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Chapter 27 - A Surprising Battle

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Chapter 27 of The Spirit of Alola - Book Two

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The night was silent as I rushed out the front door, my husband and Professor Kukui following behind. I was struggling already as the day wore on, my focus slipping and allowing memories from those around me to flood in as I tried desperately to cling to the conversations before us. With my mom suddenly falling unresponsive, my mind was nearly shattered.

Until I had seen the blue orbs outside. The sight of them had pulled up a deep dread as my own memories came to light. Of the dreadful weeks when Malaconda was trying to destroy Kaneko twenty years ago.

Seeing these Pokémon, though frightening for what their presence meant, gave me a tangible enemy to fight. I now knew what we were up against. It wasn’t some phantom beast with unknown abilities. Though our enemy was powerful, we’d defeated it before.

Pulling up to the backyard, I let the Pokeball in my hand loose, flinging it out to release the creature within. The others did the same.

Mine was an evolved variant of Taurus, known as Bullawatt. It was a fair amount taller than even me and was an Electric and Steel type. It had brown and yellow fur with massive silver horns on its head and dark red eyes. On each horn, three circular rods spun faster and sparked with electricity the more worked up the Pokémon became. Three tails lashed eagerly at the coming battle, while it stamped its six sturdy legs on the ground, which provided it flawless footing, even on uneven surfaces, though slowing it down from the smaller Normal type counterpart.

My husband released an evolved Dragonair variant called Dragonarch, a Dragon and Electric type. It had a long blue and white serpentine body that twisted and twirled as it glided through the air. The dark gems on its head and tail stored lightning while the two yellow antennae on its brow tested the air and helped the Pokémon determine the best course to direct its power or to help it predict the weather.

Our new friend released a red and black Pokémon he called Incineroar. I knew this muscle-bound, bipedal tiger was a Fire-Type from the Alola region, but that’s where my knowledge ended.

Myron hollered to his Dragonarch to cut off the escape of the Encopic while I sent my Bullawatt forward, charging up an attack and steam piling towards the floating orbs. The Incineroar followed beside my Pokémon with an eager call.

The Dragonarch shot through the air with immense speed using its long body to block the path of the two. The others, having sensed the plan, had already flitted away before we could reach them. The blue Dragon Type circled around them a few times while my slower Pokémon arrived with horns crackling. It charged at one and missed it by a hair while Kukui’s Pokémon slashed at the second, making easy contact. The Fire Type leaped back in preparation for a counter.

I swept my eyes across the darkened environment, expecting more opposition, but none came. Myron seemed to realize this with me as we called out an attack in unison.


Twin bolts of electric energy blasted through the air, hitting the second Encopic while the first one fled into the forest and out of sight, the sparkling purple haze trailing behind it dissipating in the calm air. I heard Kukui call to his Pokémon to give chase but stopped him before they could get very far.

“We only need the one,” I said, pointing to the unmoving orb lying on the ground. I threw an empty Pokeball at it and watched as it wiggled once then chimed, indicating a successful capture.

I threw out my Kanekan Pidgeot’s ball and told it to scan the area with the Dragonarch, narrowing my own eyes suspiciously.

“That was too easy,” Myron said, pulling up next to me and mirroring my head movements around the yard.

Professor Kukui called out in agreement as he retrieved the fresh Pokeball from the grass and brought it to me. “With the way you reacted, I was expecting a battle.” He commented.

“So were we,” I replied, abandoning my futile search. “Thank you,” I said, as the man set the ball in my hand.

Myron looked over to Kukui and said, “Ghost Encopic aren’t very strong, especially in such small numbers, so they usually have the help of other more powerful Pokémon. That’s why we sent out those two,” he pointed in the sky at the fliers as they soared around the area. “They’re checking for others and looking for traps.”

“Interesting,” he responded. “Now, when you say Ghost, that makes it sound like a classification.”

