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Chapter 3 - Water Babies and Cry Babies

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Exploring Shay's social situation.....

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Chapter 3 - Water Babies and Cry Babies

A few weeks passed and it had been Shay's first week at her new term in University. It had been tough, now that her Mama had gone back to New York, Rory was in crèche a lot and she missed him terribly. It didn't matter now though because she had the whole weekend with him. Mrs Wentz had invited her over to their heated pool so she could swim with Rory instead of having to go to the pool down town.
His arms flapped excitedly as she pulled off his shirt and his little swim pants were just adorable. Andrew walked out in his swimming shorts, Andrew was Pete's younger brother and they got on well as they were similar ages. Stepping in cautiously she held him close to her , Rory's eyes explored the water. He squealed again and she gently lowered him in to the pool. His eyes were worried at first but within minutes he was splashing, Andrew bobbed him up and down and the smile on Rory's face made Shay melt inside, she always thought that one, the kid would burst because the smile would be too huge for his face. His whole demeanor would change, his eyes were bright, just like Sophie's. They had this amazing shape and his lips curled, revealing a beautiful smile that was sure to break hearts and he wouldn't know it.

"Where's Mommy - Where's Mommy!" Andrew cheered as he lifted him in and out the water towards her, she held out her arms and took him close. She kissed his face all over and his mouth opened and he grasped her face.

"Shall we splash Andrew?" She asked, he turned to Andrew and she gently moved the water with her hands, he splashed too and they both laughed.

"Get him! Get Andrew!!" She laughed. He squealed so loud, it pierced both their ears.

"Jeez!!" She laughed.

People streamed into the back garden and Shay turned to see him, she smiled wide like her heart told her to and he waved shyly. Funny, the one who wasn't trying to get her attention, had her ful attention and yet Peter, as much as he tried, was getting the opposite.

"Where's Patrick?? Rory! Where's Patrick?" She asked and he smiled and came closer, Rory's eyes met his and he smiled.

"Say Hey Patty!" She said and made his little hand wave.

"Only he gets away with that!" He said with a smile and she grinned.

"And me?" She asked, he smiled at her.

"I'll have to think about that..." He said, she laughed and splashed him with some water.

"Whatever Patty..." She said and she moved away, she continued to play with Rory. Pete's eyes
were on her and Patrick noticed.

"She's a good Momma huh?" Pete said, sort of to himself but asking for agreement from the person he wanted agreement from for everything.

"Yeah......" Patrick trailed. Trying hard not to notice her stepping out the Pool at the shallow end.

"God, look at that body....." Pete groaned. Patrick glanced and then back to the other end of the pool. Suddenly more people arrived and no-one was more aware than Shay, she wrapped Rory in a huge blue towel and held him close as she tried to make her way out.

"You going?" Andrew asked, Patrick looked up at her from his sun lounger.

"Yeah I have a bunch of assignments and this little boy needs his sleep!" She smiled, she wasn't
even begrudging, she seemed totally happy with the arrangement.

"You can't come out to play later??" He whined and she felt Rory's fingers pull on a thick piece of hair. She tugged it out of his hands, laughing as she did.

"No....I really can't...." She said, she was bummed she couldn't hang out like any 19 year old. But she'd made promises, to lots of people and there was no way in hell she would even consider breaching them.

Instead of her life centering around her social, love, educational life, it centered around him. She'd learned that the entire solar system is geared up to support only the earth, every other planet is magnetically position to ensure the earth is in at least danger from the wild venue of space as possible, another centimeter and there would be chaos. To say we spin around the sun is inadequate, really, everything else rotates around earth.

That's what Rory meant to her. If his priorities were moved just centimeter out of place from where they should have been, it would only be a matter of time before the chaos would begin.
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