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Stunt Dawgs Last Hurrah

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The wedding of Needham and Sizzle has some obstacles in the way.

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Richard T. Fungus was declared dead at 1:00 am. So does this mean his minions are still around?

Needham was up earlier than usually. He was super excited. After all, today was his wedding day!
Needham danced through the room, sang a little bit and couldn't wait until the evening.
Oh, how excited Needham was! Today, he would finally be married to Sizzle and his best men were Skidd and Splat!

Crash tried to find a priest for their wedding, when he came up unsuccessful, he decided to be the priest, now that he remembered his uncle was one.

Of course for this day, Needham had chosen the best wedding cake. The best of everything! The best wedding catering. And invited all his friends to come. Skidd and Splat themselves were also up early in the morning, doing their morning stretches and excercise so they'd look nice and buff in their suits.

Needham was trying out his wedding tux in front of the mirror There had been a mixup at the dresser but Skidd and Splat thought it was kind of funny so they went along with it.

But of course, most importantly of all: Needham couldn't wait until the actual night. Needham felt there had to be at least one thing Skidd and Splat should only discover on his and Sizzle's wedding night! Oh, how excited Needham was to finally share that final bit with Skidd and Splat! What was it exactly, once he and Sizzle were married, they were never going to be Stunt Dawgs again. He also reminded himself to tell everyone that Richard T Fungus was dead.

The day was coming along nice. Needham received lots of compliments for his tux. Skidd and Splat looked fabulous in their suits. Needham's muscles nicely toned thanks to the suit being of just the right tightness. Needham loved watching his girlfriend soon to be wife Sizzle. Those sweet lips of hers touching the wine glass, soaking them up in the red liquid of the wine. Those lips he could kiss all night long.

And those hands, Needham looked at it. Unknowingly as someone else was talking to Needham while he did so. Skidd and Splat's hands were so full with power. Needham and Sizzle allowed their friends Skidd and Splat to cut the cake into slices. When Sizzle saw them cutting the cake, she thought her hands would be soon on Needham's chest.

There was a speech or two. Proclaiming that there had never been such a perfect couple as Needham and Sizzle. That the universe had never seen such love. And everyone cheered and rejoiced. And there were flower petals and rice raining down on them and there were songs being sang in their names.

Or so it should be. Because when Needham stood there at the altar about to give his word to Sizzle. Suddenly! An Explosion!

And from the smoke arised no one else but Airball and Half-A-Mind!

"We're here to put a stop to your wedding!" Airball implied! "If you guys have half a mind, try to stop us!" Half-A-Mind laughs.

Airball and Half-A-Mind stood on top of the rubble while from everywhere the explosion came from. They tied up all the wedding guests (and Crash, who had been the priest, too!).

"I knew something was up," Sizzle said. Splat says, "You sounded way too happy last time we spat insults at each other." Crash joins in yelling at Airball and Half-A-Mind and said as he walked down from the rubble into the wedding area. "Of course, there was also this."

He took out a paper and folded it into an aeroplane. Then he fired it at Needham.

Needham opened it up and saw... it was the death certificate of Richard T Fungus.
Airball and Half-A-Mind laughed loudly, "That's your wedding invitation! Oh yeah, you were willing to invite Richard T Fungus but not us!" "Your beloved boss Richard T Fungus is dead! You both should've went down with him! Besides, this is his death certificate you numbskulls!" Needham says.

"Is that true?" asked Sizzle. "Yes I was going to tell you after we got hitched." Needham told Sizzle.

"We hold you responsible for his death!" Airball laughs. "What better way to get revenge on you Stunt Dawgs as to destroy this pathetic event you call a wedding!" Half-A-Mind cackled.

Needham knew that Airball and Half-A-Mind could be powerful. They wanted to stop the wedding, they had been taking orders from Richard T Fungus for years and years. Even after his death. But Needham didn't know that he and Sizzle could have defeated Richard T long as she had enough motivation!

"HAHAHAHAAHA", Airball laughed. "Now to exact my plan!" Because not only will I stop your wedding, I will make your wedding IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Half-A-Mind and Airball took Crash and shoved him forward. They did the same thing with Skidd and Splat.

Airball and Half-A-Mind and took Needham's and Sizzle's hands. "Now, Crash, you shall not wed these 2! Otherwise I will kill all you love! And if you, Needham try to stop me....I will ressurrect Richard T Fungus!"

Needham felt like he was kicked in the stomach. What an impossible choice! Needham thought. Give up the love of Needham's life or save the world from Richard T Fungus. It was almost as if fate or God set everything in motion to torture Needham!

But long Needham didn't have to be in agony. Because Needham had a plan!

"Uuuurgh," Needham said, putting up his most bored voice, "Well, I didn't really want to marry anyway, I just said that to rile you up."

"What?!" said Airball in utter disbelieve. "We planned this wedding and now you don't want to go through with it?" Sizzle asks.

"Yeaaah, I rather unsure if Richard T Fungus was really dead, you know that thing. I had absoluetly no idea his Half-A-Mind and Airball were still around. That I decided that I was going to marry Sizzle so we could live a quiet life and retire from being Stunt Dawgs."

And then, then Needham thought of the one thing that would make his ruse even better.

"Because T really", said Needham, I love you."

Sizzle stood there baffled. Splat, Skidd, Crash, Airball, and Half-A-Mind looked all baffled at what to do now.

"Y... you mean that?" said Sizzle.

"This wedding will be stopped!" Airball and Half-A-Mind both said and in that unguarded moment they knocked Sizzle unconscious.

"Haha, you didn't expect that to happen, hey witch?!" Half-A-Mind and Airball yelled loudly. "Ready Stunt Dawgs! Let's take these guys down one last time!" orderes Needham Then, Needham, Sizzle, Crash, Skidd, and and Splat all turned to Airball and Half-A-Mind.

Needham and Sizzle went on their monster truck, Splat on his helicopter, Skidd on his motorcycle, and Crash on his rocket car.

Together, they all chased Half-A-Mind and Airball out of the church until they ran them over like roadkill with tire marks.

And afterwards, when the police came and arrested Airball and Half-A-Mind, the wedding continued.

"Hey, wait a minute, will we have to go our separate ways now that we won't be chasing Richard T Fungus anymore?" Crash asked.

"Now we will always be together." Needham said. "Exactly." said Sizzle. "We'll just find some new villains to chase around." said Splat. "That's right! Whoever tries to mess with us!" agrees Skidd.

"Okay! Let's get this wedding started! But first, Stunt Dawgs forever! Once a Stunt Dawg! Always a Stunt Dawg!" Crash says!

And as Needham predicted. Crash who was the priest married Needham and Sizzle. They were now husband and wife. They decided as long as Richard T. Fungus is around, they will never retire from being Stunt Dawgs.

Although, deeply, somewhere... Needham felt a little doubt over his proclaimation of love towards Sizzle. Maybe there was a core of truth in it. Maybe their love was nothing more than going on all those adventures together. Non-the less. Now it was too late. Sizzle was Needham's life partner now. Although... maybe... when Sizzle and Needham went on their honeymoon. There will be a new danger awaiting them along the way.

No matter what, it was like one door was closing for Needham, Sizzle, Crash, Skidd, and Splat, and another chapter was going to open in their lives.

The lives of the Stunt Dawgs. Where new adventures will await!
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