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Chapter 25 - Blue Orbs

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Chapter 25 of The Spirit of Alola - Book Two

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The group dredged on with their discussions for several hours. Mel found that she was struggling to keep up with it all and silently cursed herself once more for putting her body into this state. If I hadn’t been such a fool, I might be of actual use right now. She grumbled to herself.

Outside, the sun had slid across the sky, now threatening to dip behind the tree line and plunge the world into the dimness of night. She saw a few bird Pokemon perch onto some nearby branches to settle down for the evening.

A small blue creature floated gracefully near the ground, the purple haze it left behind taking a few seconds to dissipate as it moved around. A second and third one popped into view suddenly, and Mel found herself transfixed by the sight as the trio seemed to dance around the backyard.

Staring outside at the darkening world was soothing to her aching eyes. If she worked hard enough, she could bar out the voices of the others in the room to ease the pounding in her head some too. Slow deep breaths relieved a bit of her aching chest. It was almost like meditating.

She felt movement next to her but ignored it.

The creatures in the backyard had been joined by a fourth. The purple surrounding them began to glow as light slowly slipped away. Mel tilted her head a bit and squinted her eyes. It appeared as though the mist contained small glimmering flecks inside. It was like looking up at the stars on a cloudless night. Constellations were held within the body of each one.

She felt something solid push her from the front and worked hard to block it out. The dancing beings outside were forming a line and Mel didn’t want to miss what the next move would be.

Faintly, she realized that the sun had fully slipped away and night had overtaken the world entirely. It could have only been a few minutes, or maybe even hours as she watched the scene outside. She imagined standing out there on the cool grass, a light wind ruffling her hair, the sounds of nighttime Pokémon calling out softly as time slowly slipped by. She could nearly hear the blue orbs calling out, whispering her name and telling her to come to them.

She was half tempted too. She could join them as they swirled through the air, throwing up specs of light of her own and filling the space with a mysterious glow.

This world is so hard. She thought in despair, recalling the most recent events. If I’d been born a Pokémon, maybe I wouldn’t have so many worries.

There are things you must do. A new voice said. It felt as soft as a gentle breeze blowing across her mind.

I could lay around all day, only having to worry about where my next meal would come from. Her mind responded.

You have unfinished business. The mysterious call came again.

Just me and a soft bed of grass. Maybe I’d sleep the day away and play at night while the stars are out.

The voice spoke again. Come this way. You’re needed here. It nearly begged.

Please, she finally addressed it. Just let me be for a little while longer. I’m in so much pain. Even though her mind was overtaken by the world outside, she could still feel the aching of her body.

I can help with that. It promised. You just have to follow me.

Mel felt as though something solid was reaching towards her. She was hesitant at first, but she found herself wanting to trust the voice. It felt familiar.

She moved towards the being and found a gleam of light that grew larger the closer she drew. After a while, it became bright like the sun. She wanted to move away, but there were voices she knew on the other side. People she loved.

Slowly, Mel’s eyes focused. The light was all around her now and the noises were louder. She blinked a few times to clear her vision and found a man sitting before her. He had a black beard, black hair and kind gray eyes.

“Doctor Nikol?” She rasped.

“Mom,” she heard Kabir call out in a strangled whisper. He was sitting on her right side and had wrapped her in his arms when she spoke.

The woman glanced around the room. Kukui, Myron, and Athini were not present. Anya sat on the couch across from her while Burnet was now next to her son, their eyes filled with anxiety as they gazed on.
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