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Teen Titans season 6 episode 7: Birds of Prey

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Starfire meets Batgirl

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Teen Titans season 6 fan fic
Episode 7
Birds of prey
By B.Borneo.
It had been nearly a week since the loss of his minion and his last heist. But to Slade, the plot only thickened. When he had proposed his deal with Gizmo and Mammoth to join his new brotherhood, one of the conditions the latter 2 had to follow was that they recruit their old partner Jinx who, 3 years ago, had been persuaded into letting go of her villainous ways by a speedster called Kid Flash. He had given the 2 permission to use any means necessary to bring her in. The 2 imbeciles had succeeded by using a handful of nanomites Slade had used on Nightwing, back when he was Robin as a tactic to get him to become Slade’s apprentice. Jinx had been a useful asset for the past month until recently, her old comrades had come to her aid and damaged the control of the nanomites, foiling their plans. But, thanks to an unlikely portion of events, Kid Flash had scorned Jinx’s feelings and had abandoned him and his comrades, thus, still putting a hole in the speedster’s heart. Due to the events, he had spared Gizmo and Mammoth from his wrath and agreed to continue allowing them to be in his service. Now, all with H.I.V.E under his command, it was time to prepare for his ultimate plan. Ascending from his office, Slade walked himself to the gym wing of the fortress where he had his minions train themselves physically for upcoming missions. When he entered he witnessed Mammoth lifting weights, Gizmo trying ( and failing)to run on a treadmill, Blackfire punching a punching bag, and Dr Light sitting on a nearby couch reading a book. Slade grinned upon seeing his pawns training so vigorously to please him. But now, it was business time. “Attention, my friends!” he exclaimed. Mammoth put down his weights, Gizmo (startled) slipped and got launched into the other side of the room by the treadmill, Blackfire stopped punching the punching bag and Dr Light put down his book. Getting off the couch, Light joined his fellow comrades as they gathered to listen to Slade’s demands.
“ Despite a few..snags, your contributions so far have exceeded a majority of my expectations. But our work here isn’t done. While you have provided me plenty of resources, there is still one thing that stands before us: the titans.”
Gizmo and Mammoth looked at each other confused. Dr Light gave a little chuckle.
“Anything you want to add, Dr Light?” asked Slade, his “S” in the center of his forehead brightening. Light grinned and folded his arms.
“If you want the titans destroyed, then why don’t you just send us out all at once to defeat them?” he asked arrogantly. The light from Slade’s “S” faded. Slade regained his composure and walked towards Light.
“The reason..” Slade began,
“...we wait because, if we are to defeat our prey, the most logical way to do it is to do it in a strategic fashion instead of charging head first and risking luck”. Light frowned and walked back to the group of villains. Gizmo snickered.
“Looks like someone has gotten on the boss’s bad side” he whispered to Mammoth and he chuckled as well. Light turned and snarled at them before Slade rested his hand on Light’s shoulder, getting his attention.
“But..” he began. “...if you are so eager to speed things up, I have a mission for you today.” Light raised his eyebrow. A Mission?, he thought. Nodding his head, he walked alongside Slade, accepting his challenge. Whatever gets things moving quicker. As he walked alongside Slade, Light looked up to see his new boss’s eye. The eye was aimed forward as if eye contact was not as important to him as the task at hand.
“So far, for our super robotic army project, we have imported the material that has constructed the shell that Cyborg uses to keep himself alive. I myself have given it the powers of Trigon, and Blackfire has donated some of her blood to make our machines, not only able to repel Tamaranian abilities, but also to emulate them. Our little green friend is next on our list.”
Light raised his eyebrow.
“How do you intend to replicate his unique abilities, sir?”
The 2 stopped at a garage area near the west side of the base where a group of Billy Numerous clones were loading themselves into the back of a van, holding various weapons. Slade stopped and turned himself around to face Light as they approached the van. Slade’s eye was now focused on Light. “While young Beast Boy’s abilities are obviously impossible to completely duplicate, elements of it can be implemented with the proper formula. I did some research and as it turns out, the condition he is infected with is called Sakuria” Slade then held out his hand and a Billy clone placed a tablet into Slade’s hand. Slade passed it to Light, who looked at the screen to see a display from a research site regarding the condition. Light looked back up as Slade continued. “The disease can rewrite genetic coding and, with the right combination of compounds, can evolve one’s physical structure into any primitive creature they choose.” Light handed the tablet back to Slade and knelt before him. “It will be done,” he said. Beneath his mask, Slade’s lips twisted into a smile. It delighted him to see those weaker than him bow before his might.
“When you get to the pickup zone, you’ll meet a scientist named Sam Register. He’ll give you the formula.”. Light nodded and ascended his way into the truck, sitting next to the Numerous clones. Light nodded at Slade as Private Hive closed the doors. As the truck drove out, Slade smiled from under his mask. Everything was going according to plan.

Nightwing hadn’t done a stakeout since his time with Batman. But, at this point in time, it was essential to get back into the swing of things. Since he knew Slade was going after certain materials, he had to have the team out and about to observe the city. At the moment, he and Starfire were examining a nearby Kord Industries factory, where they made vehicles and weapons that are said to be used for “special purposes”. Putting down his binoculars, Nightwing whipped out his Titans com and turned it on. “Cyborg! How are you and Wonder Girl doing?” he asked. Nightwing had the 2 of them set to observe Palmer tech on the other side of town to see if the villains would rob them. Palmer Tech made tech that could be used to shrink objects. He knew because its founder, Ray Palmer, was a superhero and friend of Batman’s called the Atom. “Nothing so far,” replied Cyborg. “We’ll get back to you if we see anything.”. Nightwing nodded and swapped the frequency to Raven, Beast Boy and Kid Flash who were assigned to Dayton industries, per request by Beast Boy as it belonged to his surrogate father, Mento of the Doom Patrol. “Nothing on our end either,” said Raven. Nightwing pursed his lips. “Ok, if you see anything let me know.” “Got it”. The mic then went dead. Nightwing went back to his place on the ledge and leaned on it, next to Starfire and pulled out his binoculars. Starfire grimaced at him. “You're really dedicated to this, aren’t you?” Nightwing lowered the binoculars and sighed. “Slade hurt Beast Boy. He killed Terra. He killed our teammates. Gizmo blackmailed Jinx into joining him. Not only that, but now she’s on the loose and angry at us. And since I’m the leader, I have to take some responsibility for this.” He then raised his binoculars back to his eyes. Starfire stood up and folded her arms. She loved him, but what she hated was when he blamed himself for everything bad that had happend. She could not stand to see him in pain. “You know, you don’t have to carry our burdens.” she said. Nightwing didn’t move, but Starfire knew him well enough to tell he was definitely listening. “We have been through alot these past few years with Slade, H.I.V.E, Trigon and the original Brotherhood of Evil, but you are not the cause of any of it.” Nightwing lowered the binoculars again and looked back at her. “I know. I just want to prevent any more pain and suffering. We have been through enough.” Starfire nodded her head and resumed her position. “Just don’t blame yourself for everything,” she said. Nightwing smiled.

Cyborg didn’t need a pair of binoculars where he and Wonder Girl were at. Luckily, his robotic eye was able to zoom in wherever he needed to, thus allowing him to handle the situation, hands free. Wonder Girl, on the other hand, stood next to him, arms folded, waiting for him to spot something. “How long has it been?” she had asked finally. Cyborg took his eye away from the view of the factory and looked down for a second to change his settings. “Thirty minutes. Why?” he asked. Wonder Girl unfolded her arms and leaned onto Cyborg. “No reason. Just bored.” Cyborg shrugged. “Well, Nightwing said if nothing happens for at least an hour, we can go back to the tower.” Wonder Girl nodded and leaned on the edge. Despite her having been only with the team for a year, she had really grown close to the members. Being an amazon with Wonder Woman was fun, but it was mundane and tiresome at times. The titans, however, felt more exciting and fascinating due to her teammates' various adventures and personalities. It felt real to her. She kneeled next to him and rested her arm upon her leg. “Out of curiosity, what is the deal with your dad?” Cyborg looked at her with a stern expression. “Let’s just say, he wasn’t always there for me before I became…..well, this,” he replied. Wonder Girl nodded and looked on. Out of respect, she didn’t carry on, knowing whatever went on with Cyborg and his father was his buisness.

