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Chapter Six: Meeting Him

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Chapter Six: Meeting Him

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It was dusk by the time Lila left the dungeon. She finished off her food and then headed back to the desert. She marveled at the beauty of the sunset but kept her eyes low, watching for the monsters that came out at night. Hyrule could never seem to rid itself of nighttime monsters, but none of them were a match for Lila’s skill. She made it back to Gerudo Town without a scratch, no thanks to Mori.

Once back in the city, Lila was unsure of what to do. Should she report her progress right away, or was it too late at night to bother the chieftess? She decided to seek out Dalni for advice. The trainees would be in bed already, so Lila went straight to Dalni’s quarters.

Knocking on the door, Lila said, “Hello, Dalni, are you awake?”

It took a moment for Dalni to answer. “Yes, I’m up. Who is it?”

“It’s Lila. I completed my task for Lady Ganondra.”

There was some noise behind the door that Lila couldn’t make out, and then the door opened and Dalni slipped out, fully dressed.

“Already?” she asked, her face showing her astonishment.

Lila nodded. “I have the chainmail right here.” She lifted her prize to show Dalni.

“Fantastic! The Shadow Chieftess will want to know right away. Let’s go!”

Dalni headed toward the palace excitedly, and Lila followed her. The idea of meeting with the chieftess still sent her head spinning. Once again, a chill ran through Lila’s body just thinking about her eyes. Would she ever get over the apparent fear that Lady Ganondra provoked?

Before she knew it, they were standing just outside of the throne room. Dalni turned to Lila and said, “Time to shine, Lila. Show her what you’re made of!”

The sentiment surprised Lila. Dalni had never been so kind to her before. After a moment’s hesitation, she nodded and smiled back. Then they entered the throne room. They again went to the center of the room and knelt.

“What’s this?” Lady Ganondra asked. She had been discussing with the witch sisters, Kotake and Koume, though what about, Lila couldn’t fathom.

“Lila has returned triumphant from her quest,” Dalni boasted.

“So she has,” Lady Ganondra said. “Good. The chainmail you just acquired should help protect you against the flames. You see, the next item you are to obtain is within Volvagia’s domain.”

Lila suppressed a gasp. “Death Mountain?” she asked, shaking.

"Yes, you are correct. This time you are looking for gauntlets."

Lila was confused. "Um, you want me to look for... cups?"

Lady Ganondra's smile dropped. "Gauntlets, not goblets, you foolish girl. Gloves! They're said to increase one's strength. I tire of speaking with you. Leave my sight!"

Lila and Dalni hurried out. Mori met them outside of the throne room.

"Where are we going this time?" he asked.

"Death Mountain," Lila answered gravely. "I swear, Lady Ganondra wants to kill me."

"She's sending you to find items that will help you be stronger," Mori said. "That suggests she wants you to live."

"Yeah?" Lila argued. "For how long? No way can I fight Volvagia and win."

"You beat Gyorg."

"Gyorg is tiny compared to Volvagia."

"Lady Ganondra wouldn't send you if she thought you would fail."

"I wouldn't count on that..."

"Why do you think she waited all these years to send you on these missions?"

Lila didn't have an answer for that. She wondered if Mori was right, but couldn't help but worry that she wasn't safe with her Lady. Her missions might just send her to the grave.

"So, where in Death Mountain are we going?" Lila asked her flying friend the next day. They had arrived on the outskirts of a mountain village called Kakariko. Though it was practically dried up except for the sacred spring in the south, the place was bustling with energy. Buildings made of haphazard materials climbed the sides of the gorge, with the smallest of paths leading to each doorway. Some doors even opened on the roofs of other buildings. The narrow street was filled with merchants and natives, bargaining for the best prices the Kakarikans had to offer.

Most in the village were Hylian, but some were Goron. After all, Death Mountain could only be inhabited by the rock-like creatures because only they could withstand the heat. Lila imagined some of the women were Gerudo. The women would be in Kakariko Valley because the Gerudo Desert wasn't too far to the north, making it the closest merchant town for the desert dwellers.

"The mines are huge," Lila continued, "and I don't want to have to bother with Gorons."

"Don't worry," Mori answered. "I'm sure you'll be able to go through side tunnels and all that. Once we get to Volvagia's domain, it'll be a different story."

"What's that supposed to mean?" They hadn't moved yet. Lila wanted to know exactly what to do before she stepped foot among the locals.

"It means you won't run into Gorons, but you might have to do more fighting once in Volvagia's domain. Get it?"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it," Lila replied with a sigh. "I'm guessing we're going to need bombs?"

"That's a good assumption," Mori said.

Lila sighed again. "Okay. I'll use the rupees I got in the last dungeon to stock up. I hate people," she added with a grumble as she moved toward the shops. She looked for the one the village was most known for: the bomb shop. She hoped she wouldn't have to climb and was in luck. About halfway through the gorge, Lila spotted the sign depicting a bomb. Not sure whether Mori was still following her, she stepped into the shop.

Inside, if such a thing was possible, was even louder than on the street. People were standing around, talking about who knows what. The shop was much too small for its business. Lila couldn't even see where to buy the wares. It would be so easy to pick up a bag without anyone noticing. For a moment, she even considered the idea. Then the crowd parted enough for her to shove through to the counter.

"What can I get you?" said a young man about her age. He had yellow-blonde hair and a skinny frame, though his arms seemed somewhat muscled. When he smiled, it made his grayish-blue eyes twinkle, throwing Lila off guard. For a moment she forgot she was surrounded by people. Then her staring got awkward, and the boy's smile started to falter.

"Oh... oh, sorry. I-I just need one bag, please." Lila couldn't believe how ridiculous she was acting. The boy pulled out a bag from under the counter and made a tick on a tally sheet.

"That'll cost you fifty rupees," he said, smiling again. Lila couldn't help but think he was teasing her now.

Grateful for a reason to look away, she fished the necessary coin out of her wallet and handed it over. When she reached for the bag, the boy put his hand on hers.

"There's a great hot spring just above the shop," he said. "It's said to heal any injury, and is absolutely lovely at night."

Was he messing with her? His smile looked kind of... soft. It wasn't something Lila was used to seeing.

She blushed and said, "I-I have to go. Got a job to do." Before the boy behind the counter could reply, she pulled the bag and her hand from his grasp and left the shop.
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