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Bomb Plot In Oakdale

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What if the Harris Family meets Stan Smith from American Dad? This fanfic will be short. So don't expect too much.

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A/N: An idea that I've been wanting to do for a while. What if the Harris Family meets Stan Smith from American Dad? This fanfic will be short. So don't expect too much.

American Dad and Duncanville

Bomb Plot In Oakdale

by: Hailey Sands

Part One:

The Harris clan, Jack, Annie, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing were at a car dealership called Oakdale Chevrolet. Duncan's 16th birthday was on the horizon. Jing had a bag of Skittles in her hand. Jack and Annie were trying to look for the perfect car for Duncan.

Jack: Boy, where has all the time gone, hey Duncan!

Duncan: I can't wait until I'm 16!

Annie: Seems like only yesterday you were a little boy, now look at you!

Duncan: I know right! Going like a bad weed like you always say! (laughs)

Kimberly: More like Mary Jane weed! (laughs)

Duncan: I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear that.

Jing (juggles a bag of Skittles): Anyone want my Skittles. I can't eat these alone.

Annie: You can give me some.

Jack: Me too!

Jing gives Skittles to Jack and Annie. Then Jing tries to share some with Duncan and Kimberly.

Duncan: No thank you. Ever since they got rid of the lime and replaced it with green apple, bbllaaahhh!

Jing: Green apple is the best flavor ever!

Duncan: Yeah! According to you!

Kimberly: Does it look like I can eat hard candy like Skittles? (points to her braces) HEL-LO!

Jing: What kind of car are we going to get Duncan.

Jack: We're the parents so we are going to choose.

Duncan: WHAT? I thought you were going to let me choose my own.

Annie: Take it from us. We have more experience buying cars.

Jack: Think you can handle a stick shift?

Annie: And remember what we said, you're not even getting a car until you pass drivers ed.

Duncan: Okay....

Kimberly and Jing point to a car for Duncan.

Jing: How about this one for, Duncan, Mommy?

Jack and Annie turn to see a monster truck.

Annie: Oh no! Too expensive and it'll be hard for you to handle.

Duncan: You can't stop me from dreaming about it.

In a dream sequence from Duncan. He imagines himself driving the monster truck to school. First in the dream, Duncan picks up Bex, Yangzi, and Wolf and drives them to school. Once they all arrive in Oakdale High School, a bunch of cheerleaders flock around Duncan.

Kimberly: Snap out of it, do you want a car or are you just going to daydream?

Duncan: Oh yeah yeah sure. Of course.

Annie and Jack walked by the monster truck.

Jack: Even Mad Max would know better than to drive that.

Annie: Oh Jack! You and your Mel Gibson movies.

Around the corner, an SUV drives into the parking lot of Oakdale Chevrolet. Out comes, Stan Smith, his wife Francine and Roger in one of his personas called the 'Skittler'.

Francine: Stan! You promised me we were going for a romantic dinner. Instead you drive all the way here to Massachuettes?

Stan: The romantic dinner can wait, Francine. For right now, this mission is more important.

Roger was wearing a colorful pimp costume costume.

Stan: Who the hell are you supposed to be? Terrence Howard in Hustle and Flow?

Roger: No, I'm the Skittler. This pimp get up is just a cover.

Stan (scoffs): Whatever.

Francine: What exactly is this mission?

Stan: Bullock told me there's a bomb threat here. It's up to me to stop it.

Roger: And it's up to me to have a little fun.

Jack and Annie found a car for Duncan.

Annie: This one!

Jack: It'll be perfect for you, Duncan.

Annie: Affordable price too.

The car Jack and Annie picked out for Duncan was a red corvette.

Duncan: Actually, I do like this car.

Jack: It's a red corvette like what Prince drove in Purple Rain.

Duncan: Just as long as it's a car, that's all I care about.

Kimberly: Soon you'll be driving us everywhere. Jing to kindergarten, me to soccer practice, Mom to her book clubs.

Jack: Me to some concerts...

Annie: Let's not think that too far ahead. We don't want to pressure Duncan.

Duncan: As long as I get to drive my friends around.

Annie: After you pass Driver's Ed.

Duncan: Yes, I know you said that before. (rolls eyes)

Roger begins to run around as soon as he smells some Skittles in the air. Francine follows Stan around.

