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If you think about it...

love can either distroy us or created us. It can make us weaker...or stronger. We decide.

To tell our feelings, and put them on a line for someone else...or not, we decide. It's our choice. But we'll never know unless we try.

Will Julius and Delilah ever get their feelings out? They both care for each other. And probley deep down they both know. But they're probley scared of ruining their relationship. As for will it happen...we have to watch if they stop the REPEATS.

For people who have loved...or shared a specail relationship, you're lucky. For some people...never haved loved someone as much as that. Or, maybe they only wished to have that. Or maybe they were hurt, broken hearted...waiting for their heart to heal. But like I never know unless you try. As for isn't for me. But that's ok. For I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Love is specail. It's giving your heart out, putting out everything. But it's worth it. For it makes us whole.

And there's always that specail someone...even if it isn't boyfriend/girlfriend. Just don't be blind to it.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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