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Chapter 1 - Breakfast Banter

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New neighbours kicking the habit

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Chapter 1 - Breakfast Banter

Chicago was surprisingly mild and tolerable for Winter, compared to New York anyway. He sat eating cereal at the table and his Mom poured him some coffee. There was something comforting but equally disturbing about being home. Yet through his foolish and immature actions, he had demonstrated he wasn't ready to be away from his parents watchful eye. He'd secretly been relieved to move back in with them, a sense of responsibility which ate away was lifted like a heavy yoke from his tired shoulders. Plus his Mom did his washing, no questions asked.
"Those new neighbors moved in yesterday - it's about time that house was occupied, it's been kinda weird it sitting empty." She said, engaging in ritual morning conversation. He didn't reply but carried on eating his cereal.

"From what I see, I think it's a woman and her daughter with her baby." She added wiping her hands on the tea towel. She peered out the window and watched as the middle aged woman smoked a cigarette on the front porch.

"Oh great, she's a smoker!" She whined and Pete laughed silently. He stood up and put his bowl on the side and took a quick peek with his Mom.

"Jeez Mama, when you gonna quit with the cancer infringement on us all!" She moaned as she stepped out onto the porch with the baby slung on her child bearing hips.

"I was desperate baby!" She said edgily and Shay just stared, she took the cigarette and threw it on the path and stepped on it.

"Mama, I won't allow it - Give me the packet!"

"No!!!" She whined.

"Mama!! ¡Déme los ciagrettes ahora!" she said firmly and the woman gave in and handed her the box.

"Awesome!" Pete said and nodded as he watched Shay wave the smoke away from the porch.

She'd sat down next to the woman and put an arm around her, encouraging her to beat the habit, he assumed but maybe it was something else. The baby was cute too, dressed in jeans and a cute blue T-Shirt. He had a tonne of hair and it was quaffed up at one side, he wasn't sure if it was intentional but it looked rad. Wow! He'd given himself a head wreck.
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