Kid Flash had taken the lead where he, Raven and Beast Boy were posted. Like Nightwing, he was leaning against the side of the rooftop examining the street, looking for any trouble. Behind him, Raven sat, meditating, while Beast Boy paced back and forth, impatiently. “Ok, seriously! Why can’t we just go down and search the streets?” asked Beast Boy. Kid Flash frowned and turned to Beast Boy. “Because Nightwing told us to remain here and only act if we see something.” He returned to his binoculars as he continued to examine the street. Beast Boy folded his arms. “How are you not angry, man?” he asked. Kid Flash frowned and turned to look at Beast Boy. “About what?” he asked. He looked at Beast Boy’s expression and realized what he was talking about. “If this is about Jinx..” he said “She chose to leave and it has nothing to do with Slade.” Beast Boy was about to make another remark, but Raven stood up and held her hand towards Beast Boy. “That’s enough, you two. This pointless bickering will not get us any closer towards Slade. Understand?” Kid Flash respectfully nodded and resumed looking over the ledge. Beast Boy sat down with his arms folded. “I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just.. “ I know,” replied Kid Flash. “You want things to go back to the way they were. So do I. And so does Raven. And Nightwing and the others.” Beast Boy nodded. He knew they were right, but he wished they weren’t. Slade was out there. He had killed Terra, drove their friends into hiding and most of all, played them for suckers just to gain power. Still, he thought, the only things he could think of to do was be mad, or be sad. But those weren’t options. Gathering his strength, he got to his feet and walked towards Raven. “Hey,” he said nervously. “Is it cool if I meditate with you?” Raven opened up her left eye towards Beast Boy and he gulped. To Beast Boy, bothering Raven when she was meditating was always a risk. He remembered the last time he and Cyborg did it, the 2 ended up within her mind and got into a conflict with her various subdued personality traits. Raven had forgiven them, but Beast Boy still didn’t want to make the same mistake again. After a pause Raven finally spoke. “Take a seat.” she replied. Beast Boy smiled and sat next to her, closing his eyes, and resting his hands in his lap. He had never done this before so the experience was new to him. But at this point, Beast Boy was used to new experiences. After a few seconds, he suddenly started to feel a soothing sensation that he had never felt before. It felt good. It felt really good. As if all the troubles in his life were slowly fading from him. He was starting to see why Raven loved to do this so much. He was about to enter a comforting trance until Kid Flash broke his concentration. “Guys I see something!” he shouted. Raven got up, grabbed Beast Boy, and dragged him over to the ledge next to Kid Flash. The 3 leaned over and saw what looked like a massive armored truck pull into the intersection and then turn straight to the industry. Raven quickly whipped out her Titan com and pressed it close to her mouth. “Nightwing, we got something on our end. Meet us at Dayton, asap!” “We are on it!” replied Nightwing. “I’ll also alert Cyborg and Wonder Girl!” She put the com back in her pocket. Raven levitated herself into the air and bolted towards the industry, being closely followed by Beast Boy and Kid Flash, the former, having turned into a pterodactyl, carrying the later under his talons. Beast Boy then started lowering himself to the ground and released Kid Flash onto the pavement, 10 feet from the ground and Kid Flash used his speed to slow down the fall. Landing, he charged straight forward, at the speed of light.

