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Chapter 2 - Brown Bag Dilemma

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Pete's nice and Patrick's.....well Patrick.

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Chapter 2 - Brown Bag Dilemma

When he'd seen her stepping out her Ford Explorer, he was quietly excited because he could take that opportunity to introduce himself to her. Then he heard and recognized that familiar green excuse of a car pulling up and also that familiar smile greeting him as he stepped out the car.

"I just gotta go meet the new neighbour!" He smiled at his best friend and he just followed behind obediently.

The brown bag ripped and the goods just flew over the pavement and grass.

"Mama!! Un poco ayuda aqui!" She called.

"You alright there!?" He asked and she jumped.

"I'm sorry!!" He said quickly and she put a hand to her chest and caught her breath. He knelt down and helped pick up the goods for her.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!!" She said appreciatively, this was the first thing he would memorize about this woman, her sincere and genuine nature of character.

His friend also dipped low and swept up a few items. They tried to stuff them in the ripped bag but laughter ensued as tumbled out over Pete's arms.

"Here!" he said and just loaded them in his arms.

"Sorry!" She said again and he smiled wide. She walked up the steps to the porch and into the house, it was beautiful inside and Pete's eyes lit up. She'd hurried ahead and offloaded her cargo on to the kitchen worktop.

"Just put it here!" She said breathlessly and pulled her bag over her head and threw it on the floor.

"You're stars! Thank you so much!" She said

"Is there more?" he asked, she nodded and headed back out, they followed and she turned briefly before opening the boot of her Explorer again.

"I'm Shay, by the way!" She smiled and held out her hand.

"Pete!" He grinned, she laughed at his goofy smile and shook his hand, her hand was soft and she didn't shake, more like gripped and squeezed his hand gently.

"This is Patrick!" He said introducing him, she squeezed his hand.

"Hey Patrick!" She smiled. She leaned in and grabbed a bag but Pete took it out her hands and Patrick leaned in, grabbing the other bag.

"That's sweet - People are nice round here!" She said, in an almost surprised tone.

"Where you from?" Pete asked, assuming again.

"New York City!" She said, like she'd answered the question a quizillion times.

There was a silence, they were speechless for a few moments but not for any reason. The truth was, she hardly knew these guys and wasn't about to reveal all her details without at least finding out a little more. She pulled the boot down and then opened the front passenger seat.

"You just don't care what's going on do you?" She said in a soft voice, she unclipped him and he let out an excited squeal from his lips.

"I know I'm sorry!" she said and Pete smiled. She picked him up gently and he went to his favorite position, just over her shoulder. She threw the baby bag over her other shoulder and kicked the door shut.

"This is Rory..." she smiled softly and looked at him.

"Look at that hair!!" Pete laughed and he touched it.

"I know it's awesome huh?" She said, adoring him with her eyes.

"How old is he?" Patrick asked,

"4 months..." She said, getting distracted with Rory's hands on her face.

"Shall we go fix Pete and Patrick a drink??" She asked Rory and a huge smile mirrored hers. He squealed again and his body tensed suddenly in the excitement.

"I think that means yes but I'm not all into the baby thing so it's a guestimate!" She said, Pete laughed.

Rory's eyes were on Pete's as he followed Shay into the kitchen. He shoved his fist into his mouth and Patrick laughed heartily as Pete tried to do the same thing, Shay turned and frowned slightly as she caught Pete trying to remove his fist in mouth attempt.

"Cute!" She said and he almost blushed, usually he loved playing the joker but she'd made it into 'cute' instead of a manly humor.

"The difference being you probably got like , what, 30 teeth in your mouth?" She asked, Patrick sniggered and she laughed gently.

"Mama!!" She called, opening the cupboard and pulling down baby milk formula.

"What can I get you guys?" She asked,

"What you got?" Pete asked boldly. She opened another cupboard.

"Fruit juice, tea, coffee, iced milk?" She asked, shaking the tin of powdered milk.

"Is it as good as they say??" he asked and she found herself laughing again, she hadn't laughed this much in weeks.

"It's the most disgusting thing you'd ever imagine!" She said, planting the tin down on the worktop. She frowned suddenly.

"Mama! ¿Necesito la ayuda, en donde?" She called, there was still no reply. She shifted Rory slightly on her hip.

"Excuse me, un momento!" She smiled, Pete and Patrick looked at each other as she left the kitchen.

"Mama mejora para no dormir!!" She called, she opened the door to her Mother's room and it was empty.

"Shay?" Pete called and she looked, he was holding a piece of paper.

"It's in ...." He stopped and looked at the note.

"Spanish?...." She asked, he gave a nod and handed her the piece of paper and she scanned over.

"Ok, well that would explain why she's not here!" she sighed and tossed the paper on the side, her Mother had gone out for a walk to get to know the neighborhood.

She'd fixed them up drinks and insisted they make themselves at home which wasn't hard in this house, although it was a little bare, it felt homely, it felt like there was love in this house. He was sure it was because of this young woman before him now, patiently feeding the baby and listening to them as she asked them questions. It was a blissful scene and the two young men were truly happy in this woman's company because she had a friendliness about her that counteracted both their shyness. The phone rang and she looked but looked back to Rory, Patrick knelt down to where she was.

"I'll do it!" He smiled and she looked at him with a huge smile.

"Thank you!" She said and rushed to grab the phone.

The conversation was inaudible but she was a few minutes at least, Patrick looked down and noticed Rory's eyes on him. It was like this child was looking right behind the eyes and straight into his soul because it stirred up feelings that Patrick had never felt before. Pete had felt instant pangs of jealousy when Patrick had offered his help, he'd wanted to be the one that helped. He tried to dissipate them into his wrong intention compartment of his brain and enjoy watching his friend be entertained. Shay walked back in , she looked a little harassed but nothing a bit of ignorance wouldn't cure.

"He missed his Mommy!" Patrick said as Rory's eyes when straight to her. She went to speak but clamped her mouth shut. She just smiled and tried to not look awkward.

"Wow you were hungry!" She laughed as he was sucking on an almost empty bottle.

She winded him gently on her knee and carried on talking with them both about Chicago. They'd learned she was at University here, studying to be a Speech Therapist, Chicago had one of the top classes in the States and she'd been invited from New York, the main reason for her departure from the what seemed like, the core of the earth.
Rory did a huge burp and they all laughed.

"That's better Mom!!" Pete said and she looked at Pete and again, couldn't speak. There was a silence as she gently rubbed the baby's back, her hand instinctively under his chin.

"I'm not his Mom....He's my sister's baby!" She said softly.

"Oh God! Sorry! I assumed....Sorry - I feel stupid!" He said bashfully.

"No, no no no! Don't be!" She said shaking her head. She felt foolish but her situation was complicated although each time she told someone, it got a hint easier, but not much.

"My couldn't take care of I care for Rory....I don't deserve the title of Mom...." She trailed off. They stared at her, whether they knew they were both doing it or not was irrelevant, they'd been floored by the humility in her voice.

"I'm sorry...." Patrick said and it was full of empathy, she smiled and strained back the tears that habitually rose in her throat and the swelling the rose with it. She coughed slightly and stroked Rory's head. They could see she was struggling and they felt inadequately equipped to deal with someone in these circumstances.

"I'm sorry it's just....just a little complicated....." She explained and shook her head.

"What isn't?" Pete said and he got up and sat next to her. He put an arm around her gently and she smiled.

"Thank you! It's been ages since I had a hug!" She smiled and he rubbed her soft arm gently.
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