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Chapter 11.

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Cloe trys to cope with Jazz's death...As for Ray...You know. Melody acts weird and Gerard is suspisous.

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Before I being I am happy to announce my Frankie and Carla sims had a boy!!!! I named him Ryan. Well, they named him Ryan. :D But I am seriously pissed off today.

Soundtrack to my day: (I Hate) Everything About You by Three Days Grace. But I gots a I feel special.

Nuff with my talking-Chapter 11.

Gerard and Cloe were still in the waiting room.

"Did a girl named Melody come in?" Gerard asked.

"What did she look like?"

"She has brown eyes. She's gothic looking..."

"No...I'm sorry. A girl named Melody did call was just to make sure she was dead..."

Cloe's eyes widened. She turned to Gerard. "You really think....I mean...Melody is her best friend..."

"I don't is weird."

The doctor left.

Cloe and Gerard sat down. They were was one of those awkward silences.

Ray ran in. "Where's Jazz? IS she okay?" He asked.

Cloe looked at Ray. She started crying. She buired her head in Gerard's shoulder.

"Thats not good..."

"Not really. She was stabbed...she died. They took her body out a few minutes ago." Gerard said trying to keep his cool.

"You serious?" He asked.

"Sorry is."

"Oh...I umm...bye." Ray walked out.


The next day...

Gerard, Ray, Cloe and Melody were sitting at their special spot.

Ray was silent the whole time. Melody rarely spoke, Cloe talked..but in a silent tone...and Gerard was trying to figure out the mystery.

Get this! Gerard in a 40's detective outfit...I crack myself up!

"I can't beleive she's dead..." Cloe whispered.

"I can..." Melody mumbled.

"What?" Gerard asked. "I can't understand when you mumble."


"Do you know who did this?" Cloe asked.

"How would I know?!" Gerard said. "I mean...I was with you the whole time."


"What about you Melody?"

"I was helping Constantine with his homework!"

Cloe immedietly burst into tears. "How can you help him?!"

" were there on halloween.." Gerard said.

"He really needs me...he's kinda sweet."

Cloe looked at Melody. She ran away.

"Cloe!" Gerard yelled. "Look what you've done! Go away. WE don't want you here." Gerard said. He then ran off for her.

Ray just walked away.
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