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Fun Short Stories

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Vignettes my friends and I have written on Reddit. These are from 2021.

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Story: Viral Video Fallout

by: Zoey Webber

ROBBIE: Hey out there in internet land! I'm Robbie!

DELBERT: And I'm Delbert

ROBBIE: Today we got a great viral show for you today! Called Humiliation! Tell them what it is Delbert!

DELBERT: We Do a Slime Prank one Someone Someone Unknown

ROBBIE: And here is our first victim!


ROBBIE: No DELBERT! Its this person under the pillowcase!


Pulling the chair, Robbie has a person tied to it.

ROBBIE: Okay Delbert! Slime him!

DELBERT: You're the man! slimes the person.

PERSON: bbblllllaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!


ROBBIE: Now we shall hook up his nipples to a car battery! Ready?

DELBERT: Ready as you are

DELBERT and ROBBIE used the car battery and hooked the person's nipples up to it and shocked him.


ROBBIE: Feels good huh?


ROBBIE: All right. Up next. I will let you choose Delbert!

DELBERT: Sure, Robbie. He's going to be getting spanked by baseball bat.

ROBBIE: Batter up! And heres the pitch!

PERSON: Not the Pitch!

Robbie and Delbert proceed to hit him with the bat.


ROBBIE: Now thats what l call a home run! Or maybe a double header!

DELBERT: You said it

ROBBIE: Coming up next, Now we shall throw mud balls at him!

PERSON: Oh dear God No!

Robbie and Delbert throw mud balls at the person

PERSON: Oh lord!!

ROBBIE: Eat this!

DELBERT: Mud is yummy!

PERSON: sobs

ROBBIE: Now that we are done with the mud!

DELBERT: Our next act is us hitting the ball at the target causing him to go down the water

ROBBIE: Awesome love it! let put our plan into action.

PERSON: Lets put our plan out of action right boys?

ROBBIE: No way! Delbert, Commence hitting the ball!

PERSON: I cant swim!

ROBBIE: Good chance to learn!

PERSON: sobs

ROBBIE: Okay, and NOW! GO!

PERSON: What are they going to announce next?

ROBBIE: You'll find out! Into the water you go!

PERSON: Again?

Robbie and Delbert threw a ball at the target that made the person fell into the water.

PERSON: Aaaaah glub

ROBBIE: Now that h'es in the water!

DELBERT: Let's throw water balloons filled with motor oil at him!

Robbie and Delbert start to throw the water balloons at the person.

PERSON: someone is going to find out...gulp...gulp!

Camaro Bob then comes in. Robbie and Delbert don't notice him yet.

CAMARO BOB: Whats going on down here??!!!


ROBBIE: Hey Camaro Bob! What brings you here?

CAMARO BOB: Well, I was just wondering why your using that guy for your buffonery.

ROBBIE: Quite simple, really.

DELBERT: Its for a viral video show!

CAMARO BOB: Oh Really?

ROBBIE: Yep thats true!

DELBERT: Its gonna be a hit!

CAMARO BOB: Well sorry to say this but its over.

ROBBIE: Wait what?

DELBERT: Why? We were just getting started?!!

CAMARO BOB: If you think tormenting a innocent man is fun you guys know better than this.

ROBBIE: You gonna stop us?

DELBERT: Good luck if you can!

CAMARO BOB: I was hoping you'd say that. CAMARO BOB calls his Helicopter

ROBBIE: Whatcha gonna do about it?

CAMARO BOB: Look in the sky.

DELBERT: Is it a bird or a plane?

CAMARO BOB: No its My Helicopter with Missles

ROBBIE: Hahaha!! YIKES! What the hell!!!


DELBERT: I think we are toast!


ROBBIE and DELBERT try to run.


The missile drops on Robbie and Delbert who were Now covered with soot and oil.


CAMARO BOB: Ha! Now I humiliated you two! Now yourr both All dirty. Chances you both getting laid at an All American Orgy? Zilch!

ROBBIE and DELBERT: Alright!

CAMARO BOB: Oh and by the way. Nobody uses my basement to my autoshow room for stupid viral videos

He Punches them both

ROBBIE and DELBERT get sent flying into the air

ROBBIE: Aaaaah!

DELBERT: We're blasting off again.


Story: Seat Belt PSA

by: Zoey Webber

Dunfore and Agt Clappers do a PSA about Seat Belt Safety.

AGT. CLAPPERS: Hello. Im Agt Clappers. Do you know what safe driving is?

DUNFORE: YEAH, its when you drive safe without out screwing up

AGT. CLAPPERS: exactly! But where does it begin?

DUNFORE: First of all seat belt on mirror up and foot on the pedal got it

AGT. CLAPPERS: Yes it is. Let me show you how it's done. (Two people whos faces are covered with paper bags walk over to the back seat of Clappers' car)


AGT. CLAPPERS: Never mind who they are. Sit down gentlemen.

The people with bags over their heads were now seated in the back seat.

SUSPECT #1: Hey man I'm scared!

AGT. CLAPPERS: Okay! Now. First you apply the shoulder strap! (Clappers puts the shoulder strap on one of the bagged headed people)

SUSPECT #2: I dont even know who these people are

Agt Clappers: their indetities are being kept a secret! So dont ruin this for me! Then you apply the lap belt.

SUSPECT #1: Ok sir quivers

AGT. CLAPPERS: buckle it across the hips! (Clappers buckles the lap belt across the hips of the other person whos head is in a bag).


SUSPECT #1: oh thank god nothing happend

SUSPECT #2: Aye aye, captain

Dunfore and Agt Clappers then gets into the drivers seat of his car.

AGT. CLAPPERS: glad you can join me for this. Until next time! Next stop prison!

SUSPECT #1: YEAH! Wait, what?

Agt Clappers: You heard me! prison! This PSA is over! Now shut up and accept your fates! Youve both are sentenced to 100 years!

DUNFORE: Truth hurts don't it?

AGT CLAPPERS: You know what you did!

MORGAN FREEMAN VOICE: We never did know who Clappers sent to prison. Maybe we never will....

SUSPECT #2: I'm innocent I tell you! Innocent!


Story: Kingpin's Suit and Emporium

by: Zoey Webber

FITZ: Good day to you people. Im Gerald Fitzgerald! The Kingpin! Want to work in the criminal business? You need to look the part...


FITZ: Then you need to shop at Kingpin's Suit and Emporium!

FRANK: Sounds rad!

FITZ: Yes it is. We have everything a criminal needs to improve his appearance. Instead of dressing down, you can deal drugs in this business suit.... Yes! Heres an example.

Thester comes out and models a suit with a top hat, cane and cape.

FRANK: Woah looking good.

FITZ: This is the ideal outfit! Whether youre a henchman or working for the mob. You can get this top hat, cane, cape and the whole suit set for the incredible low price of.....(THESTER loses his balance and falls over backwards)

FRANK: Holy crap!

THESTER: (out of breath).

FITZ: Oh no!

FRANK: What should we do?

FITZ: call an ambulance. So anyway! If you're working for a criminal organization come to Kingpin's Mens Suits Emporium! Just off Highway 51!

FRANK: calls ambulance

FITZ: You're going to look like a million bucks for less!

FRANK: Sweet!

FITZ: Damn THESTER! I think you sprained your knee.

FRANK: Is he gonna be ok?

FITZ: Yeah he will. Did I mention we have platform dress shoes?

VOICEOVER: Results my vary if you choose the platform dress shoes.

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