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Scene Setter

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Scene Setter

Uprooting and leaving it all behind had been the worst and best decision she could have made. In the last 4 months her heart had been broken twice and but bound up only once, she felt wounded but also felt she was recuperating slowly and attempting to salvage her life back.

What you will learn about Shay is that not only is there a hero in her, but there's a hero in all of us. It's just when and where it will be squeezed out of us. A tragedy, a trauma, a trial or a tribulation, we all become hero's at one stage in our lives or another.

It's an honor to be telling this story to you because if it moves you half as much as it moved me then when you're done, you'll realize you've been saved and you didn't even know you needed to be. That's how it goes.....and this is how this story goes.....

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