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Chapter 26 - Abandoned Planning

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Chapter 26 of The Spirit of Alola - Book Two

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“I can certainly see why Sashi and Mel’s cases would be connected, but the weather too?” Burnet spoke, her brows furrowed in contemplation. “I’m not fully convinced about that.”

Kukui agreed with a nodding head. “There’s an entire Typing for Poison. Plenty of Pokémon can control minds. Tons can influence weather even. None, to my knowledge, is able to do all three.”

I eyed Athini. Both she and Myron appeared deep in thought. Slowly the woman looked at her husband, a few silent words seemed to pass between them, and then she spoke. “There is one Pokémon that we are aware of that is capable of this. It’s a Psychic and Poison Type.”

“Is it one from Kaneko?” Kukui queried. He’d proven to be an eager learner a few hours prior, but none of that enthusiasm had returned as we looked on at the couple before us.

“It’s known as Malaconda,” Myron confirmed.

“It’s one of the Obori,” Athini added.

“Aren’t the Obori Legendary Pokémon of the region? What would they be doing all the way out here?” Kabir asked, nervously shuffling his feet.

Again, Myron began. “It would only be the one. There has been plenty of confirmation that the other three still reside in Kaneko. We even saw Coblaze as we were traveling to the airport to leave.”

“We did,” Athini took over. She rubbed a hand over the Quoey’s head, who hadn’t uttered a peep when these conversations started. “Malaconda is meant to be locked up. It’s the one that attacked the region twenty years ago.”

“Back when the borders shut down? That was done by one Pokemon?” Kukui gasped in shock.

“Yes. Malaconda as a species is not inherently evil.” Athini continued. “Each Obori can live upwards of a thousand years. When their time comes, a new one is picked, trained, and takes over. The Obori to most recently pass was Malaconda, twenty-four years ago. It wasn’t friendly, but it never sought to injure others.”

Myron’s voice started up again. “This new one was bloodthirsty. It seemed to revel at causing as much destruction as possible. Once we finally defeated it, Addicle, that's the Ice-Type Obori, hid it away behind the ice wall. Sealing it from causing more harm.”

“Or so we thought.” Athini sighed heavily. “The things we’ve been told today don’t hold well.”

“How do we stop it?” I asked as the others sat in silence.

“We fight. That’s the only thing we can do.” Athini’s yellow gaze rested on me. She looked worried and apologetic.

“Well then, let’s come up with a plan,” Kukui attempted to bolster the others.

Kabir set a hand on the man’s shoulder. “We would need to confirm that it is, in fact, Malaconda.”

Burnet was the next to speak. “What should we do to ensure this is really the threat we face?”

“Having a Psychic like Mel around will be most useful. She can read people’s minds and tell us if there is any outside influence.” Myron stated.

I stole a glance at the woman we spoke of, but she wasn’t listening. Her head was turned to the left to look out the window. I peeked out as well but saw nothing interesting. She’s tired and not feeling well. I told myself but made another mental note. Something about this felt too similar to what happened with Sashi.

“There are plenty of other Psychics on the Islands too. We should have the police make an announcement to everyone, warning them of Malaconda’s involvement.” I said, a plan forming in my head. “We could have all the Psychics, human and Pokémon, form a task force that watches everyone’s minds. Then -“

“Anya, hold on.” Kabir stopped me. “That would bring about mass panic. Most people aren’t too keen on being forced to fight a monster with a hunger for blood.”

“Plus, people don't much like to have others read their minds all the time. You of all people should know that.” Included Athini. “Besides, if we want to take action, we need to be absolutely certain it really is Malaconda. A plan to take down one thing might not work for another.”

I sniffed and turned my head to the backyard. The sky had darkened to night. Even so, I could just make out the clearing we’d stood in just yesterday, with its downed trees and ruined ground. Without the many trunks and branches to obscure it, the lake was just barely visible, reflecting the stars and moon with a shimmering quality.

“Mom, what do you think?” Athini asked, forcing my attention away from the window and back towards the group. The graying brunette didn’t say anything.

“Mom?” Kabir flinched when he realized she wasn’t responding. He found her shoulder and gave her a gentle shake.

“Is she breathing?” Kukui’s voice was tight.

“Yes,” The blind man answered after a pause.

“Has this happened before?” It was Athini who spoke now, rising to her feet and striding over to her adoptive mother. She looked calm, but I saw a hint of fear in her yellow gaze as she kneeled down and tried to rouse Mel.

“To Sashi, yes,” I said standing as well to grab my Go Bag. Burnet didn’t move when I tried to push past her. “Burnet?” I queried, my voice catching in my throat. We can’t seriously have this happening with two people at once now.

To my relief, the white-haired woman replied, though her eyes stayed transfixed on the window. “There’s something outside.”

I swiveled around but still saw only an empty backyard.

Athini tensed up immediately upon looking though. Her husband rushed to her side, but I noticed his eyes only swept wildly over the backyard as I had done. “Encopic?”