Nightwing hurried to his bike as Starfire lowered him and herself to the ground softly. Mounting the bike, Nightwing revved up the engine and the tires quickly treaded the ground. He could feel the wind blowing profusely through his long black hair as the bike sped. Looking next to him, he could see Starfire flying next to him, her hair also blowing back in the wind. She turned to him and smiled. He smiled back. To Nightwing, this was the girl for him. Aside from Barbara Gordon, not many women in his life had what he was looking for. Starfire did. Hopefully, one day, she and Babs could meet. But that would have to be after the fight, he remembered. Realizing this, he turned his eyes back to the road and drove up to the factory. As he got closer, he noticed a massive cargo truck slowly rounding to the rear of the industry. Nightwing slammed the brakes and swerved towards the parking lot area. Starfire slowed herself down and hovered herself 3 inches from the ground. “Should we wait for the others to arrive?” she asked. Nightwing looked towards the factory and then toward the road. This was a tough decision. The brotherhood could have been doing lord knows what back there and lord knows how quick it could be. Before he could answer, he felt a gush of wind behind his back. Kid Flash had arrived. Nightwing turned towards Kid Flash and folded his arms. “Where’s Beast Boy and Raven?” he asked. Before Kid Flash could answer, the 2 heard a loud crowing above them and the 2 looked up to see a green pterodactyl and Raven slowly lowering themselves to the pavement. “You rang?” asked Beast Boy sarcastically as he reverted back to his human form. Starfire chuckled at the remark. Raven rolled her eyes. “Are the others here?” she asked. “Not yet,” replied Nightwing. He whipped out his comm and pressed it close to his face. “Cyborg, you almost here?” he asked. “I’m trying!” came Cyborg’s voice loudly. “But I’m stuck in a traffic jam and I can’t run or fly like you guys! Wonder Girl is on her way. You go on. I’ll catch up. ”. A horn then sounded. “Oh yeah?! You're a bigger one!” Nightwing frowned. Great! he thought. One member down. Wonder Girl then landed with her whip in her hand and a determined expression on her face. She then looked around confusingly. “Where’s Vic?” she asked. “Long story. He’ll catch up” Nightwing put the comm in his pocket and signaled the others to follow him behind the building.
The group shimmied along the wall of the building when they noticed behind the corner, Dr Light and the Billy clones standing near a shipping area. Nightwing raised his brow. What could they be doing here? he thought. Suddenly, the warehouse door opened and a man walked out, holding a briefcase. The man was tall and had purple skin and black hair, with a sinister expression on his face. Beast Boy gasped when he saw who it was. “Zookeeper!” he said, surprised. Nightwing looked at him. “You know this guy?” he asked. Beast Boy nodded. “When I was with the Doom Patrol, this guy, Sam Register, had it out for me. He was a mad scientist obsessed with my parent’s work. He tried to replicate my DNA for years to the point he made a bootleg version of my condition, thus why he looks purple. Last time we fought him, he ended up in a mental facility. Looks like he swindled his way into Mento’s company somehow.” Nightwing frowned. “What does Light want with him?”. Turning back to the scene, his question was answered when he saw Zookeeper open the briefcase and a syringe containing orange liquid was seen inside it. Dr Light nodded and one of the Billy clones grabbed the suitcase and another brought a new suitcase. It opened to reveal a few wads of money inside it. Now was the time. “Titans, Go!” shouted Nightwing and the team charged onto the scene. Light and his entourage turned to see the group standing before them and the clones prepared themselves. “You, again?!” shouted Light in anger. Nightwing nodded. “You didn’t think we’d let you go run wild without supervision, did you, Light?” Light growled. He was not accustomed to being mocked by children. His eyes then darted back and forth and he noticed something missing. “Where’s the robot?” he asked, mockingly. Suddenly, a loud engine noise could be heard and the groups turned behind each other and witnessed a blue and white car plow through some bushes and stop in between the Titans and the villains. Exiting the car, Cyborg pumped up his arm cannon and sent a blue beam of light towards the cargo truck, sending pieces of rubble flying in multiple directions. “He’s taking out your getaway vehicle! Boo yah!” Cyborg regrouped with his friends, high fiving both Beast Boy and Wonder Girl on his surprise entrance. Register stepped down from his platform and observed the group when his eyes landed on Beast Boy. “Do my eyes deceive me?” he asked. “The Changeling? Here? With new friends?” Beast Boy stood up in front of the group, arms folded, with a confident smile on his face. “Hey, Sam. Long time, no see, huh?” Zookeeper laughed. “Perfect! Now we can see through this battle who is the true apex predator!” He then whipped off his coat and his body slowly started to morph into what appeared to be a purple wolf. Beast Boy nodded and turned himself into a bear. He then launched himself onto Register and the 2 started to wrestle each other. Nightwing gave the go ahead and his team started to fight the Numerous clones. 2 clones grabbed onto Nightwing’s arms and attempted to yank on them both. Gaining his strength, Nightwing tugged the clones into each other and knocked them out. They faded shortly afterwards. On Cyborg’s end, A clone tried to punch him several times, but Cyborg successfully dodged all his attacks. After another attempt, Cyborg grabbed his arm and started to swing his body on the ground multiple times, until it faded away. On Wonder Girl and Kid Flash’s end, the 2 were surrounded by a group of clones and were back to back within the circle. “Wanna double team?” asked Wonder Girl. Kid Flash looked around at the group of clones, and nodded his head. As the clones prepared to jump the 2, Wonder Girl grabbed Kid Flash and flew him out of the circle as the clones dogpiled themselves. She then dropped Kid Flash to the pavement softly. She then placed her lasso around Kid Flash and he ran faster and faster with the lasso around his waist and Donna holding on tight. She then let go, allowing Kid Flash to do a quick punch faster than light. The clones, except one, went down like dominos and faded. On the other end, Starfire and Raven decided to also tag team on light who they had cornered near his destroyed truck. “Give up the briefcase, Light you know you can’t beat us,” said Raven. To her surprise, Light didn’t hesitate or look scared. This confused Raven as the last one on one battle she had with Light ended with her traumatizing Light so much, he actually was begging to be locked up. Now, the man was acting like he was a god to a pair of mortals, with a smug smile on his face. “Go ahead. Come at me,” he finally replied. Starfire frowned. “Just remember you asked for this,” she threatened. Raven rolled her eyes. Starfire still hadn’t gotten the hand of insults and threats yet, but the situation was too serious to condone Starfire. The 2 levitated into the air, their hands glowing purple and green respectively. They then flew towards Light, spinning themselves like barrel rolls, and combined their energy blasts towards Light. Light didn’t move and inch as the combined energy soared towards him at lightspeed. Suddenly, Light lifted one of his gauntlets in the air and the energy blast absorbed itself into the blue center. He aimed his gauntlet towards the direction of Starfire and Raven and their energy blasted through his fingers towards his direction at the same speed, blasting them in the chest. The 2 crashed to the pavement hard. Raven felt like a million hammers had put nails into her side and Starfire felt as if she now knew how her enemies felt when they got hurt by her energy blasts: like your kidneys had been blown up. As they struggled to get up, Light approached them, his gauntlet glowing a very intense blue hue. “H..How did you do that?” wheezed Starfire as she picked herself up from the ground. Light grinned. “Slade gave me an upgrade. He used his powers to allow my gauntlets to absorb energy and expel it towards its hosts.” As he was monologuing, Beast Boy, in the form of a bear, shoved off Register, who was in the form of an orangutan and and Register crashed near Light, knocking him to the ground. Light lifted himself up and the first thing he saw was a black and blue boot heading towards his face. Nightwing kicked light in the face knocking him out cold. He then ran up to Starfire and helped her to her feet. “You ok?” he asked. She nodded as she clutched her side in pain. Beast Boy turned to normal and helped Raven to her feet as well. Light stood up, heaving Register and grabbed his arm. “Where did the briefcase go?!” he demanded furiously. Register pointed to the area where he and Beast Boy fought and the case sat there on the ground near Cyborg, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl who were still fighting the Numerous clones. Without thinking, Nightwing leaped towards the briefcase when out of the blue, a blue laser hit him in the ribs from the side, knocking him from the ground. Standing near the case stood Private Hive who had obviously come with Light for backup. Just as he was about to grab the case, a loud sound was heard. A motorized sound. All the battle participants stood for a moment, trying to find out where it was coming from. After a few seconds, a trio of motorcycles zoomed up from the right side of the building, getting everyone’s attention. The riders were a trio of women, possibly in their 20s. The leader was a red head wearing a bat-like costume with a blue cape and yellow bat symbol in her chest. The rider on the left was a blonde wearing a leather jacket and seemed to be the oldest of the 3. The final girl on the right had black hair and wore a purple outfit. “And who are you supposed to be?” asked Light. The Batgirl in the front smiled. “We are the Birds of Prey. Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary.” she announced. Light laughed. The other Titans helped Nightwing up as they got a good look at the 3 of them. Nightwing’s eyes widened. “No way!” he said. “You know them?” Cyborg asked, raising a brow. Before Nightwing could say anything, Light sent out Numerous and Hive to attack the 3 girls and returned his attention towards the Titans. “Now where were we?” “Kicking your butt!” shouted Cyborg as he leaped towards Light. Light jumped backwards as Cyborg missed his punch towards him and slammed the concrete breaking it. Light then sent a yellow bolt of light towards Cyborg. Cyborg destroyed the bolt by blasting it away with his arm cannon. Light looked behind him and then back at Cyborg. Smiling, he ducked and Register, in the form of a baboon, leaped over his head and latched himself onto Cyborg. He tried to yank the baboon off of him, but somehow, Register seemed to be on something stronger than Beast Boy. He couldn’t do this alone. “Hey, Beast! A little help here?!” he shouted towards Beast Boy. He nodded and transformed into a bull. “Go help those three. We got this.” he told Nightwing. He then charged towards Cyborg and Register, steam coming from his nose, and his hooves clapping at the ground. Cyborg finally wretched Register off of him and held him dangling towards Beast Boy’s direction. The horns rammed into Register’s keester and knocked him through the air and onto the nearby briefcase, destroying it. Light, who was in battle with Nightwing, turned and saw the destruction. “ No!” he yelled before Nightwing socked him to the ground. After the 3 girls had defeated the Numerous clones, they took the briefcase of money and regrouped with the others who surrounded Light. “Ok, Light. It’s time to surrender.” Nightwing said arms folded. Light looked around at the group, teeth gritted and fists raised. His expression then turned into a grin. Suddenly, a poof of purple dust appeared and Kid Wykkyd stood in the area.He grabbed Light and poofed away with him. A few more were heard and when everyone turned around, Register, Private Hive and Numerous were now gone. Beast Boy reverted back to his human form and in anger kicked the briefcase filled with money.
“Darn it! They got away!” he shouted. But Nightwing wasn’t paying attention. His focus was on the 3 girls who, after being thanked by the rest of the team, were shaking their hands. The Batgirl then looked at Nightwing and her jaw dropped. “Dick?!” she said, shocked. “Babs?!” shouted Nightwing. The 2 smiled and quickly ran to embrace each other. The others, except for the other 2 girls, stood shocked. Beast Boy and Cyborg’s jaws dropped, Raven’s eyebrows were raised in surprise, Starfire had her hand clamped on her mouth, and Kid Flash and Wonder girl stood with confused glances on their faces. Nightwing and Batgirl then started to talk it up until Starfire broke in. “Um.. may I ask who this is?” Looking embarrassed, Nightwing put his hands behind his back and gave a nervous smile. “Oh, yeah. Starfire, I’d like you to meet my old friend Barbara Gordon, or as the outfit will explain, Batgirl.” Batgirl winked and gave a peace sign pose in greeting. “Pleasure to meet you all. You must be Dick’s friends. These 2 girls with me are Dinah Drake, aka Black Canary…”. The blonde with the leather jacket grinned. “....and Helena Bertenelli, aka, the Huntress.” The one in the purple outfit nodded. “And you are?” asked Batgirl to the others. Cyborg was the first to shake her hand and introduce himself. “Vic Stone is my name! But you can call me Cyborg. It’s cooler that way!” After he shook her hand, Batgirl held it in slight pain. “Wow. You got quite the grip there, don’t you?” Cyborg grinned confidently. “How do you think I win arm wrestling contests?” he asked. Batgirl laughed and gave him a playful slug to the arm. “And what’s your name, greenie?” asked Canary to Beast Boy. He blushed slightly. “Gar Logan, but people call me Beast Boy” he introduced himself. He then took Black Canary’s hand and kissed it like a knight to a princess. Black Canary chuckled. “We got a little gentleman here don’t we?” she said. “If that’s what you wanna call it” said Raven, sarcastically. Cyborg chuckled while Beast Boy frowned at Raven. He then turned to Canary with a smile, trying to keep face. “And what can you do?” she asked. “What can I do?”. Beast Boy stood back a few steps and turned himself into a flamingo and used his beak to make half of a heart. “I call this power, animal magnetism” he remarked. The new girls clapped while Raven rolled her eyes. She then walked forward to introduce herself to Huntress. “My name is Raven. There really isn’t much to say about me. I’m part demon, I fly, and I like to read.” she explained. Huntress raised her eyebrow in intrigue. “What part?” she asked. Raven blushed a tiny bit. While the question caused her a tad bit of social anxiety, she worked up the courage to answer the question. “On my father’s side. Let’s just say he wasn’t the best dad,” she said lamely. “Oh,” responded Huntress, concerned. “I’m sorry to hear,”. “It’s ok,” replied Raven. “I got over it.” Huntress nodded and turned to Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. “I’m Wally, but you can call me Kid Flash. I run.” said Kid Flash proudly. Black Canary Chuckled and Batgirl looked impressed. “And I’m Wonder Girl,” said Donna. “ I basically have the same powers as Wonder Woman, but not nearly as powerful.” Batgirl shook Donna’s hand and then walked towards Starfire. “And you are?” Starfire stood with a confused expression for a few seconds before shaking Batgirl’s hand. This had surprised Nightwing. Starfire was usually excited to meet new friends and people, but now, she was acting as if she saw an unhinged stranger in front of her. “Starfire. Just Starfire,” she replied with a false looking grin. “I’m Dick’s…betrothed.” OOH!” said Batgirl excitedly. She turned towards Nightwing and put her hands on his shoulder. “You found yourself a woman? Impressive!” “And what’s that supposed to mean?” asked Starfire sternly. Everyone looked at her surprised. Starfire had her arms crossed and one eyebrow raised, aggressively. Nightwing and Batgirl looked at each other confused and then back at Starfire. Batgirl looked nervous at the remark more than the others did. “Uh.. I just think it’s cool Dick finally found someone after all these years” she explained. “Uh huh”, responded Starfire with her expression still glued on. Everyone stood there again for another moment of awkward silence until Nightwing broke up the silence. “How about we take you guys out to eat?”

