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Vile Demon Shadow Strangers

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A Fanfic About The Adult Swim Web Series King Star King

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Before I begin, this is a Fanfic that is the Adult Swim series King Star King. It's about an intergalatic He-Man like superhero who works at as a Fry cook at a waffle join while fighting various evil foes throughout the Gigantiverse.

Don't know if someone else was the first to write a fanfic about King Star King. So, let's dive into this one, shall we?

In the darkness of that night, away from the preying eyes and ears of those who would judge, some strangers slipped by unnoticed. But they were not strangers, they knew each other. And they knew each-other much closer then any of their friends did realize They knew each other both inside and out. But their friends did not know this. Their friends could not know. Their friends should not know this.
Nor could they know. Because it was night, and thus away from their viscous, judging eyeballs.

"Is it safe?" said the first stranger, who was not a stranger to the other stranger but will remain a stranger to us for the moment.

"I think so. Its dark so none of the others should see us here, even if they are nearby. I think our secret is safe."

"Good. I couldn't take their judgement right now. My life is too stressful as it is. If it wasn't for you I don't know what Id do. "Don't worry King Star King, I will always be here for you - waiting in the dark"
"Thanks, Princess Snow White. I will always be in the dark for you too"

With that the two shadows embraced - an embracement in the night full of passion and romance.
Spring Bunny screamed as he gazed at his massive armies!!
"Soon I will rule King Star Kings planet!!! And nobody can stop me!!!"

For a moment time seemed to slowed down. King Star King wondered why. King Star King turned around slowly (due to the time seeming to have slowed down).
Then the explanation - Princess Snow White was secretly looking at him. Looking at him in that special way.
King Star Kings soul lit up like a beacon in the night - even though it was day.

In all of this. In all of this mess. They had each other, even if eachother was the only ones that knew.
Princess Snow White turned away at that moment - Time jumped back to normal as King Star King was no longer transfixiated by Princess Snow White.
Fortunately no one else had noticed.

King Star King sat at the bar. It was empty save for him . Even the owner had already left him alone. Just King Star King and the wiskey in his glass.

King Star King's friends Pooza and Gurbels had tried to stop him from going, but after that.... that event... King Star King could no longer stay.

Thinking about it made his eyes well up and to prevent bursting out in crying (as King Star King really, deeply, wanted to) he lifted the wiskey and gulped it down. The burning liquid warmed his throat and heart. It was the only comfort King Star King still had in this world.

King Star King tried to take his mind of the present. To slip into the past rather then wallow in sorrow..
...but it didn't work. King Star King was still just at a bar. Keeping the whisky company.


Suddenly the door opened behind him. Footsteps. Then a figure sat down next to him and took the bottle.
"Long time," spoke Hank Waffles and he poored himself a glass as well.
Before King Star King realised it, his rage took over and he lunched at Hank Waffles. He ended with punching Hank Waffles in the face "I deserved that," Hank Waffles said and took a gulp from his whiskey.
"Go away," King Star King said.
"Not before you hear my offer," Hank Waffles said.
"I don't want to hear about it." King Star King spoke. He really didn't want anything to do with Hank Waffles, not after... that. "I don't want anything to do with you... not after... that."
"Dammit, that wasn't your fault," Hank Waffles, "It was none of our fault."
"Yes it was, it was my fault. I could have stopped it." King Star King said, "I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED IT FROM HAPPENING. "Calm down, King Star King," Hank Waffles, "It wasn't your fault... that wasn't your fault."
But no matter what Hank Waffles said, King Star King still felt that that was his fault...
"I need you," said Hank Waffles. "Just one more time. Just one more job and I'll leave you alone."
Oh lonelyness, that would be nice. No one around. No one to remind King Star King of...that "One more job," King Star King muttered. "Alright. One more job it is."
And with that, he gulped down the remaining whiskey. Time for action!
And they journeyed long and far too reach their destined encounter with fate which was foresaw by a soothsayer with the ability to predict the future that hasn't happened yet!!....
"We must journey now to yonder to defeat thee the evil space commander of evil and to defeat thee and return spread our magic to this realm of earth!"
"Yes, Let us the final battle commencement start!"
Some time later in their secret hide-away. King Star King was talking to Hank Waffles.