“Yes.” Her voice shook as she responded.

Kukui was on his feet already. “What’s an Encopic?”

“A Pokémon from Kaneko. They’re -“ Myron answered.

Athini cut him off before he could finish. “We need to get out there. If we hurry, we might be able to catch one. Myron, come with me. Can one of you two battle?” She asked, eyeing the two youngest Professors.

“I do,” Came Kukui’s reply.

“Good, you’re with us. You three stay in here and try to wake Mom up,”

“I’m coming with you. I can battle too.” Kabir disagreed.

“No. You would be most useful here.”

“It’s not like I can do anything.”

“But you know Mom better than anyone else. I know you’ll think of something. Please,” Athini implored her sibling. She glanced outside once more. “We need to go.” Without another word of convincing, she rushed out the front door, Myron and Kukui following close behind her, pulling out Pokèballs.

I slid my phone out of my pocket and shot a message to Doctor Ōpūnui then grabbed my bag from the spare room upstairs that I’d be staying in now that Kabir was back and the house was open. By the time I’d returned, the older man had already messaged me back.

A series of numerical digits lit up on the screen. “That's the number. Is everything alright?”

“It’s handled. Thank you.” That was my response. He was still very injured from yesterday and on bed rest at home. I did not want him trying to come by and risk opening his wounds. I dialed the number he gave me as I began checking Mel over. It rang through a few times, then went to voicemail. I called again. Still nothing. The third time elicited a response.

A groggy voice sounded on the other line. “Hello?” A man asked.

“Doctor Nikol, it’s Anya Māhoe. I need you to get to the Ashoka household as quickly as possible.”

Bed sheets rustled from the other end. “Anya? When did you get my number? Do you know what time it is?” He sounded severely baffled.

“That doesn’t matter right now.”

“It does to me. I was up all night at the hospital yesterday. I didn’t get home until after supper today.” He fought back, but I heard more shuffling and then footsteps.

“Somethings happening with Mel.“ My response was filled with more anger than I meant to let off.

He went silent for a moment before saying with an exasperated sigh, “You know I don’t do house calls, right? You should contact the hospital and see who’s on staff.”

“None of them are Psychics though. We need you specifically. Are you coming or not?” I spat at him, prepared to hang up if he put up any more resistance.

“Alright alright. I’m on my way. Don’t twist your Spinda.” His usual leisurely attitude was nonexistent in his exhaustion. “What’s the address?”

I was just finishing up with Mel as I disconnected from the phone call. “Her vitals are all normal as of now, but I’ll keep watching them,” I announced.

Kabir had scooted closer to his mom so that he was pressed against her side. I could see him fairly shaking, his determination from earlier abandoned in his fear for his mother. I felt my own worry welling up inside and had to work hard to push it down.

Burnet moved onto the couch on his right side and was patting him on the arm in an attempt to ease his stress. “It’s okay Kabir. She’ll be fine.”

His voice was a cold hiss as he rounded on his long lost sister. “How could you possibly know? I could lose my Mom now too.”

“You need to have hope that we’ll figure this out.” She responded, seemingly unfazed by his words.

“What if something happens to her? Like with Sashi.” He moaned.

“We aren’t going to leave her side.” I broke in, keeping a careful watch on the small monitor I’d hooked her up with. “All her vitals are normal and I have a specialist on the way. We’ll get through this. All of us.”

He mumbled a few words that I couldn’t catch but was sure I wouldn’t have wanted to hear anyways. My Raichu floated by my side but remained silent, its gaze flicking to the window periodically. It showed no sign of aggression towards Kabir, even with his shifting emotions. I drew my eyes towards the glass barrier as well and wondered silently what the threat outside could be, but knew I needed to trust the others to handle it.

Only a few minutes passed before there came a knock on the door. Burnet opened it and Doctor Nikol moved inside. His black hair was a mess and he wasn’t wearing his usual suit or jacket. Instead, he had running pants and a short-sleeved shirt with a zippered sweater.

Though he looked disheveled and tired, the man didn’t waste any time getting to work. He pulled out a Pokèball and released his medical partner, an Alakazam he always had by his side when working. Seeing as he’d come empty-handed, I lent him the items from my bag. After a swift physical exam, calling out to her and then trying to gently shake her to consciousness, he sat down on the floor in front of Mel and closed his eyes, his Pokemon joining in.

Burnet and I stared at the two Psychics, Kabir breathing deeply to try and calm himself down. Time seemed to pass slowly as we waited, but still, they remained unmoving.

After a while, Doctor Nikol stirred, shifting his weight to move closer. He called out to Mel, but his voice sounded strangely distant.

When she finally slid her eyes open, I had to let out a huge sigh, not having realized that I was holding my breath. Kabir nearly burst into tears when his mom said the Doctor’s name in confusion. He clung to her in a tight hug, burying his face in her arm.

“I’m sorry Mel. It seems I released you from care too early.” Doctor Nikol spoke, looking abashed.
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