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Pigs Under Hypnosis

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A fanfic about a long forgotten FOX Kids cartoon Piggsburg Pigs!

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At Newpork Beach. A place populated by anthropomorphic pigs. The Bacon brothers are there. Their names are Bo, Portley and Pighead. While they were on the beach having fun. Trying out some surfing stunts they've learned. Their pet duck Quackers saw an empty house from far away. Quackers decide to go check it out. Bo asked, "Hey, Quackers? Where are you going?"

"Uhhh, just to get you guys some souvenirs." Quackers announced. Could not help but be curious as to what this empty house was. Quackers kept walking to it. Portley calls out, "Okay! We trust you!" "Don't get into any trouble!" Pighead called out. Making it to the empty house, Quackers sees what's going on inside. Bo surfs on a wave on a surfboard singing a song, "Ba ba boo ba bee bop a choo!" Then Portley tries to catch the wave on his surfboard and falls into the water. Pighead rides by his brothers on a jet ski. Then Bo falls off his surfboard and Portley loses his balance and they both bump into each other.

"Awww, man! I'll never master these surfer moves!" Portley cried. Some thunder is heard in the distance that was coming from the empty house that Quackers was heading to. Bo now notices the empty house. "Wouldn't hurt to look." Bo, Portley and Pighead all agree to go to that empty house. On the way there, Bo noticed Quackers was on his way.

"Quackers! You said you were going to get some souviners!" Bo said. "So I lied!" said Quackers. "You're going to that house, right?" asked Portley. "Yep. Might as well all go together." Pighead said who then gives Quackers a warning, "Next time tell the truth!" "Fine!" Quackers said, rolling his eyes.

Inside the empty house was a laboratory. The Piggsberg Pigs long time enemies. The Wolf Brothers Huff and Puff were inside. Electricity and suspenseful music plays inside. There were flashing lights inside the door. The door opens and there was equipment that a mad scientist would normally use. A machine box, levers, and laser shooters.

The Wolf Bothers Huff and Puff were using a machine that makes food have more nutrients so they can grow like giants. There was a plate of sliced ham on the table. "Everything is ready!" laughed Huff. "Now let's apply the electrical charge to our Ultrasound Frequency Device...." Puff says. "We, the Wolf Brothers will become the most powerful scientists in the world!" Huff and Puff both say together. Pulling down a lever, all the electricity gets powered all over the house. The laser shooter beam from the machine hits the plate of ham, but the machine back fires.

"Oh no!" Puff says. "Our Ultrasound Frequency Device is broken!" Huff said. "Say I know. How about we eat that ham on the table?" suggested Puff. "Okay!" Huff says. Huff and Puff both split the piece of ham on a plate in half and eat it.

Before the Wolf Brothers knew it, after eating the plate of ham, both Huff and Puff began to grow into huge muscular proportions.

"IT'S WORKING!" both Huff and Puff scream in excitement. Admiring themselves in the mirror, Huff and Puff both laugh evilly saying, "NOW WE CAN REALLY GET THOSE PIGGSBURG PIGS!"

What Huff and Puff were unaware of was Bo, Portley, Quackers, and Pighead were all watching their bully rivals through the window then they ran away scared, without being noticed. Huff and Puff continue to admire themselves for what they have achieved.

"We've done it! We've done it!" Huff and Puff both jump and cheer. Puff says, "With our Ultrasound Machine working, we'll have to find another source of high frequency sounds to create our secret ham!"

Portley begins to oink out of fear, Huff hears it, "PERFECT! It's pig noises! It might work!" Huff and Puff both laugh. They thought Pig sounds can make the frequency of their machine work better therefore, Huff and Puff can become even more powerful.

Bo says, "I can't believe this." Portley agrees, "I know, right." "Huff and Puff have gone too far!" Pighead joins the conversation.

"Come on! Let's all go warn the others." Portley says. "Good idea. We'll need all the help we can get!" Pighead says. Bo, Pighead, and Portley all run away, however Quackers tries to catch up with them.

"Hey, guys! Wait for me!" Quackers say. Huff throws a net in hopes of catching one of the Bacon brothers. The net lands on Quackers instead.

Struggling to get out of the net, Huff and Puff both laugh at Quackers. Then they realize it was Quackers they captured and not any of the Bacon Brothers. "Hey! That's that stupid duck that hangs out with those pigs?" implies Puff. "So what? Who cares? We'll take what we can get!" Huff demands.

Before Quackers knew it he was strapped down by the wrists and ankles on a circular looking bed. "What's the big idea! How did you guys get so muscular!" Quackers protested.

"Since you asked. This machine we used made us this way!" Huff says. "Oh, and another thing, you are going to find out soon enough what is going on here!" Puff laughs.

Pulling a lever to their Ultrasound Frequency Machine, Quackers begins to spin on the circular bed at fast speeds. "QQQUUUAAAAAACCCCKKKK!" Quackers squealed. The circular bed went even more fast that it caused Quackers to break out of the straps and fly into the ceiling, thus landing in Huff's arms. Quackers was now hypnotized. "You Wish Is My Command!" Quackers say in a monotone voice.

