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Totta and Mesha Adventures

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Growing up, Totta learns that not everyone is quite what they seem to be but when she finds Mesha, they become the best of friends and go on adventures too.

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Early Beginnings

What was the time? Where was time? What is a soul? Where do souls go? Where is here? It was hard to see but life prevailed underneath the dirt and in between the worms and crawling creatures of the soil. A child surrounded in a cocoon of total darkness lies rest until it is interrupted. It heard other voices surrounded it, sometimes exited sounding and other times silent. But as the voices came and gone like the waxing and waning of the moon, there was one prominent voice that stayed behind.

This voice was stern, low and welcoming. Sometimes the voice felt like it was reaching out to the child and it specifically.

“Hello child. I know you're here with me, I heart beating not to far from me! It sounds like your peers are long gone without you. I guess it takes a while for you to leave the nest too, huh? Well, I'm not sure who you are but I'll introduce myself: The name's Ricker! I used to travel the lands until an unfortunate event happened and ended up with me becoming beheaded and buried in this here soil! Do you know what soil is? Do you know that we are on an Island? You're probably too young to know what any of these things are, but let me tell you a little more of the world you're going into.

I am what is called a Bonni according to this one human I met a while ago. You're probably one too, otherwise you would not be able to hear me.

You rest within the Island called Chur. Not many come out here and it's pretty barren of social life outside of the ravaging monsters crawling about! I was doing some research about the island to gather more history about our kind and I found much to my interest. You, I, and the other Bonnis cannot die. We might change a bit but we don't really die. Death is indescribable to our way of life. In this case, I am changing. I am still growing and learning everyday despite being stuck in the soil devoided of my last life.

You child, are growing too. One of these days, you and I will dig ourselves out of the dirt and walk again as many of our ancestors have and continue to do. What you will do with your new life is unknowing to me, but if there is anything I can teach you, anything that hope will steer you to a more purposeful life is to go to the cities. They have everything you'll ever hope for and more! Chur is nothing but a wasteland compared to this place but don't forget where you started. In this land, in the soil. Do not forget about me child! Do not forget to go to the city at any chance you can get!”

After some time, the child's heart begins to beat rapidly. It gains mobility to it's limbs and the soil loosens its grip. The voice in the distance reacts to the movement.

“Oh, you're moving! You're going to leave me so soon?”

The tiny hands of the child digs into the dirt, carving out the organic ceiling and becoming exposed to the tiny glimpse of sunlight. The light shines down on its face with a stinging blindness, but it just excites it to dig on. Nevertheless, it pulls itself out of the ground and onto the grass.

“Don't forget the city!” One last discombobulated voice cries out. The child, who's arms were heavy by now laid out in the grass and rested.

Time passes and the child wakes up, looking across the grass. There is is nothing but holes surrounding them. Were these too made by children? It grabs a clump of the gentle blades grass and throws it into its mouth. The taste of it was so repulsive that it spat out the clump within an instant. “Heghh!” A green glob spattered onto the ground. The sight of the even brighter glob marveled the child's curiously but it would end as a gush of air sent shivers down its spine. The worst was yet to come.

The air was getting colder and the sound of a low growl perked it's ears. A pain in it's stomach rose with the sound of each growl. They placed their hand on their chest and and felt that the grumbling was coming from within. “Uh.” The child needed to chew on more things to silence the beast from within, so it crawled around chewing whatever could bite. It chewed on rocks, bugs, snails, mushrooms but the growl only grew stronger! On of frustration, it kicked a rock and quickly reaped the consequences!

Everything was interesting but terrifying at the same time. The newborn couldn't make sense of it all, and screamed in confusion. It didn't know how to stop with beast within their belly from growling nor the pain in their foot from throbbing. The air sent chills, leaving it to feel even more unpleasant. It needed to escape such discomfort and quickly!

Several crawls away from their point of birth, it rested on a pile of leaves. The orange, crunchy but fragile served as a great spot for comfort. It held a little warmth and provided a softness that neither grass nor dirt could satisfy. The child felt heavy from searching for a spot that it had instantly blacked out wrapped in the orange decaying matter.