Slade was not happy. His mission to obtain Beast Boy’s DNA had failed due to the incompetence of the seller he purchased the product from. Now he had to punish Register. Slade made Light bring Register to the main corridor for questioning about his failure. By Slade’s side, Blackfire and Brother Blood flanked him as they had proven themselves worthy enough to stand by his side amongst the others. Light held Register by the neck towards the ground and had also equipped a nanomite bracelet around his throat to keep him from any attempted escape.
“The abilities you provided me served me well, Slade. I was able to defeat Starfire and Raven. But things fell through when this fool allowed himself to be launched into the concentration and destroyed it. I knew you would not tolerate failure, even from a potential sale, so I brought him here for punishment and relinquished his reward.” explained Light.
Register tried to get up, but Light’s grip on his neck was too strong. He’s definitely on something, thought Register. He then looked up as Slade grabbed his chin and lifted Register’s chin to his face.
“Is this true?” he asked in his cold calm tone.
Register gulped. Knowing there was no escaping the truth from this man, he nodded. Slade arose and turned his back to him. Register sweated. He had heard the rumors about Slade Wilson and what he could do, especially with whatever powers he was given. After a beat, Slade spoke.
“Thank you, Light. Go until I require your services once more”.
Light bowed and then exited the room. Slade continued facing his back towards Register, making him more and more terrified. Getting impatient, Blackfire stepped forward and folded her arms in eagerness.
“Would you like me to deal with him for you, master?” she asked.
Slade held up his left hand as a sign of denial.
“I’m afraid not, Blackfire. His services could still be needed.”
Register sighed with relief. Blackfire, angered but compliant, nodded and stepped back to her place beside Slade. Blood raised his eyebrow in confusion.
“What do we do with him then?” Slade paused for a moment in concentration then came up with his ultimatum.
“I don’t always believe in second chances, Register. But this time, I’ll make an exception.”
Slade dug into his satchel and pulled out a little trigger with a button on the top and the side. Slade slid his thumb to the button on the side and pressed it. Register’s neck suddenly felt lighter and he looked down to see the collar around his neck was unlocked. The collar then fell to the ground with a metallic “clunk” sound being made. Register quickly grabbed his neck in relief and sighed happily. “Thank you!” he exclaimed, getting to his feat.
“What can I do?”.
Slade turned his head towards Register, his eye staring straight into Register’s soul. “You have 24 hours to conduct a new formula and provide it to my associates. If you fail at this task, your DNA will instead be harvested.”
Gulping, Register quickly nodded and bowed to Slade. He then turned to Blood who nodded and went to escort Register out of the room. Watching them leave, Blackfire approached Slade’s side, skeptical.
“Are you sure about this?” she asked.
Slade turned his eye to her.
“I know what I’m doing. Either way, we will get what we need from him.”

The Pizza Corner was the Titan’s (mainly Cyborg and Beast Boy’s) favorite restaurant in all of Jump City and taking their new friends to it was the perfect decision. And luckily, since the town owed the Titans for their years of services to the city, they were given free discounts on their pizza orders. This time, Nightwing had to place 2 tables as the group had now become bigger the past few years since their last encounter with the Brotherhood and Tokyo. Nightwing sat at a booth near the front door with Batgirl sitting next to him on the left end while Starfire sat next to Wonder Girl on the other end. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Beast Boy went to play arcade games and Raven and Kid Flash sat across Black Canary and Huntress and talked to get to know them better.
“Really? That long for a stakeout?” asked Kid Flash as he listened as Huntress told him about a 2 night stakeout her and Canary did one time in Star City on a pair of assassins.
“Yeah, the longest 2 nights of my life. Needless to say, we caught the perp lying on his chest from the building over, aiming at the councilman through his apartment window. I managed to take out his sniper rifle with my crossbow. Canary then climbs up to the building and sonic shrieks at the guy near the edge before she grabs him and knocks his lights out.”
Black Canary smiled confidently and flexed her arm with pride. Kid Flash folded his arms and nodded, impressed. At the table behind them, Starfire had her arms crossed as she sat and listened to Nightwing, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl joked and bonded. She was annoyed. Annoyed that the man she loved had another woman in his life besides her. She was trying her best to calm herself, but it wasn’t easy. After a moment, Batgirl turned to her.
“So, Starfire, how did you and this guy here meet?” she asked.
Unfolding her arms, Starfire took a deep breath and put on her best smile.
“Well, after I was captured by slavers as a child, I broke free and I came to Earth and I almost tried to kill him.” Starfire looked around and noticed that everyone looked concerned with her remark, except Nightwing who smiled nervously. “He…tried to kill you?” asked Batgirl. Nightwing shrugged.
“Kind of. She was lost and confused when we met and it took a while to calm her.” he explained. Batgirl then smiled and chuckled.
“ So love at first sight, huh?” she asked Starfire. Starfire gritted her teeth with a smile as she started to sweat with jealousy. She nodded with all her might. Just then, Wonder Girl asked, “How did you two meet?” and Starfire kicked Donna in the shins for it.
“Ow!” shouted Wonder Girl as she grabbed her leg and frowned at Starfire. “What’s gotten into you?”
Starfire still kept her forced smile on and shrugged in an attempt to save face. Nightwing and Batgirl didn’t seem to notice. The latter then went on with her story of how she and Dick met. She told them about how she was the police commissioner’s daughter in Gotham City and how she aspired to become like the vigilante known as Batman. She also explained that during that time, she and Dick had met and became partners and eventually dated for a year or two but had broken up two years before the Teen Titans was founded. The last part was the only part of the story that brought Starfire any delight. “And then, I went off on my own too, joined up with these girls and we made the Birds of Prey,” finished Batgirl. Wonder Girl nodded with interest while Starfire shrugged and tried to pretend she was invested.
“That is… some interesting details” she said with a faux interested expression on her face.
Just then, Beast Boy and Cyborg walked up, each holding a slice of pizza after playing the arcade games at the place.
“Beat his high score, dudes!” announced Beast Boy proudly.
Cyborg smiled and rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, I let him win!”
“Did not!”.
Wonder Girl chuckled at their little conversation while Nightwing rolled his eyes. Looking at his watch, Nightwing widened his eyes and turned to Batgirl.
“Nice catching up, but we really gotta go.”
He turned to the table behind them and tapped on Raven and Kid Flash’s shoulder and let them know they had to leave. The 2 nodded and said their goodbyes to Black Canary and Huntress.
“Ok, Nice seeing you again.” said Batgirl as she moved her way out of the booth. After she got out, she leaned towards Nightwing to give him a kiss on the cheek, when Starfire swooped in and grabbed Nightwing by the arm and started to drag him out.
“Sorry, we gotta go! Bye!” she shouted back.
Everyone looked confused and either raised their eyebrows or shrugged. Being dragged towards his bike, Nightwing finally managed to halt himself from Starfire’s grip and free himself.
“Starfire, what is going on?” he asked.
Starfire, looking flustered, turned around and held her hands behind her back. “Nothing. I just really, really, really wanna get back to work, fighting Slade’s minions, you know, that fun stuff?” she said, smiling theatrically.
Nightwing felt a tad uncomfortable regarding this behavior and confused. Since when is she this intense about crime fighting? He thought to himself. Just then, the other titans and birds of prey walked out of the place and looked at Nightwing and Starfire awkwardly.
“Dude, what’s the rush?” asked Cyborg.
Nightwing was about to speak, but then Batgirl held up her hand.
“Hey, if he needs to go, he’s gotta go.”
Cyborg looked at Nightwing who nodded and proceeded to mount his motorcycle. As he was doing that, Cyborg entered his car, Raven, Wonder Girl and Beast Boy flew off back to the tower and Kid Flash ran so fast, a gust of wind was blown behind him. Starfire was about to join them when she turned and saw Nightwing still talking to Batgirl, while Black Canary and Huntress mounted their bikes. She then saw them embrace. Starfire, angered, raised up her fist and allowed a green blob of energy rise from her gauntlets until Nightwing turned to his front. Noticing it, she held her hand behind her back, smiling nervously, before turning and flying back to the tower. On the way back, she continued to look behind to make sure Nightwing followed.

