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Chapter 6 - It's a Teeth Thing

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He makes his move to earn some brownie points.

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Chapter 6 - It's a teeth thing....

Rory had begun teething, he was really struggling too and it upset Shay to see him like this, neither of them had slept and therefore, they were both exhausted. She'd tried everything her Mama had suggested, and she hadn't let on just how much she was struggling to her Mama, she didn't want her coming down here all heroic.

11.30 pm and she was in a complete mess. She held him close, he cried hard and her eyes were tear stained from tiredness and tears of frustration, she knocked on the door with most reluctance she wondered if they would even hear. Maria opened the door and her eyes opened wider as she saw Shay and Rory on the doorstep, without questions, ushering them in from the cold night.

"I'm so sorry Marie - I just don't know what to do, he's teething badly and I can't seem to be able to do anything and I just need someone who's been through it to help me do this!" she cried out exhausted, Andrew shuffled in came to Shay's side. He put an arm around her as Marie took Rory and opened her cupboard to reveal a lot of medical supplies.

"Hey Baby - you cutting teeth?" She asked him, but he continued to cry and they were real tears too which was the hardest part for Shay. Marie spent 20 minutes soothing his gums with gel and rubbing her fingers over his gums.

They sat together on the sofa and talked for a while, Maria could see how tired she was, her skin was pale and her whole demeanor was riddled with fatigue. She pulled Shay down and rested her head on her lap as she cradled Rory over her shoulder. She stroked her hair softly and within minutes, she'd fallen into sleep. The reality of it was though that Shay just needed a helping hand, Maria had no idea how she coped on her own and felt she was a stronger character than all of them first thought. The boys streamed in giggling loudly like little girls and cluttering around in the kitchen.
"SHHHHH!!!" She scowled at them and they saw her annoyed face. Pete stared as he saw his Mom with the baby over her shoulder, sound asleep and Shay sprawled over her lap, also sound asleep. Pete quietly walked in and Patrick followed.

"She had a tough night...." Maria whispered, stroking her hair softly.

"He's teething and she came over, she looked exhausted!" Maria explained, she looked at Patrick, knowing he was the better one.

"Could you take him?" She asked softly and he reached down and gently lifted Rory off her shoulder and pulled his soft warm body into his and his head rested in the crook of his neck.

"Pete, would you get the spare blanket from our cupboard, we should just let her rest as much as possible!" She said softly.

He made himself useful and went to get it. Marie maneuvered her off her lap and she was so out of it, her head flopped heavily and her arm slipped off the couch. She laughed gently and pulled it up and rested it on the sofa. Patrick stood and swayed gently, trying not to disturb the small human in his arms.

He sat down opposite her and watched her sleep. Pete laid the blanket over her and touched her bangs softly. He looked at Patrick who was watching Rory and touched his ear softly. For the shortest moment he took a snapshot and shoved it in his mental memory card. Patrick looked happy. Not just smiley happy but that contented happiness that's a lot harder to have, the one where you can smile when no-one else is around, that happiness.

Plunking his body weight down next to Patrick they talked quietly for some time. Stopping each time she stirred but there was no way in hell she was waking. Pete wanted to hold Rory and so Patrick gently leaned into him and allowed Pete to take him, he stirred and his hands went to his face, his face screwed up slightly and he let out a whinge. He got restless and kept turning his head over and over as he rested on Pete's shoulder, finally letting a cry. Pete looked at Patrick and became unnerved, handing him back and Rory settled again.

"Oh my God, you're Dad!" Pete said with a huge smile, Patrick laughed softly and stroked Rory's back.

"I think they're just fussy at this age!" he reasoned, not giving Pete any fuel to even entertain the conversation.

"Do you know anything about his Dad?" Pete asked, Patrick shook his head.

"Nothing.....Not even much about his Mom......She never talks about the details of how she ended up with him......guessing she's not ready to tell yet..." Patrick said softly.

With that, Pete took himself off to bed and Patrick stayed, Maria checked on him but he insisted her was alright and told her to go to bed too. Soon, he found himself sleeping a wonderful sleep.

Stirring, she stared at the figure on the sofa opposite her, knowing straight away who it was. She smiled sleepily and moved over, kneeling in front of him. She stroked his face softly. He moved slightly and she smiled to herself, climbing next to him and for a few seconds studying his unique looks. She gently gripped Rory in her hands and this made Patrick stir. His eyes met her in the darkness and she put a hand gently on his shoulder.

"Hey." She whispered so softly, he hardly heard it, it was more like he felt it. He moved from his stiff position and smiled, leaning his head back.

"Thank you!" She added, touching his face softly.

This made him lift his head and look at her, her fingers gently felt his facial features. She leaned in unexpectedly and kissed his cheek softly.

"You're such a sweetie!" She smiled and he smiled too.

She moved around and laid back gently, leaning against him, he gently put an arm over her and it rested against her body. Closing her eyes she smiled inside.
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