“Hey, hey! Are you okay?” A new, clearer voice approaching. ”Child, you're bare! Have you just begun your life?“

The loud intrusive voice had awoken the tiny thing! Just when it felt like it found a good place to rest too! The child looked up to see a stout person walking toward it. She help it stand up and gave it her shawl. ”You must be hungry!“

Chapter 2

Years went by and the child was thriving. She learned so many things and that was all thanks to her new mother. The new mother decided to call child her Totta. Her mother taught her about the ocean, lands, sky, and stars. She taught her how to patch a wound and how to speak.

“Totta, what's the matter?” Asked her mother.

“Mother,” She asked, “Why did I come out of the ground?”

“Why all children come from the ground, Totta.”

“What happened to the other children?”

“What other children?”

“The ones I heard in the ground with me?“

”I don't know what you're talking about, there are no other children here.“

”But there were holes where I was.“

”Maybe they left, I don't know. You were the only one I found.“

”And there was another voice. One that sounded closer to yours than of mine. It was talking to me about going somewhere. It told me to go there no matter what.“

”I can't say who or what that voice was but you're fine here, Totta. You've got everything! A loving mother, grass to play in, good food and a warm roof over your head! Why would you want to ever leave? You don't want to leave your mother do you, Totta?“

“No mother, I don't want to leave you...I just wanted to know.“

Mother hugs Totta so much, that she lifts her off the ground and swings her from side to side and then tickles her.

”Hehhehehehheheh... Hehehehehehe. Mother please! I can barely speak!”

“You're not gonna leave momma, right Totta?”

"Heheheheheh! Hahahahah!"


Totta, barely able to keep her breath wheezes out a chuckling no until her mother stopped and dropped her on the floor.

”That's what I like to hear,“ Her mother retorts, “Now go to bed before I tickle you again!”

Totta barely catching up on her breath hops up and dashes to her room.

“Goodnight dear!”

“Night, Mother!”

Totta slams her door and their interactions cease for the night.

The next day, mother was in the kitchen as Totta sat by the table. The sound of clashing metal and the hissing of the pan over the fire could be heard all the way into the dining room.

”Wow, it sure is noisy in here!“

”Not now, Totta! We're having guest over so make the table.“

”Yes ma!“

Totta grabbed three mats and placed it on the table then placed the cutlery and glasses down. She went outside and plucked some wildflowers and set them into a vase in the middle of the table, and lastly, she poured water into each of the three glasses and sat down.
Mother, rushed out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

”She's coming anytime soon! Make sure you look well kept and keep from sneezing!“

”Yea ma.“

Totta rushed to her room and put on some day clothes and carried her favorite teddy with her back to the dining room. There mother was dressed up fancy and gathering dishes of fish porridge and placing it at the center of the table along with cooked weeds and fried eggs. She put her teddy in the fourth chair at the table and sat down.

“Oh no, your friend can't be here today.”

“But Mother, Lissau wants to meet the guest!”

“No, not today. You don't want to embarrass your mother do you?”

“No mother.” Totta sighs.

“Then hurry and get her to your room!”

Totta's eyes were becoming fluid-like but she did as her mother wanted. Lissau was returned to the room. “I promise we'll have breakfast next time, Lissau.”

She returned to the dining room table and there she met her mother's friend. Most of mother's friends only stayed for a short time, hardly ever say anything to the kid and then leaves.

Nights would go by and Totta was feeling restless. She would wake up in sweats, then hug her plushy.

“Lissau, it's a shame that you can't speak because I really would love to speak to someone right about now.” Lissau was a skinny stick with six appendages that had a stubby little head and acorn eyes. She resembled much of a lizard if a lizard was mummified with rigor mortise being cooked over a fire. Although mother saw it as something dirty that belonged to be served as wood for her stove, Totta saw it as her friend. The only friend she had.

"I wonder where the other kids went. Do they have mommas too?" Totta looked up at the moon outside her window. It was round an illuminated blue. Oh how she yearned to be like the moon! Out and among her friends, the stars!
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