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Every Warrior Has a Weakness

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Robin's sparring match against his older brother Nightwing becomes something else entirely.

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Titans Tower was unusually quiet for a Saturday night; nobody was making a mess in the kitchen and movie night was until Saturday. Blue Beetle and Beast Boy were out doing recon for a mission and Starfire and Raven failed to mention where they'd disappeared to which left only two young heroes at the fancy apartment.

By the time Dick Grayson had arrived at the place he discovered his younger brother Damian Wayne training, as usual in the gym area. He was punching and kicking a punching bag with some nice combinations.

"Hey." Dick greeted as he walked in. "Where's everyone else."

"Don't know, don't care." Damian responded, not even bothering to look over in his older brother's direction.

"Cheerful as usual. Well, I bet I can get a smile out of you." Dick teased slyly which caused Damian to grumble under his breath. "Need a sparring partner?"

Damian stopped for a moment and looked down at Grayson's bare feet with a knowing smile.

"Fine. Let's go."

The two of them stepped onto the mats, taking up fighting stances.

"Ready when you are," Dick smirked. Damian then rushed forward and threw out a series of punches that were as quick as ever. Dick was forced on the defense, blocking these strikes one after the other. Damian then leapt up and spun around in the air, directing a vicious kick to the side of Grayson's neck. Dick did not have a chance to either block or dodge it.

When he landed gracefully on the ground, Damian immediately swung his leg around in an arc, hitting Grayson squarely in the gut before another kick squarely to Grayson's knee.

"Jesus, Damian…I'm not freakin' Two-Face." Nightwing swore as he gripped his leg in pain. As much as his loved his little bro, sparring with him was not Nightwing's favorite thing in the world. So often Damian really went at him like he was an actually enemy.

"I didn't mean to hit you that hard…are you alright?" Robin asked with sudden guilt, kneeling down next to his older brother.

When an opening presented itself, Nightwing's fingers reached for Robin's sides and wiggled against them.

"Eheeheeheeheeheep!" Robin yelped, quickly shoving Nightwing away.

Nightwing raised an eyebrow.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Damian snapped.

"Really?" Nightwing grinned.

Nightwing suddenly swiveled around and wrapped his legs around Robin's right leg in a lock, tripping him so he landed on his stomach.

"Are you serious?" Robin demanded as he tried to free himself after Nightwing sat on his back

"You're serious enough for the both of us." Dick replied before starting to tickle Damian's sides.

"AhA! GrAAYssON!….HAOhohaa…SsToOoPP!"

Damian started laughing as Dick continued tickling him for a few seconds before the younger boy was able to pull himself out from underneath the older one.

"What the hell was that?" Damian demanded, much angrier this time, and more unbalanced than Dick had seen him in the past.

"I'm just trying to help you loosen up." Dick explained. "If you were any more wound up, you'd be a timex."

"Do you think The Scarecrow is ticklish? Do you think that's going to work the next time we fight him?"

"I don't know, we'll have to try it next time. Maybe it'd go easier for us."

Robin had to bite his lip to stop a slight smile from appearing on his face as he charged forward and came at Nightwing with kicks. Nightwing responded with punches which forced Robin to stumble backwards. However, when Nightwing swung again Robin caught his arm and pulled it behind Dick's back.

Before the team leader could retaliate Robin's free hand was digging into Nightwing's ribs. Not expecting that at all, Nightwing exploded with laughter.

"Heeeeeyy! Wha...tthahaahhhaareyoudoing?"

"Turnabout is fair play." Robin responded, smirking.

"HAHAHAHAHAoaoaGGEetTooOFFF!" Nightwing managed before he leaped away from his younger brother.

"Now, can we go back to actual fighting now?"

"No." Nightwing smiled as he shook his head. "No, we can't."

He then lunged for Robin, going for a single leg take down. Nightwing got Robin down who rolled onto his stomach but Nightwing wrapped his legs around Robin's so he couldn't escape.

From there, he proceeded to scribble his fingers all over Damian's socked sole.

"I enjoy hearing you laugh for a change."

"N-nohohahahahahahahah! Stahahahahahahap tickling mehehahahahahahah!" Damian attempted to yank his foot free as it was tickled, the thin fabric of his sock doing little to protect him. "Hahahahahahahahaha!"

Damian's foot wiggled around as he laughed, his toes curling in an effort to lessen the sensations. "Aaahahahahahahah! Let gohohahahah!" No matter how hard he tried, Damian couldn't seem to fight his way out of Grayson's grasp. "Stohohahahahahahahap! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

"I can do this all day," Dick said with a smirk, tickling all over Damian's foot. The heel, arch and the sole of his foot, causing Damian to honest to god shriek.

"Aaahahahahahahah! I-I said stahahahahahahahap! Eeeeee!"

After another minute or so, Dick decided to peel off the black sock, leaving Damian's foot bare.

Gritting his teeth in frustration, Damian again tried to tug free. "Don't you dare! I'm warning you Grayson-AAAHHH!" He could feel Dick's fingers scribbling all over his barefoot and immediately was overcome with more laughter.


