on the wheelbarrow was taken away next by the alligator.

Melira hones in on Pibby and Bun-Bun. "You wouldn't hurt me..." Bun-Bun asks innocently. "Stay out of this, rabbit! This is between me and the back stabber!" Melira says. She grabs Pibby and shouts, "Spongebob Squarepants doesn't really exist does he? Neither do any other so-called Nicktoons!"

"Please, Melira. I can..." Pibby stuttered her words fearfully. Melira unleashed an angry emotional rushed rage on Pibby. "YOU STUPID! YOU IDIOT! YOU MORON! YOU FAILURE AS A DAUGHTER! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER DARKEN MY DOORWAY AGAIN!"

Pibby and Bun-Bun leave in sadness but at a very slow pace. "GET! WHICH PART OF GET DIDN'T YOU BOTH UNDERSTAND!" Melira yells at them.


Bun-Bun and Pibby found themselves back at their camping site where they were before. "By golly, I sure miss my foster brother and mom." Pibby bemoans. "I do too. Even if they are mean to us. Maybe we deserved what we got." cried Bun-Bun.

"Don't say that, Bun-Bun. There's still hope they'll like us. If only there was some way to get Melira and Alloy-Boy to take us back." Pibby sighs. "Not only that, too bad Nicktoons aren't really real." Bun-Bun adds on.

From a distance, Pibby and Bun-Bun hear a car coming toward the campsite. Pibby and Bun-Bun run to see it. Inside there was Rocko Rama a wallaby, Heffer Wolfe, a steer. And a puppy named Spunky who was a bull terrier.

"Oh my gosh! Are they?" asked Bun-Bun! Pibby gets her iPhone and films a video. "I think they are! It's the gang from Rocko's Modern Life!" Pibby says.

Rocko parks the car, he, Spunky, and Heffer walk out to see the campsite. "Geez, Heff. This is a great spot you picked for camping!" Rocko says. "It'll be even better if there's a buffet!" Heffer says.

Spunky sees Pibby and Bun-Bun. "What is it Spunky boy?" asked Rocko. Spunky barks at Pibby and Bun-Bun. "Hey are you guys the Rocko's Modern Life gang?" asked Pibby.

"Why yes we are!" Rocko says. "You guys sure are friendly." Pibby responds. "Of course, why wouldn't we be?" asked Heffer.

Spunky was playing with Bun-Bun. "This is fun!" laughs Bun-Bun. "Say listen. I got kicked out of my foster home. So I was wondering if you guys would like to pose for selfies with me." Pibby explains.

"Why sure we can!" Rocko says. "I'm all for it!" Heffer agrees. Setting up the iPhone, Pibby takes selfies of her, Rocko and Heffer while she takes some of Spunky and Bun-Bun. Pibby says, "I think I found my fairy godparents!" Rocko says, "Or maybe Oddparents! Which is another Nicktoon!" When it was over, Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky said their goodbyes to Pibby and Bun-Bun and went their separate ways.

For now anyway.

Rocko calls out, "Goodbye Pibby! Good luck with your foster family!" "It was great seeing you!" Heffer calls out. Spunky barks goodbye to Bun-Bun. Pibby and Bun-Bun both jump and cheer, "Yes! Yes! Yes! We got it made! We got it made!" Pibby said, "Yes, and our foster mom and brother will be happy when we get home!" said Bun-Bun. Pibby and Bun-Bun packed up their camping gear and headed back home.

Back at the village in the house on the hill. Melira was right back where she started. Sitting in her chair and drinking wine bottle after another then throwing it in the fireplace. Alloy-Boy comes back home from spending the night in jail and was released on bond.

"Alloy-Boy! My sunshine! Are you okay?" Melira asks. "I spent the night in jail. All because of that stupid foster sister of mine, Pibby! Of course I'm not okay! Here's the bad part. I go for keeps if I don't pay back that money!" Alloy-Boy explains his dilemma.

"I just remembered we spent it all! What will become of us?" Melira says. Bun-Bun and Pibby run into the house. "Mother Melira! Brother Alloy-Boy! There are real Nicktoons!" Pibby announces.

"Yeah, we meet the gang from Rocko's Modern Life!" Bun-Bun says. "Nicktoons really do exist! And I got the proof right here in this video!" Pibby said. "On the plus side, you guys can say you took the video!" Bun-Bun speaks out.

Pibby and Bun-Bun show the video and selfies they had taken of Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky. Melira and Alloy-Boy still didn't believe her even after she showed them the evidence.

"You're not only a troublemaker you're a liar as well!" Alloy-Boy tells off Pibby. "Make that pathological liar!" Melira says. "From here on out we want nothing to do with you!" Alloy-Boy says, "And you got us into enough trouble, and ruined us to boot!" Melira joins in.

Bun-Bun defends Pibby, "We got the proof right here and you still don't believe us?" Melira and Alloy-Boy were going to gang up on Pibby and Bun-Bun. That was until Pibby decides she's had enough.

"All right! I am done with being your punching bag! You give me no choice!" Pibby stands her ground.

"Oh, what are you going to do?" Melira practically laughs. Pibby and Bun-Bun go to an Emergency Glass Box and break it. Melira and Alloy-Boy look worried and talk over each other by telling Pibby not to use the Glass Box. She uses it anyway. Out comes the black glitch with red, yellow, blue, and green dots in it. The black glitch takes Melira and Alloy-Boy away. For they will never make Pibby's and Bun-Bun's lives a living hellish nightmare ever again.

"We did it, Bun-Bun!" Pibby says. "And there they go! Good riddance!" Bun-Bun says as he high fives Pibby.


Meanwhile, Pibby and Bun-Bun were now on the cover of Facts and Figures Magazine. The headline reads, "WINNERS OF THE PHOTO CONTEST PROVES NICKTOONS ARE REAL!" Even the newspapers were giving off headlines that read, "NICKTOONS PHOTOGRAPHERS AWARDED VILLAGE'S HIGHEST HONOR".

There was a parade in the village in Pibby's and Bun-Bun's honors. All the villagers were cheering for Pibby and Bun-Bun. No longer having to be a servant to a foster brother and mother. Pibby and Bun-Bun were in the back seat of a limousine waving to the crowd. Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky were inside too.

Spunky was playing with Bun-Bun and the two became best friends. Hugging Rocko and Heffer and thanking them for taking her away from her humdrum life where she was practically slave driven, Pibby says, "Boy! This is the life!"

"It's good to know the outside world knows Nicktoons are real. We owe that all to you, Pibby!" Rocko told her.

"You know, Pibby. How about you come and live in O-Town?" offers Heffer. Pibby accepts the offer. "You're right I can! About time I started over and lived my own life!" "Absolutely! In fact there's a house for sale in my neighborhood!" Rocko says. "I'll take it! O-Town here I come!" Pibby says with pride.

"Whatever became of your foster family?" asked Rocko. "Let's just say they're in a much worse place!" Pibby says slyly. "They deserve to be wherever they are! That's for sure!" laughs Heffer.

Pibby and Bun-Bun were now looking forward to living their new lives in O-Town and living in the same neighborhood as Rocko and Heffer.

Inside a building that was a correctional facility. Melira and Alloy-Boy were in the cell. Still stuck in the black glitch with red, yellow, blue, and green dots.


Melira and Alloy-Boy begin to sink and drown in the black glitch.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been a Narwhal Puppy Production!

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