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Chapter 10.

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Cloe and Gerard are a little more cautious with the people around them. Murder surrounds everyone.

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Cloe woke up once again, in Gerards arms. Her head hurt, she noticed that her legs were cut and bruised. She had no memory of what happened last night.

As for Gerard. He was afraid to let go. He didn't want to lose his love. He remembered everything that happened. All night he was getting threatnin phone calls, like give me the girl and you wont die...another one was I wont hurt you but someones going to die.

"Gerard?" Cloe asked.

He remained silent.

"What happened?"

"You don't want to remember..." Gerard got out of bed. He was still in his clothes from yesterday.

"Something bad...thats why I'm like this..."

"Yeah. Lets not worry about it."

A few hours later everyone decided to hang out.

Melody was quiet.

"He was threatning you?" Jazz asked. "You have to call the cops! Unless you want to die!"

"He said if we call the cops, we die." Gerard said.

"I'll call then!" Ray said.

"No, he said someone is going to die. I don't want any of you hurt."

"Nobodys going to call anybody. The police'll find out sooner or later." Cloe said. "I don't want anybody to die! I just..." Cloe trailed off.

"She's right." Melody finally spoke. "Nobody calls, nobody gets hurt."

"So ms.quiet finally speaks." Ray said.

"I thought it was the right time."

"Well, I think she's right. We should just leave it alone."


The next day...

Cloe heard knocking on her door. Come in.

Gerard ran in. "Come on! Jazz was just found half dead in a field!!"

Cloe followed Gerard to the hospital.

They tried to go in her room.

The doctor stopped them.

"They're taking the body out." He said.

"What?" Gerard asked.

"She's dead...I'm sorry."

Gerard looked at Cloe who looked at Gerard.

"She's dead..."
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