“It is. They are Psychic Type Pokémon mainly. Each Obori has a gaggle of Encopic that also matches the elemental typing as their secondary, or in the case of Malaconda, they have a Ghost typing even though their master is a Psychic type as well.” Myron said.

I continued. “We haven’t been able to figure out why the Ghost Encopic are so unique in this way, but it’s believed it has something to do with the double ability.”

“So Malaconda really is here then,” Kukui said seriously.

I agreed solemnly. “The appearance of the Encopic would indicate so. With Mom’s help, we should be able to get some information from this little guy though.” I patted my pocket that I had stored the ball in.

We stood quietly for a moment, waiting for the Pokémon to return while keeping an eye out for more danger, but none came.

Bullawatt stamped up to me, seeming frustrated by the ease of the fight, and nudged me roughly with its nose, nearly knocking me off my feet. It loved to battle and was its indicating dissatisfaction. I gave it a few pats on the nose and then ran my fingers over an offered horn. “I’m sorry bud. Maybe next time.”

“Who’s that? Some kind of Taurus from Kaneko?” Kukui asked reaching a hand out to pet it, but wisely waiting for approval.

I nodded my head at him as I answered, watching with a smile as he ran a hand through the rough, dark brown mane. Even though the man was almost as tall as me, he had to reach up to scratch the bull on the hump of its back. “Yes. The Tauros in Kaneko are an Electric type, able to feed off the energy from cities and villages. They evolve into this guy, a Bullawatt, the Steel typing being added on. These six legs,” I tapped one gently and the Pokémon lifted it up for me and held it in place, “Help it keep sure footing, even in the ever-shifting topography of the region.”

I opened my palm and placed it against the bottom, spreading my fingers out as I did so. The hoof was so wide that it overtook my hand in size. “These large feet help also. They are incredibly sensitive. Kanekan Tauros and Bullawatt stamp their feet as part of their communication and they can feel the pounding of others from several kilometers away.”

“Impressive. How about the other one?” He pointed to the two Pokémon in the sky as they swung around and landed nearby.

Myron answered about his partner. “That’s my Dragonarch, an evolution of the Kanekan Dragonair. It’s a Dragon and Electric type.”

“I can see the familial resemblance,” he said with a chuckle as the friendly creature moved closer to the new man and shoved its face against his stomach.

“They can only evolve during a lightning storm, but it has to be strong enough, so Trainers usually have to travel up mountains or out to sea if they want one of these,” I said as my own flier walked over and demanded attention as well. My Pidgeot was taller than me also. It was silver in color, the back being darker than the stomach. Its long head feathers and tail more closely resembled leaves, and were orange and yellow in hue.

“That’s the Pidgeot you were talking about earlier, right?” Kukui guessed correctly, reaching out to ruffle its head. He gawked a bit about the sheen of her feathers in the moonlight.

I pushed the hand away swiftly, just as the Pidgeot’s large beak snapped furiously at open air while emitting a low hissing growl. “Sorry, she’s not a fan of strangers.”

“No apology needed on your part. I should have asked first.” The younger professor moved his hand behind his head and laughed with embarrassment.

Myron had just returned his Pokémon to his ball after a brief check on it. “Athini’s Pidgeot is actually a female with a rare coloration.”


“In Kaneko,” I began the new explanation. “the Pidgey line has two colors. Males are blue and yellow while the females are two shades of brown but their head and tail feathers are green. I assume you’ve heard of the coloration variants being called “shiny”, correct?”

“Like Kabir’s Sylveon,” Kukui commented knowledgeably, returning to running his hand across the Bullawatt’s back while eyeing the bird from a safe distance.

“That’s what this girl is. And the males would be red and green, with the tail and head being orange and yellow like her’s.” Myron moved a hand to her head and held up a leaf, not receiving any of the same treatment as Kukui had.

“I see. I’ve also noticed the tail seems hardened and rather sharp. Is there any significance to that?”

“I know you probably have a ton of questions,” I pulled the two guys’ attention to me while returning my Pokémon to their balls, “but we should get back inside and see how Mel is doing.
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