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Undone Message In Bojack Horseman

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A hidden message about the Amazon series Undone in the adult cartoon Bojack Horseman. A creepypasta. This will not be a script form.

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Something I wanted to write to hold me over before I begin my next fanfic. This is also my first try at a Creepypasta! There will be the usual hyper realistic cliches and disturbing things that a creepypasta can do. However, no gory deaths or unnerving endings.

Bojack Horseman and Undone

Creepypasta Title:

Undone Message In Bojack Horseman

by: Trenton Sands

Got back from work late one day. The phone rang. My girlfriend was on the other end. She asked me to watch this new adult animated series aptly titled "Undone". From Amazon. It was from the creator of Bojack Horseman Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy. (whoever she is). It was about this woman named Alma who was trying to find a missing link of some sorts.

Alma was on this ultimate quest to find out what happened to her father. It was a mix of comedy, drama, psychological thriller, mystery and fantasy all rolled into one. The animation was in rotoscope meaning it looked a lot like that Keanu Reeves movie A Scanner Darkly. I watched a few episodes on the Amazon Streaming Service I had, and I was not impressed with what I saw.

Being a Bojack Horseman fan, it made me miss the series after it ended. Even stopped watching Bojack halfway though season 4 because I was so upset about hearing that is was soon ending. After watching Undone, I began to lose a lot of respect for Raphael Bob-Waksberg. As I was watching, I saw that Alma obtained this superpower by using time as an ability to find out the truth about her father. Three episodes in and that's when I didn't want to see anymore. So, I had enough.

Calling my girlfriend, I told her I watched the series and I hated it. What was Raphael Bob-Waksberg thinking? Why couldn't he make a Mr. Peanutbutter spin off instead? My girlfriend respected my opinion and suggested that I watch Bojack Horseman season 4. What I didn't realize was that I was in for a terrible shock.

Going on Netflix. Browsing through the TV Menu, I was searching for Bojack Horseman. Finally found it. However the episode listings were the same all except for one. An episode of season 4 titled "Episode See Mr. Peanutbutter Run Part X." It was directly right under the episode See Mr. Peanutbutter Run". Hmm, I thought, is this a sequel to the episode? Which was the season 4 premiere.

I clicked on the episode See Mr. Peanutbutter Run Part X, out of curiousity. The episode started with just the opening credits and no cold opening. Something was odd about these opening credits, the color was in reverse. Bojack's head was blue, and his shirt was brown.

The credits ended and onto the episode. It left off from where See Mr. Peanutbutter Run had ended. It showed him with his wife Diane, and lots of news reporters were surrounding Mr. Peanutbutter. Then it cut to a scene where Bojack Horseman was in his Grandparents house in upper Michigan crying his eyes out.

Bojack's cries sounded very realistic and sounded like a person crying from many rooms away. Then it cuts back to Mr. Peanutbutter as he was going to do an interview, Todd Chavez comes to the screen in front of Mr. Peanutbutter and throws up profusely. The vomit was projectile popcorn and green blood! Yes you heard right, green blood! From when Todd was flying away on those drones eating popcorn. Todd fainted and his face turned a tinted pink color. Todd was ignored by all the news reporters surrounding Mr> Peautbutter.

Todd laid in misery. He eyes looked hyper realistic like he truly was in pain. Nobody cared to tried to help Todd at all. That upset me being the Bojack fan that I am. "Why isn't anyone trying to help Todd!" I screamed at the TV.

When I was trying to watch the episode, the phone rang. It was my girlfriend again. For some reason the screen froze showing Bojack looking out the window looking as if he was staring into space. Bojack in this freeze frame didn't look animated. He looked more like he was in a Théodore Géricault painting.

While on the phone, She asked me what I was doing. Telling her the truth I told her I was watching Bojack Horseman to finish the series. She asks me on the phone what episode I was watching. What I told her was a missing sequel to the See Mr. Peanutbutter Run episode. She could not believe it, then she asks, "by any chance is it called Part X? I answered YES!

My girlfriend on the other end delivered a horrified gasp that terrified me too. I ask her, why did she react like that. She says that she's seen the episode and tells me to stop watching See Mr. Peanutbutter Run Part X as soon as possible. I asked her what is the reason you want me to stop watching.

Then she answers, it's at the 3:50 mark. I ask, what's on the 3:50 mark?

You don't want to know. Then she hung up.

The episode played normally again, it was finally at the 3:50 mark. That's when things began to get extremely horrifying. The episode froze AGAIN! This time, once the episode froze, it showed Mr. Peanutbutter up close.

There was a dog panting sound. Then Mr Peanutbutter's eyes got purple, then red then Mr. Peanutbutter's eyes were beginning to have these black bold symbols cross both his eyes. It went on and on like an endless marquee.

The symbols looked like Morse Code. Thankfully, I learned Morse Code when I was in the Navy a while back.

That's when I decided to decipher the message of what it was saying. When I finally cracked the code, it said this backwards:


WHAT THE HELL! Then I realized the message was backwards like it was from Satan himself. Then I put a mirror to the message and it reads, "UNDONE IS SHIT!"

I laughed. Scary and funny both at the same time. I laughed although my heart was pounding like hell. Agreed with it. Bojack Horseman was the better show, it should've had more seasons. Undone was indeed a pile of shit.

When I went back to watching the episode, another strange thing happened. When I pressed play on my TV Device, it took me back to the Bojack Horseman episode menu screen. Then the See Mr. Peanutbutter Run Part X was completely gone. Vanished without a trace. Like it never existed to begin with.

FUCK! I hollored out wanting to see what was going to become of Bojack, Todd, and Mr. Peanutbutter. Yes, even Diane although I never cared for her.

Once again, the whole TV went black. Thought there was a power outage. It came back on after a few seconds. Then I decided to try to watch another Bojack Horseman episode. The episode menu was back.

I clicked on the episode, "The Old Sugarman Place". Instead of the episode playing. The screen was gray, then white, then black. Once the screen came on, instead of the episode there was this drawing of Bojack Horseman and Mr. Peanutbutter.

Both characters were drawn perfectly, and the colors were a tad messy like they've been colored outside the lines.

On this drawing of Bojack Horseman and Mr. Peanutbutter. They were holding a white sign over their head as if they were at a protest rally. What did the sign say?

You guessed it, "UNDONE IS SHIT!" It made me wonder if someone from the Bojack Horseman storyboard put that in to poke fun at Raphael Bob-Waksberg for creating such a shitty ass show in the first place. If it was, I salute that man.

Though I may never know how that subliminal message came from or who did such a thing or why. I asked my friends who too are Bojack Horseman fans if they've seen the 'missing sequel' they confessed that they did too! Had the same experience I had. So, my friends and I went to our local cable company and we told them about the missing sequel to See Mr. Peanubutter Run Part X, and they told us they were aware of the problem.

People who subscribed to the cable company from my hometown, had received many complaints over the phone about the 'missing sequel' Bojack Horseman episode.

So my friends and I decided to switch to another cable service. The manager said that one of the workers who was a Bojack fan was the one who put in that episode and the subliminal message. Fearing he will be fired. He quit his job, left town and was never heard from again.

A week later my friends, girlfriend, and I all had a Bojack Horseman binge watch party with our new cable service. Gone were the subliminal messages and hidden sequel episodes from here on out.

After watching season 4 of Bojack Horseman and how impressed I was with the show as a whole. There was only thing I can think of, especially after watching a few episodes of Undone that still was stuck in my mind:

Raphael Bob-Waksberg...Shame on You! Undone Is Shit!

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