"I am glade we found a way to survive all that and still be together to fight this." said King Star King.
"Yes, our plan seems to have worked despite all the events" agrees Hank Waffles
"Do you think anyone spotted us?" asked King Star King.
"No" affirms Hank Waffles.
"No?" asked King Star King feeling uncertain.
"Yes." Hank Waffles answers.
Raven Shadowmoon the slutty waitress and King Star King used to work for at the slummy waffle joint emerged from the shadows of the darkness.

"I know everything" she said.
King Star King and Princess Snow White gasped. Their secret was finally revealed!

"I dont love Princess Snow White like you do" said Raven Shadowmoon "but I have always lusted a bit after them. So you see if Princess Snow White spends the night with me - I will never tell anyone."
King Star King breathed a sigh of relief. That was, after all, a reasonable request. They agreed to the bargain.

"Phwee...thats something we can go along with" said Princess Snow White relieved Raven Shadowmoon was happy, and King Star King and Princess Snow White thus got to live happily ever after together. With no one but Raven Shadowmoon and themselves ever knowing.

They exited King Star King's wheels and they stood before the place Spring Bunny had been assembleing his forces. It was the gateway to hell. And finally they got confirmation for what they had been expected all along... Spring Bunny.... was a demon!

But that did not deter him. King Star King could press on and 70 seeing his courage, his friends too found the strength in themselves to push themselves to the limit .

But then they heard a loud noise, like the stamping of feet or like a bad car engine or when they try and make the ground flat enough so they can build a side-walk. All around them, his demons appeared!

Spring Bunny had them. And King Star King knew that what he was going to do with them, it wasn't going to be pretty!

But then King Star King saw pure white wings sprouting from his bottom. Where had once been the golden and silver tattooes, King Star King had wings
King Star King spread them out before him and stretched them. They crackled with power. They were at least 5 meters in windspan.

King Star King then turned to Spring Bunny. He gawked in awe at him. It was a power he had not seen before.
"This power," Spring Bunny said, "This power is... I have never... seen... such power."
Even Raven Shadowmoon looked in awe at him. And then she said what everyone (including him) had been thinking but didn't dare to say: "You're an... you're an... an..."

"Say it, King Star King said" "Tell the truth, I can take it!" King Star King said as King Star King felt the burning nerves in his body floating in his stomach. "An Angel," said Spring Bunny in absolute and utter awe. "THis I... I never have seen before".

Pooza and Gurbels and Hank Waffles were just as much in awe. Though with Pooza and Gurbels, King Star King knew it was because he just loved him so much. When King Star King looked in his eyes, it was like King Star King was drowing in a puddle of the deepest of colours.

King Star King stretched his wings further and light came from beneath them, engliphing everyone in the luminating light. The demons had to hide their horrible feces beneath their wings as not to be smitted by the beauty of his light. Spring Bunny fell down on his knees and raised his arms in prayer: "Oh god, let me live. Let me be a part of the light again."

Then King Star King looked down upon him and King Star King was about to engulp him more with his rays but when King Star King saw it was hurting Him King Star King stopped. No one deserved such a fate like that. But King Star King had to burn the evil out of Spring Bunny, else it would return! And so King Star King did. Before them the portal exploded in rays of light and blue and greens and cyans. It was a wonderous spectacle to behold!

Pooza and Gurbels ran into his arms and whispered naughty things in his ear. That was what they were going to do tonight, after they're back and rested a bit. Then King Star King was crowned monarch of slummy waffle joint and King Star King would live many many lives after this one.
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