Having gotten back to Titans tower about an hour ago, Starfire started to pass her time by playing fetch with Silky in the main lounge while waiting for Nightwing to come back and update the team on their next patrol outing. Meanwhile, Raven and Wonder Girl were on the couch, gossiping about magic, Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing video games and Kid Flash sat on the couch, scrolling through his phone. After a moment, Nightwing emerged from his room and stood in front of the tv.
“Titans!” he shouted to get the other’s attention.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and sat on the couch in attention.
“We are going back on patrol tonight because the Brotherhood might try to find another way to find resources to upgrade whatever project they are working on. And furthermore, our new allies, the Birds of Prey will be joining us tonight-""What?” exclaimed Starfire suddenly.
The whole group looked at her confused while Starfire appeared embarrassed by her outburst. “Uh, I mean..why the new addition?” she asked.
Nightwing looked at her, concerned, but then turned back to the others and continued.
“Batgirl told me that she and her friends are here for another day, and I figured we could use all the help we can get at the moment, so I asked them to help out at least.”
Starfire put on her best fake smile she could while everyone else seemed to be all in agreement.
“When are we heading out?” asked Raven.
“An hour,” Responded Nightwing.
He grabbed a tablet on the coffee table and typed in some codes before turning it around so everyone could see a map of the city.
“Ok, here’s the plan.”
He pointed at the left side of the map on the tablet.
“Since I doubt Slade’s brotherhood would attack the south side again, we’ll be on the north, east and west ends of the city. Cyborg! You and beast boy will meet up with Huntress on the east side! Raven, Stafire Wonder Girl and Kid Flash will pair with Canary on the west! I’ll be with Batgirl in the North! Any questions?”
The group shook their heads. Everyone except for Starfire who was twiddling her fingers in what looked like a subtle nervous breakdown. She looked up at Nightwing who’s eyes were gazing directly into hers in concern. She couldn’t let him know though. It was better he didn’t know how she felt about her. But there was a way out.
“I was thinking, maybe I could come with you and Batgirl?” she asked.
The rest looked at Starfire and then back to Nightwing, curious of the results of this sudden request.
“Uh.. Sure. I guess it couldn’t hurt.”
He shrugged and nodded. The rest of the group got up to get prepared for the patrol while Nightwing went to talk with Starfire.
“Are you sure you’re ok? You know you can talk to me.”
Starfire thought about it for a second but then decided to just keep it bottled. It was for the best.
“I’m fine” she lied.
Nightwing didn’t look too convinced but he nodded in understanding and then proceeded to the garage below.

After about an hour, Register felt relieved when he was finally dropped off at his new lab. The building Dr Light took him to was his old headquarters before he was arrested during the fall of the original brotherhood and had been abandoned up until now. Register departed from the side of the truck he was escorted in and Light, Private Hive, Gizmo and Mammoth exited with him. The doors had been boarded up with heavy wood, so Light nodded towards Mammoth who proceeded to smash the 2 planks down and kick the doors open for the group to enter. Light then helped get Register set up at a little work office on the second floor of the building. After they got the table set up, Register dug into his duffel bag and pulled out chemistry instruments, essential in making the formula needed to replicate Beast Boy’s dna. He then looked towards Light.
“The formula takes at least 3 hours to complete. Make sure the titans are distracted.”
Light nodded and signaled towards Mammoth. Mammoth waltzed down the stairs and charged to the street to cause some mayhem. This was a good plan. A safeguard was an ideal choice to keep those pests busy. Now, it was time for the plan to begin.

“Anything yet?” yelled Kid Flash to Raven. “Not yet” she replied as she lowered. Raven, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Canary were patrolling the town square in an effort to make sure no Brotherhood members would attack. Raven and Wonder Girl hovered in the sky to see if there was any trouble while Kid Flash and Canary took to the ground, walking and getting to know each other. “So, is it true you and Green Arrow used to be a thing?” he asked. She chuckled. “A while back yeah. Ollie was a hothead but he could kick some serious tail when he needed to. Perfect package am I right?” Kid Flash smiled lamely. He enjoyed having someone outside of the Titans to talk to, especially someone more experienced than him. Not that he didn’t enjoy talking to Barry during the JLA days, but it felt more like talking to a parental figure than a friend. Canary felt like someone that would be there for you no matter what. The 2 sat down at a park bench near her motorcycle and continued talking. “Do you have a special someone, fast guy?” she asked. Kid Flash’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect a question like that, especially considering what happened a few days ago. He took a deep breath. “I used to” he responded. “But things kind of happened and it didn’t work out.” Black Canary nodded sympathetically at his story. “Yeah, I get that.” she said. Kid Flash nodded and folded his arms. “But I’ll be ok. I just kind of hope she will as well.” Deciding to move the subject back to scouting, he walked back towards Raven and Wonder Girl while Black Canary followed.

The streets were cold at night. Starfire wasn’t bothered though. The speed she was gaining at, the cold was but a figment of her imagination. The same could not be said for the situation she was put in. She now had to fly beside Batgirl and Nightwing who were both at the moment, traveling by motorcycles close to each other, much to Starfire’s dismay. As she noticed the two of them bonding, Starfire hovered a little closer to eavesdrop on the conversation. “And remember when we took down Penguin for the first time?” “Oh my gosh! That was so cool! We really kicked his butt! Good times!” The 2 then laughed. Starfire rolled her eyes and decided to break up the conversation. “Uh, hi? How much longer are we going to be out here?” she asked. Nightwing freed one of his hands from the bike handle and took out his titans communicator. “Another half hour and we can go back.” He then placed the communicator back in his pocket and grabbed the handle. Starfire sighed. Batgirl looked back towards Starfire and noticed her downer expression. Wanting to help cheer her up, she slowed her bike down in an effort to get closer to Starfire. “Hey, Star! Are you cool?” she asked. Starfire looked at Batgirl and frowned. “My name is Starfire thank you and what is it you desire?” Batgirl looked confused at the attitude. Nonetheless, she continued to try to make conversation. “If it makes you feel any better, I got a tracker that can help us find some crime to fight.” Starfire continued to ignore her. On Nightwing’s end, his communicator buzzed and he pulled it out once more. “Cyborg what’s up?” Cyborg’s voice then came through the speaker, and it sounded urgent. “Hey, Nightwing, I did some research on the stuff that Register was making and according to what I found out, it takes at least 3 hours to make. Register might try to remake it and send it to Slade and I doubt he’s going to wait long!” “Ok, got it!” responded Nightwing. He pulled the brakes on his bike and held his leg out to the ground to slow the bike down. Batgirl did the same while Starfire lowered herself to the ground. “What is it?” asked Batgirl. Nightwing pursed his lips. “Register might be trying to create the serum again. Cyborg said it will take 3 hours to be made so we better hurry.” After he finished that sentence, a loud crashing sound was heard. Turning around, Nightwing witnessed a hulking figure bursting through a nearby building, causing pieces of rubble to smash to the ground. After a closer look, Nightwing made out the figure to be Mammoth, and watched as he charged through the building across the street and disappeared into it. The three stood there stunned and shocked. After a beat, Nightwing pulled out his communicator again and switched it on. “Cyborg, get the others and meet us at this address. Mammoth is causing chaos. We’ll get the serum afterwards.” He placed the communicator in his pocket and remounted his bike. “The serum will have to wait. We can’t let Mammoth cause any more damage.” Batgirl nodded in agreement. “Whatever you say, Nightguy!” Nightwing smiled and somewhat blushed before driving off towards Mammoth. Starfire noticed this and gritted her teeth, angrily. She wanted to do something really bad here, but she had to control herself here. She relaxed herself and let Batgirl drive off to catch up with Nightwing.

