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Chapter 12.

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This might be a really depressing trys to coax Cloe out of her depression...

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Okay..Up date. I'm not doin so good in school so I might not have another chapter in a long time...I'm also depressed...So on with chap 12...

Oh and I no 2 of my very good friends are reading this. So...I'd like to thank my 2 very good friends....I don't why but..yeah. They've been reading and I'm glad they're into it. So thanks would be nice...IF YOU LEFT A FRIGGEN REVIEW! Okay...chapter..
Gerard was too late. When he reached her room, the door was already locked.

"Cloe, let me in!" Gerard said. "She's gone...she's hopefully not coming back."

There was no answer. "Cloe...please?"

'I need a key....' He thought.

He ran to the dorm inspector.

"How may I help you?" She asked.

"I need a key to...Cloe Armstrongs room! It's urgent!"

"Here you go." She held out a key.

Without hesitation he snatched the key from her hand and ran back.

He opened the one was inside. He noticed the window was open.

"Crap Cloe! Come on!" He found a note...he read it outloud. "Dear Gerard, You know I love you...and I always will. This world isn't perfect and never will be. Thats my problem...Too many problems.
Don't forget, Cloe."

Gerard stared at the paper...he looked out the window...He didn't see her body.

"Come on? If you're not there..."

He noticed the bathroom light was on. "NO!"

He ran and opened the door.

And there she was. Lying on the floor. Bleeding.

Gerard kneeled next to her. Her mouth was all cut up and so were her arms.

"I'm too late..." Gerard whispered. "She's gone."

He staired at her for a good 5 minutes...he noticed she was still breathing.

"Thank you!" He ran out of he bathroom to the phone. He called 911.


Cloe opened her hesitantly opened her eyes.

'I'm dead, I'm dead' She thought. 'I'm not coming back...please make me dead.'

"What-where am I?" She asked.

"Cloe?" She heard a voice say. "Gerard! She's awake."

She looked around the room. She saw Ray standing next to the bed and Gerard was walking in the room.

"You okay?" Ray asked.

"I..I think so." She looked in the mirror next the bed. Her face was all bandaged up.

"She's not gonna bite, Mikey..." She heard Gerard say.

"I know, I just hate seeing people like this."

"You didn't even see her."

Gerard pushed a blonde haired kid with glasses into the room. "Hey," Gerard said. "How are you feeling?"

"Good, I guess..."

"Uhh..this is my little brother Mikey."

Mikey smiled. "Hey."

"Hey. How long have I been here?" She asked.

"A couple of hours. About...4." Gerard said.

"Yeah but you've been passed out for 5." Ray added.


She coughed. "Oh..."

Gerard walked over the the bed. "I'm glad your okay. I got your note scared the crap outta me. I thought you were gone..and never coming back."

"I thought so too."

They began to kiss.

"Do I have to stay for this?" Mikey asked.

"No we don't. Lets go." Ray and Mikey walked out.

Gerard and Cloe laughed.

They continued kissing.

Okay..end of chapter. I've been wanting to say this all day LONG!

"Let's do it for Johnny, man. We gotta do it for Johnny!"

I'm sorry, I was watching The Outsiders and that part made me lose self control and LAUGH MY ASS OFF!

So...yeah. Byeas and see YOU next chapter.
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