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Strange Things Creeping

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What Totta discovers terrifies her.

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It was morning. The ground was full of fluffy white snow. The kind of snow that soft enough to play in. Totta woke up to the surprise of the snow landing in from the sky. She didn't know what to do so she rushed into her mother's room and hopped in the bed, awaking her mother.

"Wha-what are you doing in here?"

"Mom! Something's happened to the sky! And the ground! And-and!"

Mother looks out of the window and sees the snowflakes dancing their way down.

"Why, that's snow! It's your very first snow day," Mother cheered at the sight of her daughter's surprise, "It's been so long since I've seen it snow on the islands, it's bringing up memories from my own childhood." Mother leaves from the bed. "You stay right there, I got something."

Mother walks into the closet. Totta watched her from a distance as she throws out some clothing and grumbles to herself. "Where did I put it?" Her mother continued to throw more clothing onto the floor. "There!"

Mother exits the closet with an orange coat that matched with some pants and purple matching mittens, gloves, and a hat.

"What are those?"

"It's to keep you warm. We're going outside."

Totta put on the clothing while her mother dressed up in a big red coat. Mother was the first to open the door and Totta just stood there: The scenery was engulfed in white fluff. She looked back to her mother.

"Is this normal?"

"What? Of course it's normal! It just doesn't come by all the time. Now go and play!"

Mother pushes the child outside and she trips and falls into the snow.

She lifts her head out of the pile.

"This is a lot softer than I expected."

Totta then rolls around in the snow. It was cold but the coat kept her warm. Her mother joins in rolling around in the snow too.

"What do you think of this?"

"Think of what?"

Mother, hiding her arms behind her back reveals a snowball and dumps it on Totta's head.

"Ah! That's cold!"

Totta's mother laughs at the sight of her discomfort.

"Why I otta! You're next!"

Totta makes a snow ball but before she could throw it, her mother runs behind a tree and throws another snowball.


Quickly, Totta hides behind a stack of wood. She gathers as much snow as her hands could carry and makes a large snowball.

"You can't get me!"

Her mother throws another snowball but she hides right in the nick of time and it hits the stack of wood.

"Nah! Nah!" Totta taunts, sticking her tongue out and wiggling her hands, "you're too slow!"

Mother runs to get closer to the child but then Totta lunges her snowball at her.

"Take that!" It was so heavy, it barely leaves the ground and plops in front of her mother.

"Nice try but you're not strong enough."

"Nice try! I got ya!"

Totta pies her mother with a snowball and runs away.

"Not funny! Come back here!"

Mother wipes the snow from her face and chases her around the house. But when Totta thought she had outran her mother, she saw something she couldn't believe her eyes. A child. She was dressed in rags and looked dirty. Totta walks to her, but the child backs away.

"What's going on? what are you looking at?"

Behind Totta was her mother. She turns around. "There's another child like me! They're in the woods!"

"Child? I don't see anything."

"She's right here."

Totta walks to the girl but she backs away, slowly.

"It's okay, you don't need to be afraid! I won't bite, and neither will mother." The child glances behind Totta.

The mother locks eyes with the child. Her face begins to furl. She rushes to the Totta.

"Oh no! That's not a child!" She grabs Totta by the arm and the child runs away.

"What? Let go of me!"

"Totta, I'm doing this for your own good."

Her mother drags her back into the house.

"That was not a child. If you got close to it, you won't know what would have happened to you! You could have gotten hurt!"

"But she looked like me."

Mother gives out a deep sigh and sits her down at the couch.

"Dear, there are many things in this world. Some things are good and others are bad. There's a lot of bad things that live in these woods. They might seem harmless from far away but if you get close to them, they might eat you."

"I don't believe that..."

"Totta, those things are dangerous! You don't believe me now but you'll regret it if they nab you. Promise me you won't go near it again."

"Okay. I promise mom."

"That's my girl!"

The day passes and it is night. Thoughts of the girl in the woods riddles Totta's mind. She couldn't shake it. What if the girl was just like her and was hungry? What if the girl was cold? Totta got up, got dressed and left for the outdoors. It was a silent night and she was carrying bread and a scarf.

"Hey girl!" Shouted Totta. " Where are you? I got you some bread and a scarf. I know you're hungry!"

The forest. A dark place unknown to her. The furthest place that Totta had ventured off to was at the time of her birth. Without her mother, she doesn't get to see other parts of the lands. Totta wanted to venture the forest, wanted to see if the girl was still hanging around hungry and cold...She didn't like that there could be others walking around in the cold with nothing warm to wear. Coming to the conclusion, she perched the bread and scarf on a wooden fence post. It wasn't her time to go but maybe she'll be able to explore one day.