Cyborg slammed the brakes when he arrived at the scene in his car to witness a truly terrifying scene. When he got out of the car, he saw a huge lot filled with pieces of broken structure and smashed cars. Luckily no one was around at the scene, but it didn’t distill Cyborg’s panic. Beast Boy, reverting back from a hawk to human form, landed next to him and looked at the scene in awe. “Dude, what happened?” he asked. Cyborg shrugged.
“Nightwing said Mammoth apparently did this. Look alive until the others get here.”
Beast Boy nodded and turned himself into a bear. Huntress arrived on her bike too and drew out her crossbow. She ran towards Cyborg and positioned herself cautiously.
“Anyone hurt?” she asked.
Cyborg shrugged nervously. He started to pace the lot, checking every corner and keeping his arm cannon at the ready. Beast Boy sniffed around in his bear form and looked under cars for civilians. Huntress walked towards the shattered building and investigated it. There was a giant man-sized hole in it that was at least 8 feet tall. She shuttered. Cyborg approached a flipped bus nearby and looked inside it. Inside, there were only pieces of broken glass and seat belts, but luckily no sign of any injured civilians. Cyborg sighed in relief. He crawled outside the bus, but came into a giant hulking figure holding a massive piece of pavement over his head. Cyborg gasped and jumped out of the way before Mammoth could slam the pavement on him, smashing it on the ground. Getting up from the ground, Cyborg revved up his arm launcher, aiming towards Mammoth. A brilliant bolt of blue light ejected from the cannon and started to soar towards Mammoth. Out of desperation, Mammoth ripped the hood off of a damaged car and used it as a shield. The hood broke upon impact and Mammoth was knocked into a tree. Cyborg jumped over the car and ran towards Beast Boy and Huntress, who were in turn running towards him, having heard the scuffle.
“Cyborg, you ok?” asked Beast Boy.
Cyborg nodded and slowed down upon catching up to him. He stopped and panted heavily with exhaustion.
“Guys, you gotta-” he began, but suddenly, Mammoth lifted the bus over his head and aimed it towards his 3 opponents.
The only thing the 3 heroes could do was stand in shock as Mammoth quickly chucked the bus towards their direction. Before anyone could react, Starfire swooped in front of the bus and let out a big burst of green energy, shattering the bus to smithereens. She then lowered herself and ran towards Cyborg, Huntress and Beast Boy.
“Are you ok?” she asked, concerned.
Cyborg struggled to his feet and prepped his arm cannon.
“Never better,” he said.
Beast Boy nodded and turned himself into a tiger while Huntress prepared her crossbow for battle. Beast Boy struck first by lunging himself onto Mammoth and did everything in his ability to try and scalp Mammoth. Unfortunately, Mammoth’s grip was so tight, Beast Boy’s claws could not reach his skin. Huntress charged in next and attempted to shoot a crossbow arrow into Mammoth. The arrow missed, due to the ensuing struggle, and Mammoth threw Beast Boy into her, causing them to crash into a nearby wall. Cyborg blasted his arm cannon several times at Mammoth, but Mammoth somehow managed to swiftly dodge every shot. Starfire did the same, until Mammoth lifted a sewer grate lid and threw it into Starfire’s chest, knocking her into a van. Mammoth then charged and grabbed Cyborg’s arm and tugged it off with such a mighty force. Since he had been distracted by the shock of Starfire being hit, it was easy for Mammoth. Cyborg kneeled with shock and attempted to reach for his arm which Mammoth had thrown across the street. It was in vain though, as Mammoth kicked him square in the chest and sent him flying into an empty car. Mammoth grinned and slowly started to pace himself towards the unconscious Cyborg and lifted an arm to pound him. Suddenly, Mammoth felt a tight force pulling his arm and turned to find a golden lasso wrapped around his wrist. He looked up into the air and gasped. Wonder Girl was the wielder of the lasso and was holding it back with all her might to keep him from slamming Cyborg.
“Back off, Big guy!” she shouted down.
Mammoth growled and yanked his arm hard. Wonder Girl felt herself be dragged down by the weight of the force and soared straight towards Mammoth, who lifted his other fist up and slammed it into Wonder Girl’s chest. The force was enough to knock her through the asphalt in the ground and make a big crater. Suddenly, a massive gust of wind swooped back and forth in front of his face and he felt a fist punch his jaw a bunch of times. He tried to find the source of the pain, but the blur was too fast for him to catch. Eventually, the blur stopped and faded into the form of Kid Flash.
“Too fast to see, huh Mammoth?” he quipped.
Mammoth attempted to run towards Kid Flash, but he was too dazed at the moment to do so. Just then, he felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to find Nightwing and Batgirl who gave him a double kick to the face, hard enough to almost break his nose. Once again he stumbled backwards. Suddenly, he saw the shapes of a pair of women, one cloaked and one wearing a leather jacket. Raven lifted her hands towards Mammoth’s direction and exclaimed “Azarath Metrion, Zinthos!” and a black blob of energy emerged from them towards Mammoth’s direction. Next to that, Black Canary opened her mouth and let out a sonic soundwave, powerful enough to break glass. The 2 forms of energy launched Mammoth into a pair of telephone poles, causing them to collapse on him. Starfire then swooped in, grabbed a tire and bolted towards Mammoth. She raised the tire and shoved it around Mammoth’s body, trapping him.
“Now stay there!” she exclaimed towards him.
Mammoth collapsed unconscious in the pile of rubble. Panting heavily, Starfire flew to the others who were recovering from their wounds. Beast Boy and Huntress helped Cyborg to his feet as he stumbled for his arm while Raven ran to Wonder Girl’s comatose body and pressed an ear to her chest.
“She’s still breathing,” she confirmed.
Just then, Donna’s eyes awoke and she coughed heavily. “Did we get him?” she asked, dazed. Raven nodded. Wonder Girl smiled and helped herself to her feet, still a little woozy from the punch Mammoth gave her.
“Can you fight?” asked Raven, concerned.
Wonder Girl nodded.
“ Just a few scratches. I’m fine.”
She bent over to grab her lasso and regrouped with the others. “Ok, team. Good job! You all did well!” congratulated Nightwing.
Suddenly, Batgirl wrapped an arm around Nightwing and smiled at him. He blushed. Starfire turned and saw the act.
“You weren’t so bad yourself, cowboy!” said Batgirl.
Nightwing smiled and turned to grab her waist gently. Starfire’s eyes turned green and her fists were clenched so hard, she was surprised her palms didn’t bleed. Green light started to form around her knuckles as she rose in the air. Her teeth were gritted and her senses were blinded. Raising her hand, Starfire threw a green bolt of energy towards Batgirl’s direction, causing her and Nightwing to fall down. The rest of the titans looked up in shock. They didn’t know what to do. Starfire hovered herself towards Batgirl’s direction who was crawling backwards in fear and shock. Her reaction didn’t faze Starfire one bit.
“Starfire, what are you doing?” yelled Cyborg who was still repairing his arm while being supported by Beast Boy.
She didn’t answer. Huntress and Black Canary looked at each other in confusion, while Raven widened her eyes in horror. None of them ever saw Starfire like this. “YOU DON’T DO THAT WITH HIM!” she shouted in anger.
Raising her hand, Starfire allowed a ball of green energy to emerge and prepared it to throw at Batgirl, who was now cowering in fear and shock. Before she had a chance to toss the energy ball, Nightwing got up and ran up in front of Batgirl and faced Starfire.
“Starfire! Stop this! Now!” he shouted as he spread his arms out in defense.
At that moment, Starfire’s sanity started to return. Her pupils returned to her eyes and the green ball of energy started to fade. She looked at the scene in front of her and what she now saw was the man she loves standing in front of her to prevent her from harming what she now saw as a vulnerable scared person, who was afraid of the actions Starfire was taking. She looked behind her and saw Raven holding up an energy shield with her powers, Cyborg lowering his arm cannon, which was set on stun and Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Huntress and Canary standing horrified at what they were seeing: a bitter, jealous, angry girl who nearly killed someone. Starfire released her fist and allowed a tear to run down her face. What have I done? She thought to herself. Looking tearfully at Nightwing who was still shielding Batgirl, Starfire lowered her head in shame.
“I-I’m sorry.” she muttered, before flying away from the scene.
“Starfire, wait!” shouted Nightwing, holding up his arm in urgency.
But it was too late. Starfire was now gone. Nightwing turned and grabbed Batgirl’s arm, helping her to her feet.
“Are you ok?” he asked.
“Yeah. What happened there? Why did she do that?”
Nightwing looked at Batgirl and then back in the sky. In his mind he started to put the pieces together in his head and started to realize the true purpose behind Starfire’s odd behavior during the day. His eyes widened.
“I think I know,” he responded.
He then ran towards his bike and mounted it.
“I’m going to go find Starfire, guys! Interrogate Mammoth until I get back! I’ll meet you at the location.” he told them.
The group nodded, except for Batgirl who ran towards her bike as well.
“I’m coming too!” she told him.
Nightwing froze for a minute and sighed.
“Listen, after this I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
Batgirl looked at him and placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder.
“I can handle it,” she assured him.
Nightwing nodded. There was no point in changing Barbara Gordon’s mind after it was made up. He knew from experience. She too mounted her bike and the two took off after Starfire. Everyone else just stood, shocked and silent at the events that transpired.
“What just happened?” asked Kid Flash.
Beast Boy walked up and put an arm around Wally’s shoulder and explained what he thought.
“Dude, she’s jealous!” he exclaimed.
Kid flash raised his eyebrow in confusion.
“Really?” he asked.
Beast Boy nodded. Cyborg nodded in agreement.
“Yeah, she seemed kind of uptight at the pizza place and she definitely didn’t like the fact that Batgirl was coming with us on this patrol.”
Kid Flash folded his arms. He knew Starfire was in love with Dick but he didn’t realize how clingy she was about the relationship. It was terrifying. After a beat, he frowned.
“What do we do now?” he asked.
He looked at Raven who lifted her arm up and pointed at Mammoth.
“We do what we came here for and let them sort out what they need to mend. Let’s go”