Francine: Know what? Forget the dinner, being here with you in this mission is much more exciting.

Stan: That's what I like to hear! We can be CIA versions of Hart To Hart!

Part Two:

When Jack and Annie were talking to a car dealer about the car they want to get for Duncan, Jing was about to have some more Skittles. That's when Roger comes up to her.

Roger: Hey little girl, I see you got some Skittles there.

Jing: Go away I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Kimberly: Who the hell are you?

Roger: I'm the Skittler! I demand you give me your Skittles at once!

Jing: NO! These are mine! Go away you meanie!

Kimberly: Didn't you mother ever tell you not to it's not right to steal candy from kids?

Roger: That won't stop me! Hand them over now!

Jing: NO!

Kimberly (about to run): Come on, let's go!

Jing was being dragged away by Kimberly as they were trying to run out of sight from Roger.


Jing: Shouldn't we tell Mommy?

Kimberly: NO! We'll handle this ourselves!


When Jack, Duncan, and Annie were done talking to the car dealer, that's when they run into Stan and Francine.

Stan: You! I suggest you run for cover at once!

Jack: Who are you?

Annie: Why should we run for cover?

Stan: I'm Stan Smith! From the CIA Langley Falls.

Duncan: Wow, a CIA agent! Running for cover! I never thought it would be so exciting to get a new car.

Francine: Let us explain.

Stan: Francine! I'm the one of the mission, not you. Better let me do the talking here.

Francine: All right.

Stan: Okay, listen up. I'm only going to say this once. I got word from my boss Avery Bullock that there is a bomb threat in this car dealership.

Annie: BOMB!

Jack: Oh no!

Duncan: Oh boy! This is getting better and better.

A dream sequence occurs courtesy of Duncan. He imagines himself as John McClane from the Die Hard movies crawling though an air vent. Then jumps into a room where Mia was tied to a bomb. The dream sequence ends when Stan gives out an order to Jack, Annie, and Duncan.

Stan: I suggest you all run inside the auto mall and let me scope it out.

Duncan: Mind if I help you?

Annie: DUNCAN!

Duncan (titters): Heheehe. Never mind. I wanted to be like Bruce Willis!

Annie: Sheesh! First it was Mel Gibson! Now it's Bruce Willis! Who's next?

Jack: We haven't got time for that, Let's go!

Annie: Wait! Where's Kimberly and Jing?

Stan: Not to worry, we'll try to find them too.

Francine: We'll explain everything when we do.

Now Jack, Duncan, and Annie found themselves inside the car showroom waiting to hear about a bomb. Running around the car lot, even hiding between the cars that were on sale. Kimberly and Jing duck down.

Jing: Is he gone?

Kimberly: I sure hope so. I didn't like the looks of that guy!

Jing: He's scary!

One of the trunks opens to the selling cars, out comes Roger.

Roger: Didn't think you'd get away from me that easily, now did you!

Jing (scerams) It's him again!

Kimberly: Come on, Jing! Let's run!

Jing and Kimberly find themselves being on the run from Roger once again.


Kimberly (panting): Don't know how much more I can keep up!

Jing (panting): I'm getting tired.

Both Kimberly and Jing tripped by unknowingly stepping on a storage drain. They both fell but were okay. However, the bag of Skittles were flying in the air just waiting for Roger to get it.

Roger: YES! YES! YES! The Skittles are mine! The Skittles are mine! AT LAST! My SKITTLES HAVE COME ALONG! MY CRAVING DAYS ARE OVER!

Kimberly: Never seen someone so get crazy over a candy.

Jing: He must be on drugs.

Roger catches the Skittles in the car. As he was about to pour some into his mouth, Stan grans his hand.

Stan: Give the kid back his candy.

Francine: It's a girl, Stan.

Roger: Oh shit! Fuck it all to hell.....

When Roger was going to hand back the Skittles to Jing, a huge explosion was heard. The explosion destroyed both the red corvette and the monster truck.


Annie: Oooh! I hope Jing and Kimberly are okay!

Jack: They're still out there!

Stan: Francine. Bring the girls back to the showroom. (To Roger): As for you....

Roger: Now now now now, calm down! I was just trying to have some fun!

Stan: You're going to help me take down this bomber.