”Stay safe.”

Totta leaves back to the warmth of her home. The next morning, she woke up from her warm blankets and headed to the window. She looked down at the wooden post and noticed that the bread and scarf was gone to her surprise. She got dressed and went into the kitchen. Her mother was there, cooking something that smelled like something sweet and savory.

“Morning mother,“ she greets nasally, ”What are you making today?“

Mother stops what she is doing and feels Totta's forehead.

”Darling, are you sick?“


“You've got a fever!” Mother withdraws her hand and takes her to the couch. ”I guess being out in the cold was too much for you! Just stay here and Momma will make you something warm.“

”But I don't feel sick.“

Mother takes a shawl off of her shoulders and places it over Totta and returns to the kitchen.

”You just rest your little heart there!“

Totta laid on the couch. Her eyes laden with confusion when she sees a dark spot in the window at the corner of her eye, but when she turns her head it all gets clearer. There was a grill at the window. She looked to be wearing the scarf she left out last night.


”Hey what?“

Mother had returned with a bowl of porridge and a glass of water and places it on a small table near her daughter and out of fear, Totta looks away from the window.

”Nothing! I was just practicing up on greetings! Hey! Hello! How's the weather?“

”You're in no shape to be talking right now, eat up and then go to your bed.“

”But I'm not tired mother!“

”I know you were doing last night."

Everything went silent until a loud and unnerving quake had started.

" Oh.. You do-do?"

The sound was getting louder and louder. Totta couldn't hear anything but the loud quake. It seemed to even cloud over her mother's voice.

"Do you hear that sound?"

Her mother continues to talk but she can't hear her. The quake was getting greater.


She looked at her mother's lips. She could see she's forming and curling into what she understands as 'do you hear me?" But her heart beats through her chest.

"Totta, do you hear me?"

She looks back at the window and looks back to her mother.


A warm hand rests on her shoulder and the beating stops.

"Totta? Are you okay?"

"I'm, I'm fine."

"You look pale. I want you to finish breakfast and then go to your bed."

"But ma!"

"Don't but me! It's for your own good! You shouldn't have played outside last night."

Her mother leaves back into the kitchen, but when she looked back at the window, the girl was gone.

The next day, things were getting better. Totta had to stay indoors as a punishment for going outside. She stared outside the window and saw that it was snowing once again. She pressed her face upon the glass, feeling the crisp coldness on her face. Not too far from her was her mother, reading a book.

“This is worse than being sick!” Cried Totta.

“Well, you should have listened to me when I told you not to go out there. Right?”

Totta lifts her face and looks at her mother. Mother on the other hand was not looking in her direction. Here eyes were still locked to her book.

“Right Totta?”

Totta looks away with weary eyes. ”Right mother.“
”That's my girl! The first thing to learning is to admit that your mother is always right!“

Totta doesn't say anything but looks outside yet again. There was another child passing through the yard. She gasps.

”What's the matter?“ Her mother looking up from her book this time.

”Oh it's nothing. I just saw a small creature pass by.“

Her mother returns to reading. “Whatever.”

Totta glanced at her mother but mother doesn't look up at her.

“Mom, when can I go back outside?”

“When you've earn the right to.”

“But mom! Isn't being stuck inside enough?”

Her mother closes her book and chuckles.

“You've got a lot to learn about manners, my child! I'm your mother, I make the rules!“


Totta stared out the window yet again and saw nothing but snowy foot prints left by the child.

”Mom, why do you call the kid that looked like me a monster? If she was really a monster, wouldn't she have attacked us?“

”Totta, not this again! I thought I told you that they are dangerous! You have yet to learn about this world. You don't want to end up back in the garden again, do you? Do you know what happens to children that are disobedient?“

”Well, there was a voice in the garden. I kinda miss-“

”NO! Totta! You're supposed to say NO! If you get hurt badly, if something dangerous happens, you'll return back to the ground and I-I-“

Mother begins to tremble. Tears flow out of her eyes as she tries to complete her sentence. Totta rushes to her aid, wrapping her arm around her.

” don't know if I'll ever get to see you again!“

Her mother wraps her arms around the child, curling her arms around her. Tears can be felt on the her shoulder, so she pats her rmother's back.

”I'm sorry mom! I didn't mean to scare you, don't cry! I only wanted to see other kids like me, but I won't go near the monsters.“

”You mean so much to me dear, I don't want to lose you, ever!“

Totta looks down and out the window behind her mother. There were more footsteps in the yard. Totta was curious about the child. Maybe it had came back for more food, but she couldn't investigate after telling her mother she wouldn't go near them.
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