It was about 7:00 at night by the time Starfire had returned to the tower. Feeling guilt and remorse for her actions, she had taken to hiding herself in her’s and Nightwing’s bedroom with the door locked as she lamented her actions. What have I done? She thought to herself. She had almost harmed someone in a jealous rage and now Nightwing might never speak to her again. She was huddled near her bed, crying in sorrow. Looking up she eyed the nearby dresser and saw a photo of the two of them taken a year ago at a local fair. Nightwing had his left hand around her while his right was holding cotton candy and Starfire was secretly giving him bunny ears in the background. Starfire smiled weakly at the memory, but now feared it was in vain after tonight. She huddled up and continued to weep. Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door.
“Starfire! It’s me, Nightwing! I want to talk!” she heard from the other side. Starfire shuddered. This could be the end for her.
“I don’t want to talk!” she shouted as she repositioned herself towards the wall. Suddenly, she heard some metal clanking sounds and heard the door open. Turning, she saw Nightwing standing in the frame and next to him was Batgril holding a loose hairpin in her hand. Shoving it in her pocket she folded her arms and leaned on a nearby wall as Nightwing entered. Distressed, Starfire turned her head away from him. Nightwing kneeled next to the bed and gently lay a hand on her shoulder.
“Starfire. What happened back there” he asked.
She didn’t answer. Nightwing frowned.
“Starfire!” he repeated, his voice now louder.
Starfire turned her head to him, tears running down her face.
“Why? Why didn’t you tell me about her? Why didn’t you tell me you loved another?”
Nightwing stood stunned. He didn’t know what to think. He looked at Batgirl, who also was stunned and then went back to Starfire.
“Wait? Are you mad that I used to date Batgirl?”
She nodded.
“I always thought I was your first one. But apparently you had found love for another. And I was scared you still felt for her. More than me. And now you might as well be together after what I tried to do tonight!” she bawled.
Nightwing grabbed Starfire by the arm gently and helped turn her around. He looked back at Batgirl and nodded at her. She unfolded her arms and entered the room as well. She kneeled down to the ground to comfort Starfire.
“Star, that was a long time ago! Me and Dick broke up years ago. We’re just friends now!”
Nightwing nodded.
“Starfire, look at me,” he demanded.
She turned around and got on her feet. Sucking up her tears, her eyes met with him. “ Starfire. You’ll always be my girl. Just because my ex comes back into my life and I talk to her doesn’t mean I don’t love you or that we aren’t together.”
She sniffled.Smiling weakly, she hugged him tight, her strength tempered to not hurt Nightwing’s back.
“Promise?” she asked.
He returned the hug and gave her a smooch on the side of the head.
“Promise” Nightwing confirmed.
Letting go, she looked towards Batgirl. Starfire rubbed her hand across her nose to cleanse the snot and approached Batgirl.
“Listen, Batgirl. I am so sorry for what I did to you tonight. I hope I did not hurt or scare you too much.”
To her shock Batgirl gave a light hearted laugh, confusing Starfire.
“Hey, kid, it’s no big deal!” she explained, putting her arm on Starfire’s shoulder. “I’ve been through a lot worse. What you did tonight was nothing compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen.”
Starfire gave a weak smile. Gathering her strength, she stuck out a hand in Batgirl’s direction.
“Friends?” she asked.
Batgirl nodded and reciprocated the gesture. The two looked at Nightwing who nodded in approval of their newly found friendship. Suddenly, the titan communicator started to ring and, pulling it out of his pocket, Nightwing pressed it to his ear and talked into it. “What’s up?" he asked. Raven’s voice came through the mic.
“I managed to probe Mammoth’s mind to find where Register, Light and Gizmo had set up shop. The address is 0664, Haney Street! If you're done handling things with Batgirl and Starfire, meet us there!”
“Got it!” replied Nightwing as he put his communicator back in his pocket. Turning to the others, Nightwing folded his arms with a confident smile on his face.
“Are you girls ready?” he asked.
The two looked at each other. They smiled nodding before turning back to Nightwing.
“Good,” he said.
The trio ran out of the room to head to the garage where the bikes were parked, but Starfire stopped in her tracks.
“Wait a minute!” she said.
Nightwing and Batgirl stopped as well and turned to look at Starfire.
“What is it?” asked Nightiwng.
Starfire looked out the window and pointed.
“If Register is to make the concoction in an hour, it would be too slow to ride by bike.” she pointed out.
“We should fly because it would be quicker that way.”
Nightwing and Batgirl looked at each other confused and then back at Starfire.
“Are you sure you can carry us both?” asked Nightwing.
Starfire nodded. Nightwing looked at Batgirl. She smiled in approval. Looking back at Strafire, Nightwing gave her a thumbs up and the trio ran to the roof of the tower. Grabbing their waists with both of her hands, Stafire launched herself from the tower and soared into the night, carrying her friends to find Register and Light’s headquarters.

Raven could feel her powers straining. Using them to lift someone as big as Mammoth was really a burden on one’s physical well being. She had been using her powers to levitate Mammoth’s massive form while accompanying her friends to find Light and Register’s hideout. When they finally approached the building, Raven groaned with relief as she lowered Mammoth’s massive body to the ground. She landed and regrouped with Cyborg who was exiting his car, followed by Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Canary and Huntress.
“Next time, how about one of you help lift our 250 pound source?” asked Raven in an annoyed tone.
Cyborg nodded, then turned to Mammoth.
“Is this the place?” he asked.
Mammoth begrudgingly nodded as he tried his best to escape from the tire that was magically enhanced by Raven to prevent him from escaping its grasp. The group walked to the door of the lab, approaching extremely cautiously. Beast Boy grabbed the door handle and tugged on it, but suddenly, a large explosion occurred, knocking Beast Boy and his friends back. He heaved himself off the ground and looked around to see the others getting up as well. Looking toward the door, Beast Boy saw Gizmo holding a blowtorch and Dr Light, with his gauntlets raised in the air, standing in front of the destroyed opening of the lab.
“What’s this?” asked Gizmo sarcastically.
“A group of trespassers? I say it’s time to call the neighborhood watch on them. What do you say, Light?”
Light smiled evilly and let out an array of yellow energy towards their prey. Reacting quickly, Raven flew up in front of the light and casted a shield that caused the yellow energy to bounce off and deflect in opposite directions. Light frowned. Pumping up his energy, he spewed another bolt of energy from his gauntlet in Raven’s direction. In return, Raven blasted her own bolt of energy at Light's causing the two beams to collide.
“Keep going!” she shouted to the other Titans.
“I got this!”
Cyborg nodded and charged towards Gizmo’s direction. Beast Boy and Wonder Girl followed suit while Kid Flash, Canary and Huntress stayed by Mammoth to make sure he didn’t escape. As they charged, a loud noise was heard and the group stopped suddenly. Looking up, they saw a purple lizard-like creature emerge from the building’s roof through a hole made in the ceiling and the creature leaped quickly onto another row of buildings.
“It’s Register!” shouted Beast Boy.
“I’ll get him!”.
He turned himself into a gorilla and leaped onto the building. Cyborg gave Beast Boy a thumbs up and charged towards Gizmo. Gizmo lifted the blowtorch and shot a blast of flames in Wonder Girl’s direction, since she had run closer to him than Cyborg. Cyborg gasped and jumped towards Donna’s way, shoving her to the ground and allowing the flames to attach to his body. Donna looked up and saw Cyborg rolling on the ground and panicking.
“Help! Put it out!” he shouted in fear.
Donna looked to see Gizmo aim his blowtorch toward Cyborg as she picked herself off the ground.
“Vic!” she shouted in fear.
Grabbing her lasso, she threw it around Gizmo, tying him up and pulled him towards her allowing her to punch Gizmo unconscious to the ground. She ran towards his side and flew in a circle to put out the fire. After it was out, Cyborg looked like his circuitry had gone through a toaster as wires were loose and sparks were flying in various places. Finding an area on his body that wasn’t burning, she lifted him from his back side close to her face.
“You ok?” she asked.
“I think so,” said Cyborg, winded.
“I'm going to need some help getting this repaired. Something like this ain’t a one man job.”
She smiled and helped him to his car. Meanwhile, Light and Raven’s power clash was starting to fail, as both combatants started looking weak. Eventually a massive boom of light emerged and the bodies of Light and Raven were bolted in opposite directions. Before Raven’s weakened body could hit the pavement, Kid Flash swooped in and caught Raven in her hands gently.
“I got ya!” he told her.
He then stopped near Cyborg’s car where Wonder was at, trying to help Cyborg into it as Kid Flash rested Raven’s body in the backseat.
“Her too?” Wonder Girl asked surprised.
Kid flash nodded. Setting her in the back seat, Kid Flash shut the door quickly as Cyborg, with his unburned arm, grabbed the wheel. Canary and Huntress, abandoning the tied up Mammoth, ran over to see how their comrade’s injuries were.
“Are they ok?” asked Huntress.
Donna nodded and grabbed Cyborg’s hand before he could turn on the engine.
“Don’t drive yet. We need to make sure you're not going to blow a gasket.”
Cyborg coughed and unbuckled his seatbelt.
“I’m taking myself and Raven back to the tower to heal. We’ll be fine.” he assured her.
Donna thought about it for a moment before closing her head and nodding her head in agreement.
“Just don’t explode on the way there” she advised.
Cyborg smiled. Pushing the breaks, he sped off in the car into the night, leaving Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Huntress and Canary alone in the front of the lab. Kid Flash then heard a grunting sound behind him. Turning around, he saw Dr Light scramble to his feet, breathing heavily from combat exertion. Before he could warn the others, Light lifted his gauntlet and caused a big ball of light to emerge, blinding the group. They threw their arms over their heads to cover their eyes from the light, until it finally faded away. Lowering their arms, the group saw Light and Gizmo missing from the spots they were in. Kid Flash looked behind and saw 2 pieces of ripped tire on the ground and Mammoth missing.
“Darn it!” he exclaimed.

