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Chapter 13.

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I AM SOOOOO HAPPY! But this is a kinda sad chapter...oh well. WEEE!!!

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Soundtrack to my day-"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" by REN & STIMPY!

The next months seemed to pass by. Everyday Cloe and Gerard got closer, and closer, and more lovey. KISSY Ray got a new girl friend but evey month he visits Jazz's tombstone, along with Cloe and Gerard who visit every HOLIDAY! Melody didn't seem to give a damn about anything. She was never at class...hung out with Ray, Gerard and Cloe twice a month and was never at her dorm. The "gang" forgot what she looked like...but in Febuary..could never forget.

It was 3 hours before the Valentines Day dance. They were supposed to meet up at the tombstone. Everyone arrived. First Ray was there...

Ray standing in front of "Jazz". It was snowing and freakin freezing.

Gerard and Cloe then arrived...hand in hand.

"Hey." Gerard said.

"Hey...did any of you see Melody...she was supposed to be here 5 minutes before I was." Ray replied.

"I got a call from her before but...It wasn't about this." Cloe said.

"Oh..." Ray looked at the floor. "Damn it's cold."

"You can say that again...My head feels like it's going to fall off..."

"Oh really? You try being in a freakin' dress. Then talk to me about cold."

"Hey guys." Melody said all of a sudden walking thru' the cemetery gates.

"Melody?" Cloe asked. Gerard and Ray were speechless.

Melody had black hair with red at the bottom looking like flames. She had a leather jacket on with a bunch of chains hanging off of it. She had..really tight pants on and spiked cleets. Metal spiked. She had on black makeup on...and earings that were...spiked.

"The one and only!" She said.

"Uhhhh...did you bring the flowers?"

"Yeah." She showed everyone a black rose..with red dye.

Everyone gave the deer in the headlights look.

"What? It's a flower!"

"It's a freakin' black flower with red dye. That's not right."

Gerard, Ray and Cloe left.

"Wonder what I did..."

At the dance everyone was dancin' and prancin and movin to the groovin. Okay..sorry. But they were.


Gerard and Cloe were on the dance floor. Her armns around his neck and..his should know I'm kidding. Around the waste. IT'S SO FRICKEN ADORIBLE!!!

"You enjoying the dance so far?" Gerard asked.

"How could I not..."

They started to kiss. They were inturupted by a piece of paper flying into their kissy spot. They read it.
"I smell Romance. :D"

Gerard threw the paper back at Ray. And then Gerard and Cloe kissed. FINALLY!

Kissing leads to the dorm, which leads to the bed...which must mean. Cotton Candy! know. Sex. Gags I hate saying that word.
See ya'll next chapter.
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