Roger: OKay.

Francine runs Kimberly and Jing to the showroom to join Annie, Jack, and Duncan.

Duncan: Oh shit! Now I'll never get a car.

Francine: Girls, as ET used to say, Be Good!

Kimberly: I'll be better than good! I'm going to be cool!

Jing: That explosion was fun!

Kimberly and Jing were now in the showroom with Jack and Annie. Francine decides to stay with the Harris family.

Jack: You okay girls?

Jing: Some meanie bully tried to steal my Skittles.

Kimberly: We got them back, though.

Duncan: Can't get that explosion out of my head!

Francine: What's wrong with him?

Jack: He was looking forward to getting a car.

Annie: Until that bomb blew them up.

Francine: Geez, his sisters are taking it better than he is!

Annie: What do you mean by that?

Francine: I have a son myself.

Kimberly: This explosion is going on my Instagram!

Jing: Explosions go BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Duncan: Shut up about that explosion already!

At the car lot, Stan and Roger were looking for bomber. Roger then sees a dark figure.


Stan: Good work, Eagle Eye!

Roger and Stan tackle the dark figure.

Stan: Stan Smith, CIA! You're under arrest for a bomb plot!

Roger flashed a flashlight on him and it was Tungee.

Stan: Tungee! It was you?

Roger: Who is this asshole?

Stan: An African child Francine and I once sponsored. He came to visit us and he was overly thankful for everything. Francine and I got fed up with him so we ditched him.

Tungee: I knew you were coming to stop this bomb. I meant to kill you both Mister and Lady for abandoning me!

Stan: Now someone else will sponsor you that you can be thankful for, asshole!

Roger: Yeah, Big Bubba! Or a warden like Drumgoole from Lock Up! (laughs)

Roger calls the police to have Tungee arrested. A half hour later, Duncan was still shaken from the explosion and Tungee was arrested on the spot. Francine joins Stan and Roger.

Stan: We got 'em!

Francine: My hero! (hugs and kisses Stan)

Roger: You won't believe who it was!

Stan: It was Tungee!

Francine: HIM? REALLY!

Stan: Apparently he hated us for ditching him all the time. And he wanted us dead because of it.

Francine: Sponsoring him was a huge mistake.

Roger: If you guys had known he'd turn out to be.....

Stan: We know, Roger. We know.

Jack, Annie, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing all walk to Stan, Francine, and Roger.

Annie: Thank you so much, Mr Smith!

Jack: Good thing you guys showed up when you did.

Stan: It's always my patriotic duty to help those in need!

Francine: That's why I love him so much!

Roger (to Jing): You never know when it's going to happen, little girl!

Jing: Take this (sticks out her tongue)

Roger goes into a tantrum as Stan and Francine say their goodbyes to the Harris family. Going into their car, Jack drives Annie, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing all home.

Duncan: Those cars I wanted all gone. Maybe I am just not meant to drive.

Jack: Relax Duncan. We still got a few months until schools out.

Kimberly: Then you'll be in Drivers Ed during summer! You have summer school to look forward to!

Jing: Bomb goes Kaboom! That was so much fun!

Duncan: Glad you enjoyed it. The two cars I wanted and one I was going to settle for. Poosh! Up in smoke. Just like all my other dreams.

Kimberly (on her phone): Oh look! I'm getting so many likes for that explosion!

Duncan: Let's face it, I'll never drive, and Mia will never like me.

Annie: I think we need to get Duncan to therapy first.

Jack: Sounds like PTSD. I had it after the Gulf War.

Duncan: How am I going to get over this?

In a police car, Tungee was being taken into custody.

Tungee: One day, Mister and Lady! One day! I will destroy you both! (laughs evilly)

Stan (drives by the police car): Good riddance, Tungee!

Francine: Thanks for nothing!

Tungee: Mister and Lady! Mister and Lady! You both will.....

The cops in the car taze Tungee as he was being taken to jail.

Epilogue: Stan and Francine testified against Tungee when he went on trial for attemptive murder. Tungee recieved a 15 year prison sentence. Duncan finally got over his truama of the explosion at Oakdale Chevrolet and passed Drivers Ed with flying colors and now has his own car. Jack and Annie however, bought him a used car and Duncan was fine with that.

The End.
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