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Chapter 7 - Morning Glory

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Short. Sweet.

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Chapter 7 - Morning Glory!

Opening his eyes in the light of the morning, he engaged his body parts and blinked his eyes a couple of times and there she was. Squeezed against him firmly, her arm snaked around his waist and it was aa if they'd played twister as they were literally knotted up. Rory was laying there, eyes open, exploring his surroundings. That familiar smile widening his face as Patrick smiled at him. Movement began and Shay tried to untangle herself from the position she'd obviously wriggled into.

"You ok?" Patrick asked, helping her unwrap herself from him.

"Uhm..." she moaned dozily. She smiled and finally looked at him as she'd sat up.

"Morning!" Maria smiled and had brought in coffee, she whisked up Rory and took him with her into the kitchen.

Sipping on her coffee, she laughed to herself and Patrick smiled at her.

"What - Why are you smiling?" He asked,

She turned to him and held her coffee cup close to her.

"Because I'm happy!" She said innocently. Patrick leaned forward and took his coffee too and they drank together in silence for a while. They both laughed softly as Rory bleathered incoherently and loudly, making himself heard.
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