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Chapter 4 - Family is Family........Right?

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Chapter 4 - Family is Family ...... Right?

She truly believed that life molded you into who you would become and that involved dealing with whatever life could throw at you too. The cruel manifestations that could be produced from indecisive and inaccurate decisions are fundamental in your success as a human being.

Ever since her first stumble as a small 10 month old, she would be brushed off and made to stand again, that's how it always rolled in the Mexia family. A lack of natural affection and a subtle fierceness resulted in often irrational behavior on the part of her sister or her Mama. It was her Nana that had had shed light on her confused state of mind as a 16 year old.

"You're different to everyone in your family, they call it the black sheep but I'd say they're all black and you're the white one!"

Shay laughed to herself as she remembered the conversation. Her Nana was infinitely wise and yet subtle and loving in her execution of home truths. She proceeded to tell Shay more about her background, the way she was raised and how her Nana had often quietly snuck into her room on many nights and gathered up her grand daughter in her arms and covered her ears.

With a Puerto Rican father and a typically fiery New York mother, their family life was less than ideal. The only way they knew how to resolve matters was to shout it and slog the whole issue out. She wondered if this method of communication had anything to do with why she'd chosen Speech Therapy as her vocation. She didn't have a bad upbringing, her family loved her unconditionally and she never felt other wise but it didn't mean that she understood them. She felt that as she'd grown the last few years, she'd learned a lot about her family and how they worked and she'd learned that she was different and her Nana was always right. Damn wisdom! Curse it too but before that, could she have some?

She could hear the noise of them partying over the road, they sounded like they were having fun, she giggled to herself. Rory was crashed on her chest and she typed slowly at her laptop.
" no, that's wrong!" She cursed herself, pressing the delete button hard. He stirred and let out a small cry, she wondered if he would ignore his own cries and fall back to sleep but his head moved restlessly. She pulled the lid of her laptop down and sighed gently, standing up and scuffling through to the kitchen. She took a bottle out the fridge and put it in the microwave, pressing the same button she did 6-7 times a day and 3 times a night.

As she fed him, they shared those moments they always did. The health care professionals told her about eye contact but she already knew enough about it through her own academic studies to understand the importance of it. Sometimes she thought maybe he was thanking her, understanding how difficult everything had been for her and that he appreciated the fact she fed him whenever the hell he demanded. Other times, she thought maybe it was a way could say sorry for all the times he kept her awake and energy he sapped from her body and soul. Most times though, it was just a special connection between mother and baby.....yes, Mother and Baby , even if he didn't come from her belly, he was her baby and that would never change. She was his Mommy.

Their moment was rudely awakened by the door bell ringing over and over, it had a ring of urgency to it and she hurried over, opening the door with no caution, Andrew slumped over the threshold and she just stared.

"What the...." She stared and he clambered up, he was absolutely out of his head.

"Andrew!!!" The voice said from across the street. She switched on her light and Rory started crying, his bottle had been removed.

"Oi! Wentz!" She hissed at him and kicked him.

"What the hell are you doing, boy get up now!" She whispered again and he groaned.

"C'mon man! You gotta be kidding me - it's 1.30 in the morning!" She said angrily.

Rory was getting more and more wound up and in her flusteredness, she had dropped the bottle and it rolled off the porch.

It felt like chaos on her porch as Patrick rushed over and Pete. Pete pulled Andrew over on to his back and tried to haul him up. She knelt down to put Andrews arm on top of his tummy and as she did, she'd smacked heads with Patrick and she gasped out in pain.

"Sorry! " Patrick moaned out, rubbing the front of his own head.

"Ow!..........For Gods sake, this is all I need, just get him home!" she growled.

She was buckling with the pressure of the baby crying, tiredness, the drunk, the pain and the fact she was on her own. She turned her back on them and the door slammed.
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