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Chapter 5 - Stealing Snapshots

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The sparks of new beginnings?

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Chapter 4 - Stealing Snapshots.

The strange thing was that she slept that night. It had been the first time in about 3 weeks she had. It must have been overtired kicking in, she didn't have a choice in the matter, her body was going to sleep that night whether she wanted it or not. She got worried sometimes that if she slept too deeply that she might not hear Rory, but seeing him crashed out in his cot in her bedroom, she'd realized he'd slept just as well as her. She leaped out of her bed and used the opportunity of morning slumber from the baby to get a hot shower and wash her hair.

She sat on her bed and stared at the letter from her sister, she knew straight away by the handwriting, she took it in her hands and held it gently, careful not to bend the envelope but it appeared to have been fairly mistreated by postal services anyway, jerks. She slipped it into her top drawer next to bed, there 7 other letters, all unopened. She pushed the drawer close and sighed softly.

Bathing Rory was the highlight of her daily routine. Whatever time she had to do it, she awaited the joy on his face with great anticipation. The way his hands moved almost uncontrollably and they splashed the water hard, he spluttered and made sounds with his lips, exploring his social side. They would always have tickle time after and she thought that he could tell sometimes as he always kicked his legs hard as she lifted him out the tub, was he showing resistance to the tickling that was sure to come? His laughs rippled through the house and he grabbed her hair and pulled on it. Another shriek followed and he laughed again. She stopped and stared at him, he was shoving his fist in his mouth again.

"You make me so happy!" She whispered and stroked his hair softly.

"I love it best when it's just you me baby!" She added and caressed his chubby cheeks softly.

Laying the sheets carefully on the wooden floors she handed Rory a small clean brush and she finally got round to edging the walls. Only 20 minutes into it and the door knocked gently, it was open slightly and she gripped the door and leaned round from sitting on the floor.

"Patrick? Good morning!" She smiled, he smiled but close lipped. She clambered up and opened the door, inviting him. He saw Rory on the floor with the small paintbrush, he just found it adorable how we was involved in this little bit of DIY.

"I wanted to apologize! About last night......" He said sheepishly. She put a hand to her head and covered her face gently.

"I'm so sorry - I was so mean, I didn't mean to be so rude but I think you just got me at a moment!" She explained hurriedly.

"No - It was totally inappropriate the way we were behaving and you have the baby-" He stopped, not wanting to stereotype her.

"Look - how about we just forget it? I mean - I'll still have the bump for a few days I think!" She laughed, he laughed too and felt his own head.

They were disturbed by a slightly impatient sound from the small human who was sat no the floor. Patrick smiled and crouched down.

"Hey Dude....You helping Mommy paint-" He stopped suddenly and looked up at her shyly.

"It's cool....It's growing on me! " she smiled. Rory reached out and Patrick lifted him gently and pulled him into his shoulder.

"You eaten Patrick?" she asked, wiping the brush on the covering sheet gently.

"Er...No, kinda wasn't up for Cheerios at Pete's house!" He laughed gently, she nodded.

"You think they suck - you should try baby food...."

"I've always wanted to!" He said, she walked into the kitchen.

"You're welcome to try - I have a full array of choices!" She smiled and opened one of the cupboards.

She'd convinced him to have coffee and bagels with her, she'd put Rory in his play pen and he was always happy with his own company, however he checked now and then, making sure they weren't having too much fun without him.

Sometimes, Shay made Patrick feel very conscious because she had this manner of watching you as you spoke and it wasn't just ordinary eye contact, like she was sussing you out. She didn't do it all the time, more when he was nervous, stuttering his way through a sentence. She was enjoying getting to know him more, he was a nice boy. They'd never spent anytime alone, there'd always been Pete or someone else to chaperone. She used this time to steal snapshots of him, she was starting to notice things she hadn't before, purely because she'd never been close enough or spent enough time with him. Like the amazing amount of ways he could smile, depending on the altitude of happiness. His hands would fidget a lot and she knew it was his nervous habits and was thinking of ways she could get rid of those already but her mind overruled, this is why she liked him so much. He was flawed. And she didn't want to perfect him.

Patrick felt that the raising her sisters baby had inhibited her somewhat because as he got to know her, he discovered an out going sociable and interesting young woman. That was the biggest understatement of the year, the truth was, she was amazing. He'd dreamt about her the entire night previously. It hadn't helped seeing her in the black tankini at Pete's because now he knew what a pert body she had under those jeans and unflattering blouses she chose to wear. Men were shallow, he didn't deny it, they were obviously attracted to physical aspects of a girl, more so than girls. He'd wanted to ask her why she didn't dress more for her figure but who was he kidding, he'd never do that!

He'd looked at his watch as casually as he could, he had to be in the studio at 1.30 and it was approaching 1 already, time went quick when he was with this girl. They wrapped up their conversation and she reached in the pen and swept Rory up in her arms.

"Say Ba-Bye Patty!"

Patrick stared at her and tilted his head slightly. She bit her lip and looked down.

"Sorry!" She laughed, Rory reached for Patrick and he smiled and took him in his arms.

She watched him coo and fuss him for a few moments and smiled to herself. Rory was intrigued by him, he grabbed his hat and Patrick planted a hand on top of his head to stop it. He seemed to blush a little but Shay thought nothing of it.
They stood at the front door and Patrick turned.
"Thank you for breakfast and for the....talking..." He stuttered, she grinned widely.

"Totally my pleasure, don't be a stranger Patrick, you're welcome here anytime you like!" She said warmly and he looked at her for a second but looked away again. He wasn't sure how you departed at this stage of a friendship.

She leaned and hugged him gently with Rory tucked under her other arm.

"Have a good day!" She smiled and she felt his hand clasped her back softly. She craved to be held sometimes, she wished he would sweep her into a huge hug and just hold her for a few seconds. Before she could start to enjoy his touch, his hand had moved away and he so had he, he was making his way down the steps to his car on the other side of the road.

"Bye Patty!" She called, he turned and shot her a look with those eyes.
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