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Chapter 8 - Party Pooper

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Way to go Patty

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Chapter 8 - Party Pooper.....

Having Maria around as part time Mom to Shay was great, raising 3 kids she technically knew more than her own Mother did regarding raising children. Maria was careful not to invade Shay's life but was a cautious bystander who would willingly respond when she saw that look in Shay's eyes.

As for her and Patrick, well is was still just a huge mystery to her how this guy worked. There'd been a 3rd party female who seemed to be around.....a lot. Not just any female, a pretty one....who looked fun too. Seen as there was nothing formally agreed between Shay and Patrick, she quashed the tingles of envy and stabs of bitterness and allowed him to do whatever the hell he wanted.

After being harassed from Pete to be his arm candy for a party, and then harassed by Maria to let herself have one night where she was not a Mom, she'd dolled up and rubbed in Cocoa Butter over her skin for the first time in months. Autumn had whipped a stiff breeze and so she pulled scarf around her neck and opened the front door to Pete. He just stared .
"Pete...does it look ok??" She asked worried, seeing his expression, he seemed just as casually dressed.
"You look great, wow, I mean, not that you don't always but, I mean it, you look incredible!" He stumbled out. Patrick smiled too and nodded, agreeing, without verbs.

"You guys are so sweet!" She said and pulled her front door shut and locking it, she hugged them briefly and Patrick could smell it straight away, that wonderful cocoa butter. They walked to the party 6 blocks away, she was in-between them both and felt so cozy there. Her boots made a firm but feminine sound on the concrete against Pete's often scuffing heel.

"Lift your feet Peter!" She whined and pushed him slightly.

"What?? You're a speech therapist , you can't tell me how to walk - you can tell me how to talk!" He said, wittily. She shook her head and smirked at him.

"Yeah well you talk shit too!" she said, Patrick laughed hard.

"Your being bitchy tonight!" He whined, she nodded.

"I can't help it....Patrick's too cute to bite!" She smiled, Pete looked at her and they smiled knowingly at each other. She put an arm around her Patty and gently squeezed.

"Not that I'd ever bite...." She said softly, he looked at her with a little grin on his face.

The party was energized and there was that great social atmosphere in there air, sign of a great social gathering! After a couple glasses of wine Shay had completely relaxed and prepared to make friends with all the strangers. She'd met this great girl, Sarah, who was slightly older and had a fantastic sense of humor, they seemed to gel instantly. Over the next few years, they'd develop a crucial and binding friendship that would be fundamental in both their futures. She poured Shay another glass of wine and put the bottle between them in the kitchen.

"So I don't get it, if there's this strong connection between you both, why the procrastination?" She asked and Shay shook her head, shrugging at the same time.

"I have no idea, there's always the fact I have a child!" She said and Sarah laughed gently.

"Yeah - unfortunately they scare the living jeebies outta most men!"

"I accept that, totally, he's worth every rejection!" She smiled, Sarah smiled and stared at her for a few moments.

"I admire you already, you have such courage, to take on such an important responsibility and yet still follow your dreams..." She said softly, Shay sipped on her wine.

"What would we have without our dreams right?" She asked and Sarah nodded.


She wandered along the corridor trying to find the bathroom, she pushed open the doors and frowned, turning on her heels, she pushed open the door opposite the her eyes stared.

A couple making out on the bed, a half undressed couple, a couple of which one half of just stared at her. Shays lips moved to say his name but it didn't come out.

"Sorry!" She blurted out and shut the door quickly, her heart skipped 3 beats and it tried to stutter back into it's rhythm. She clutched her chest gently and carried on trying to find the bathroom. She eventually found the magnolia covered bathroom and locked the door firmly, sitting down on the toilet seat and controlling her breath. Why the hell did she have to see that, why was he doing that with her, why wasn't he doing those things with her instead? Was it over? Over before it had even fired up? She hadn't even had a chance to show him how much she could do for him, hadn't had the chance to show just how much she felt for him, she would do those things that girl could and more. She would love him unconditionally, without questions, without motive or intent. She would just love him in the rawest way possible. She'd dreamt of having that with someone and over the last few months, honestly thought she could have a shot at that with Patrick. Seeing him with that girl, the perky one that had been around for a couple of weeks, made her feel so inadequate, so crap about herself, it made her feel like someone, in part Patrick, had taken a needle and burst her little bubble she'd been caring for so much.

Standing up she sorted herself and fixed her hair, used the toilet and washed her hands in the warm water, as the water went down the plug she smirked at herself.

"That's totally appropriate......."

She opened the door and he was stood there, she jumped slightly.

"Hey!" She said with a big smile, hiding the anguish just behind her tongue.
He didn't say anything, just stared at her.

"I'm so sorry - I was looking for the bathroom - I didn't mean to ....interrupt!" She said quickly. Again there was a silence, was he trying to tell her something but allowing those nerves to inhibit his words again......probably.

She looked at her watch casually.

"I gotta go-"

"-Don't go!" He said firmly and gripped her arm firmly, she looked up at him slowly and gently moved her arm from his grip. Their eyes just locked for a time.

"She's a nice girl-"

"-Don't Shay." He said firmly looking down at his playful tredds. She quickly swept some hair behind her ear and bit her lip hard.

"What do you want me to say Patrick?" She asked with calm anger. He didn't reply, she shook her head.

"Y'know, you're making me feel like I've done something wrong! And I haven' stop being like this with me!" She said frustrated. His hand moved up and touched her face. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the other side of the doorpost.

Just as gentle as the touch, he softly pulled his hand away. The touch was amazing and it was only the tips of his fingers.

"A man of many words..." She said softly and moved away. She stopped as she turned to see him still stood there.

"If you're with her because is it's real than I'm Ok with it......if you're with her because it's easier....then I'm not OK with it." She said and he could tell by the way her voice was breaking at the end, the full intent of those words.
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