Huff says, "You will do my bidding. I need your voice." "Like I said, Your Wish Is My Command!" Quackers responded again in the same monotone voice. Puff puts a vial of liquid onto another plate of ham. Puff then tells Quackers, "NOW! QUACK!" "QQQUUUUACCCCKKKK!" Quackers obeys. The sound of Quacker's voice made the plate of ham deflate. "Oh no! Not now! We are running out of our secret ham!" Huff says as he and Puff shrink back to their original size. Quackers still in a hypnotic state awaits commands.

"Find me one of those pigs!" Huff orders Quackers. "You hear us! Bring me one of those pigs!" Puff orders Quackers.

"YES MASTER!" said Quackers.


Back at World's Largest Pig Farm. Rembrandt Proudpork was taking a nap. Then he was awakened by the sound of Bo, Portley, and Pighead running by his mansion.

"Hey you darned pigs! You woke me up from my nap!" Ignoring Rembrandt Proudpork, Bo, Portley, and Pighead were running towards Dotty and Lorelei who were socializing on a street corner.

"Dotty! Lorelei! We have some bad news!" Bo tells the girls. "What is it?" asked Dotty. "It's those Wolf Brothers! For some reason they've become mad scientists!" explains Portley.

"Those guys will never give up, will they?" Lorelei sighs.

Pighead looks around for Quackers. "Anyone seen Quackers?" he asked. Bo panicks, "He was with us a while ago!" Portley says. Pighead sees Quackers coming their way. "There he is! For a minute there I thought we lost him." said Bo.

What they didn't know was Quackers was hypnotized to do the Wolf Brothers bidding. "I get a pig. Gotta get a pig." Quackers said in a hypno voice. "Something seems off about him." Bo observes. "Let me talk some sense into him." Portley offers.

Portley walks up to Quackers, "Hey, Quackers! We thought we lost you. We're glad you're back. Quackers says, "Must get another pig." "Must get another pig? Well, alright." Portley says. Quackers tells Portley, "Walk this way."

Going back to the empty house where the Wolf Brothers were now staying. Quackers has Portley following him inside. Portley trips on a board that was sticking up from the floor. Which made Portley fly into the laboratory. Huff and Puff were back to their muscular bodies.

"Another pig, master." Quackers tells the Wolf Brothers. Portley sees the Huff and Puff then runs away scared. Huff shouts, "NO! NOT AGAIN!" "WE'RE GETTING LITTLE AGAIN!" Huff and Puff once again shrink into their original size.

"We need to get him back!" Huff says. "Our experiment must succeed! It can succeed! We just need the right pig frequency." Puff tells Huff. Portley now finds himself outside the empty house. Huff and Puff go out and look for him, and Portley sees them and laughs. "You guys used to be so big! What happened!"

Huff gets angry and puts the plate of ham next to the Ultrasound Frequency Machine. Puff pulls a lever and the sound of Portley laughs fires the laser into the ham piece. Huff and Puff share the ham piece once more and grow muscular again.

"Here we go again!" Puff says. "More like here goes nothing!" Huff says.

Portley runs back inside, "I gotta find Quackers!" Running to the door that leads to the laboratory, thinking Quackers was inside. "Quackers! Good I found you! Now we can....." Portley says. Then he sees Huff and Puff and tells them, "What have you done with Quackers! Tell me! Answer me!" Huff and Puff then threw Portley onto the circular bed.

"At last! I finally have a pig in our custody!" Huff said. "Yeah, your laugh has very strong sound waves!" Puff added on.

Portley asks, "What does that supposed to mean! That is one of the weirdest things I've ever had......" Before Portley can say anything else, Puff pulls down the lever to the circular bed and now Portley was spinning on it at fast incredible speeds.

"WWWWWOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Portley screams. "Are we having fun yet?" Huff asks. "Thank you for riding Wolf Brothers Express! Please Put Your Tray In An Upright Position!" Puff laughs.

In the same fashion as Quackers, now Portley flies into the ceiling and lands next to Huff and Puff.

Like Quackers before, Portley was now in a hypnotic state. "I Await Your Orders, Sirs!"

Huff and Puff eat the ham piece with hope they will grow even stronger than they already are. It didn't work out that way. Huff says, "Great! Still not right!" "Let's have them bring in more pigs!" Puff says. "Why didn't I think of that!" Huff said in anger slapping his brother. "What was that for?" Puff asked. "Oh sorry, I was just wanting to take my anger out on someone!" Huff said shamefully. "Take it out on the Bacon Brothers, not me!" Puff scoffed.

Quackers and Portley now are taking orders from the Wolf Brothers. "Bring us more pigs!" "Yes Master!" Your Wish Is Our Command!" Quackers and Portley both said in monotone.

"Soon! All the pigs will be under our control!" Huff says. "Absolutely! Our dream to take over the World's Biggest Pig Farm will at long last come true!" Puff says then they both laugh evilly together.