Damian's head shifted back and forth until he realized that Dick's foot was right by his hand and Dick was already barefoot. In a desperate attempt, Damian grabbed a hold of Dick's ankle and began tickling his foot in return. That caused Dick to let go and Damian began tickling Dick's feet in revenge.

Damian proceeded to tickle him faster and more aggressively, targeting every inch of Grayson's foot. He targeted Dick's heel and arch, as well as the upper areas of his sole.

"How do you like it?" Damian demanded.

"Nohohahahahahahahah! C'mon, stohohahahahahahap! I mean ihihihihihihihit!" Dick was desperate to get away from his younger brother, but between the iron grip that Damian had on his ankle, and the fact that it was nearly impossible to concentrate on breaking free, there was really nothing that he could do.

"Hahahahahahahahah! Damianahahahaha!"

"No! Now let go-Aaahhh! Aahahahahahahaha!" Dick broke down into a fit of laughter as Damian's fingers danced all over his bare sole. "Stop! Stahahahahahap!"

"Did you stop?" Damian demanded. "I'm not going to either!"

Damian continued to tickle all over Grayson's sole, from his heel, all the way to the ball of his foot. However, he wasn't laughing nearly as hard as Damian would've liked, so he began to target Grayson's toes as well.

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHEY! NOT THAHAHAHAT!" Dick desperately tried to break free, but just couldn't get away, Damian was attached to him like a bloodthirsty tick.

"All you have to do is give up and admit that I'm a better." Damian remarked, getting underneath Grayson's toes. His fingers scribbled along the bases and undersides, before going back to his heels.


Finally, Dick used his other let to kick Damian away, hard enough to make Damian loosen his grip, allowing Grayson to wrench free. Now more agitated than ever, Nightwing tackled Robin to the padded floor.

Without a moment of hesitation, Dick pounced on top of his younger brother and straddled his waist, digging his fingers into Damian's stomach.

"Give up?" Dick grinned.

"Never." Damian spat before managed to twist out from under Grayson and tackling him to the ground.

He sat on his waist for a moment, tickling his ribs. However, trying to keep Grayson down underneath him was a bad idea on Damian's part. Dick still had the height and weight advantage over him.

Dick grabbed Damian's wrists before rolling them over so that he was back on top.

"Your arrogance is going to be your downfall," Dick said with a smirk, tickling all over Damian's upper body. His ribs, his sides, and his underarms.


"You know exactly what to do, or say, if you want me to stop," Dick replied in a loud voice so that Damian could hear him over his own laughter.

"N-oooooo!" Damian could feel Grayson's fingers spidering all over his abdomen, and he squirmed around helplessly.

Dick let out a sigh, tickling Damian's sides and ribs, as well as his stomach. "Always so stubborn..."

Damian could only lie there and take it, trapped underneath Grayson while laughing and yelling at Dick to stop.

"How much longer do you two plan on keeping this up?" Starfire asked. She and Raven had come back to the apartment from and mall and the both of them had been watching the whole thing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GET OFF MEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA!" Damian yelled, now embarrassed that this whole 'fight' was actually being seen by others but Dick on the other hand could care less.

"Looks like I have no choice." Dick got off Damian, whom attempted to get up, more focused on getting away then on winning anymore. "Not so fast!"

Damian felt his legs being pinned down and he looked over his shoulder with utter horror as Grayson stared at his upturned soles. He removed Damian's other sock. "Grayson, don't you dare!"

Dick glanced at him. "Do you give up?"

"Of course not!" Damian snapped indignantly. His pride and ego refused to let Grayson beat him like this.

With that, Dick mercilessly scribbled his fingers all over both of Damian's bare feet, sitting on the backs of Damian's legs to ensure that he couldn't escape.

"AAAAHHHHHNOHOHAHAHAHAHA!" Damian burst into a new fit of hysterical laughter. He could feel Grayson tickling along the bottoms of his feet, hitting all the sensitive spots. "STOP! GRAAAAAYSOONNN! STOHOHAHAHAP!"

"Do you give up?" Dick smiled, not letting up at all.


Shocked that Damian had actually begged him, Dick stopped tickling him once and for all.

"Looks like I win," he bragged. with a smile as he moved off his legs. Damian's head hit the mat with a light 'thump'. Damian rolled over so he was lying on his back, panting and struggling to regain composure.

Dick rubbed Damian's feet for a minute, trying to help get rid of the post-tickling itchiness before getting up. Dick walked over to Starfire and wrapped an arm around her neck.

"You two are so cute." Starfire smiled as she and her boyfriend walked away. Raven came over to sit down next to Damian who was still getting his breath back.

"So, you're ticklish?" Raven smiled. "I'll have to remember that."

Damian glared at her and jumped to his feet.

"Don't even think about it, Raven!" He then swore a plethora of obscenities under his breath as he swore to get back at his older brother for this.
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