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Chapter 14.

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Okay. I couldn't wait till the next chapter.

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It was the next day and Cloe was in her room She got a call.


"Hey sweetie. It's your mom!"

"Hey mom."

"So...hows college treatin ya?"

"Great! I love it! Better than my last one."

"Thats great to hear...Any boys?"

"Yeah..I have a boyfriend."


"His name is Gerard Way. He's the same age as me."

"Did you kiss?"


"Thats all right?"


"Uhhhh...please don't tell me..."

"Mom, lisen."

"You did!"


"Don't expect to be welcome when you come here for winter vacation!"

"Maybe I won't!"



She hung up. Cloe sunk to the floor and started crying.
One week later.

"You going to your parents house tomorrow?" Gerard asked.

"No." Cloe said.

"Why not? They're your parents..." Ray asked.

"No reason. My parents are in..uh...California and I don't want to ride in the plane alone."

"You gonna be okay alone?" Gerard asked.

"Of course. I'll be here."

The next day Cloe woke up being alone. She had a really bad headache.

She took 2 asprins, but they didn't seem to help.

"I feel like crap..." She said to herself. She took her temperature but...she was perfectly normal.

Then it stuck. She was listening to her radio when she all of a sudden..threw up.

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

That afternoon. She couldnt take it anymore...she went to the doctors.

"How old are you Cloe?" The doctor asked.

"I'm 19."

"Thats not good..."

"Am I dying?"

"Far from it sweetie...."


"You're parents might be concerned..."

"Please just tell me."

"'re pregnant..."
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