Portley and Quackers were now on their way to the Biggest Pig Farm to get them some more pigs to hypnotize.


Pacing back and forth. Bo, Pighead, Dotty and Lorelei were waiting for Portley to come back. "What's taking so long?" wonders Dotty. "They should've been back by now." Bo implied.

Then the now hypnotized Portley and Quackers grabbed Pighead by the arms and took him away. "More pigs. Need more pigs." said both Portley and Quackers. "If you're looking for a pig, I'm your man!" laughs Portley. Then in a daze, Quackers and Portley were leading Pighead to the empty house. Dotty, Lorelei and Bo can't help but be suspicious.

"Hmm, there's something fishy going on." said Bo. "You're right. It isn't like them to act like that." said Lorelei. "Maybe we should follow them and see what it is." Dotty suggested.

Portley and Quackers were carrying Pighead to the empty house. "Hey, you guys haven't said a word to me since you've picked me up!" Pighead says in an annoyed sense. "Bring him to me!" orders Huff. Portley and Quackers throw Pighead into the empty house.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!!!" Pighead yelled. Who soon then finds himself on that same circular bed. Pighead now finds himself being twirled around on the circular bed.

Huff and Puff put another piece of ham on the plate and placed it near the laser beam shooter as they both cracked up. Pighead was screaming and the frequency of his screams powered the Ultrasound Frequency Machine.

Soon afterwards, Pighead, Quackers, and Portley were all under hypnotic control. "What is your request?" asked Pighead in a trance.

Huff tells them, "Give me your best windpipes!" Pighead, Quackers, and Portley all screamed that caused the sound frequency of the Ultrasound Frequency Machine to shoot a laser from the shooter and within seconds, the piece of ham was full of nutrients that will enable Huff and Puff to become unstoppable, nearly invincible evil Wolves.

"It worked! It worked!" cheered both Huff and Puff as they were jumping up and down. "Now we will have enough ham slices to rule the world!" Puff added on.

"NOT SO FAST!" shouted a voice. "Huh?" Huff turns around and it was Bo, Dotty and Lorelei.

"Dude, you're both so ugly!" Bo jokes around. Dotty tells Bo, "Hurry! Get that ham slice!" Bo takes a yo-yo and grabs the ham slice away from the plate.

"Good job!" Lorelei complements. "You think you can defeat me by taking away our ham slices!" asked Huff. "You guys, get back our ham slices!" orders Puff.

Quackers, Pighead, and Portley still under the trance say, "YES MASTERS!"

Bo had a plan in advance. He was painting the ham slices. "Hey, Wolves! Come and get your ham!" Bo taunted. "Oh I hope you know what you're doing." Dotty said with concern. Bo and Lorelei throw the ham slices in Huff's and Puff's direction. Huff eats his ham slice as does Puff and they both get their teeth broken off of their gums.

"YYYYEEEOOOOWW! OUR TEETH!" Huff and Puff cry out. "Wow! That was amazing!" Lorelei tells Bo.

"They're steel plates!" "We've been tricked!" Huff and Puff said. "Yes they were!" Bo says. After Huff and Puff chase Bo around. Dotty and Lorelei trip Huff and Puff and then they landed on the very thing that they used to put Portley, Quackers, and Pighead under their power. The circular bed. Then both Huff and Puff go spinning around on the circular bed. Once they fly off, they land on all the equipment they had built one by one. Until finally, Huff and Puff landed on the Ultrasound Frequency Machine. Giving them both an electric shock and it was destroyed for good.

Bo walks up with confidence to the now shrunken Huff and Puff. "You haven't seen the last of us!" Huff and Puff yelled in Bo's face. Then Huff and Puff get picked up by their tails by Dotty and Lorelei and they throw Huff and Puff out of the empty house. "Get lost!" "Go away!" Dotty and Lorelei called out to the Wolf Brothers.

Portley, Quackers, and Pighead were still under the spell. That was until Bo snaps them out of it by using his headphones and turning it up full blast. In no time at all, Portley, Quackers, and Pighead were back to normal.

"How did we get here?" asked Quackers. "Because your curiosity got the better of you." said Bo. "We defeated the Wolf Brothers once again!" Portley says. "We didn't even know it. What happened?" asked Pighead. "That's because Huff and Puff had you all under their influence." said Bo Nobody's fault and nobody is mad." said Lorelei. "Besides, me and the girls did everything." stated Bo. "Gosh, I'm so sorry that I got you guys into this. Look what it all led to." Quackers tell them all.

"Don't worry about it. Next time you see something isn't right. Contact us, if it's out of our control, then leave it to someone else." said Dotty.

"So, what should we do now?" asked Lorelei.

"How about we sell this place?" jokes Portley. "That doesn't sound like such a bad idea." agrees Pighead.

"Or we can clean it out and make it our new clubhouse!" suggested Bo. "Awesome!" Dotty says. Bo, Pighead, Portley, Dotty, and Lorelei all go inside the empty house. Take out the laboratory until it is all gone.

The Piggsburg Pigs now have their very own clubhouse.
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