Starfire continued to fly through the air, holding her beloved and her new friend tightly in her arms. She was now at peace knowing she could mend the wounds of the night and be able to get along with Batgirl. They were nearly to the lab where the address led, when suddenly, Nightwing noticed something. “Look!” he shouted, pointing his finger down below. Starfire tilted her head and she noticed what looked like a giant green gorilla fighting a giant purple lizard on a rooftop in mortal combat.
“It’s Beast Boy!” she shouted.
Descending, Starfire made her way to the rooftop, gently dropping off Nightwing and Batgirl onto the roof. Unfortunately, it looked like it was too late, as Register gave a heavy punch to Beast Boy’s transformed face, knocking him to the ground. Register turned to face his new foes as they ran to Beast Boy’s beaten side.
“It's too late!” he shouted.
“The formula is nearly complete! I’ll have it ready for Slade and he will destroy all of you!”
As Beast Boy slowly returned to his normal form, Nightwing looked around at Register and noticed a container strapped to his side, with a vial of orange liquid with a timer attached to it ticking down from a minute and 40 seconds. Nightwing smiled. There was still time. He whipped out his escrima and launched himself at Register who was now turning into a kangaroo. Register lifted his legs in front of Nightwing’s chest, allowing him to propel him into the edge of the building, back first. He slumped down to the ground, hurt and winded, his breath exhausted. Register launched himself from the building and landed on another condo, roaring into the night. Starfire, lifting Beast Boy’s body over her shoulder, ran to Nightwing’s side, followed by Batgirl, who lifted Nightwing to his feet. He almost limped forward, but was able to steady himself enough to keep his balance. Batgirl placed her arms gently on Nightwing’s back and chest to help keep him standing. “Dick, take Beast Boy. We’ll handle this from here,” she assured him. Nightwing looked weakly at Starfire. She winked at him, assuring that things would be ok. He dug into his belt buckle and pulled out a grappling hook. Aiming it in the air, 2 hooks shot from either end, one onto a chimney on the roof and the other onto the pavement below. Heaving Beast Boy on his shoulder, Nightwing zipped down the rope onto the ground and quickly mounted his bike, driving off into the night. Starfire looked at Batgirl.
“You ready?” Batgirl grinned, confidently.
“Born ready.” Starfire cupped Batgirl’s waist and flew towards the escaping Register’s direction.
They flew a few blocks over until they finally found Register, still in his Kangaroo form jumping from building to building. Eventually, finding the right position, Starfire released Batgirl into his direction and Batgirl landed a massive kick towards the shapeshifter’s face. Register fell to the ground and turned quickly back to his normal form. Batgirl took a tuck and rolled to the ground to regain her footing while Starfire slowly lowered herself to the ground. The two braced themselves into fight poses as Register got to his feet. “Well, well,” he gloated.
“The final two! Ready to join your friends in the E.R?”
“Ain’t going to happen, buddy!” retorted Batgirl.
Pulling out a batarang, she tossed towards Register's direction as fast as she could. Register turned himself into a yeti like creature and grabbed the batarang with his right hand and gave an evil smile. Before he could do anything, the batarang split apart allowing a green gas to spray all around Register’s face, blinding him. Coughing, Register blindly waved his hands through the fog, to be met by Starfire launching herself onto him knocking Register to the ground. She wrapped her arms around his neck, putting him in a headlock, and held him down with all her might. Batgirl, following suit, launched herself towards the device on Register’s waist, but he used his legs to keep her back. Register kicked Batgirl back to the ground and, after getting up, thrusted Starfire from his neck and gave her a quick punch to the ground. Getting to their feet, Starfire and Batgirl both charged towards Register at the same time, hoping to tackle him to the ground. They grabbed onto his arms and tugged on them hard. Register held his stance to the ground pretty well, but was partially being dragged down on Starfire’s end due to her increased strength. Eventually, Starfire dragged Register’s face towards her and gave it a swift punch to the nose, causing Register to stumble backwards in pain. Starting to win, Starfire and Batgirl gave each other a confident smile and each gave another punch towards Register, once again knocking backwards the purple Yeti man. Finally, the 2 girls launched themselves into the air and gave Register a pair of good karate kicks to his face, knocking him towards the ledge of the building. Before Register fell off, he grabbed Batgirl’s cape and dragged her down with him off the ledge. Panicking, Starfire ran towards the ledge as fast as she could and saw 2 things: Register turning into a bat and flying away with the serum and Batgirl falling to her death. Starfire looked back and forth quickly at Register and Batgirl before making a final decision. Vaulting the ledge, she flew down as fast as she could and quickly scooped up Batgirl’s falling body with her hands before hovering back onto the rooftop. Putting Batgirl down, the 2 looked into the sky as Register flew away. Panting heavily, Batgirl turned to Starfire, weakly smiling as she internally recovered from the near death experience.
“Hey, uh, thanks for getting me back there.”
Starfire’s eyes met hers and gave a big grin.
“You are sincerely welcome. Babs!” she replied.
The 2 then started to laugh for a moment until Starfire realized what she had sacrificed.
“But.. but we lost the serum. Register will give it to Slade.”
Batgirl rested a hand on Starfire’s shoulder out of comfort.
“Hey, you did your best. The battle still isn’t over.” Starfire smiled before looking into the night again.

Starfire flew Batgirl home shortly after the encounter with Register. She would have gone after him but at this point, he was too far gone. They arrived halfway towards midnight and were greeted by their teammates. Starfire had worried Nightwing would be mad that they failed to catch Register and the canister, but luckily, he was just glad they made it back safe and alive. Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven were healed from their minor injuries and joined their teammates in the garage as they said goodbye to the Birds of Prey who were packing up to head back to Gotham. Kid Flash warmly embraced Black Canary for their talk earlier and Huntress shook hands with Cyborg and Beast Boy before the 2 mounted their bikes. Batgirl meanwhile, was in the middle of saying her goodbyes to Nightwing. “Are you sure you can’t stay for another day?” he asked. Batgirl smiled. “I wish, but we got things going on in Gotham that not even Bruce can handle.” she responded. The mention of his old mentor caused Nightwing to unfocus his eyes in deep, painful thought. Batgirl noticed and placed her hand on her old friend’s shoulder. “If you want, I could tell him you said hi” she offered. Nightwing sighed. As much as he would like to mend old wounds, he decided now wasn’t the time. “No thanks. I think it's better we leave things be. Me and him.” She nodded and embraced him tightly in her arms. As much as Barbara wanted her two friends to reunite, she knew that it was best to respect her friend’s wish. Releasing him, she finally turned to Starfire who stood with a weak but hopeful smile on her face. Batgirl felt welcomed by her expression as opposed to Starfire’s earlier behavior that day. They could now be friends. Batgirl smiled back at Starfire. “It was very nice to meet you, Starfire. You are an incredible person and fighter.” She then held out her hand towards Starfire for a handshake. Instead Starfire quickly wrapped her hands around Batgirl, in a soft but affectionate way. Taken aback, Batgirl returned the favor, knowing their relationship was mended. They released each other and Batgirl proceeded to mount her bike. Before she took off, she gave Nightwing one last look and told him “Treat this one good for me, Nightwing!”. He chuckled and waved as she and her crew took off into the night.

The end.
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