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Digital Superjail!

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What happens when the Warden and Jared get transported to the Amazing Digital Circus?

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Long ago, I watched Superjail. Then I began to rewatch it again. In the meantime, I saw the super hit Youtube Vid The Amazing Digital Circus! Very awesome! While I was on my Pickle Tour, I wondered what if Jared and The Warden got transported to the Digital Circus? Wanted to write another fanfic to make up for lost time.

And Now Our Fanfic Presentation!

In the eccentric world of Superjail, chaos always seemed to accompany the daily routines. The Warden, an eccentric yet lovable character, teamed up with his ever-faithful accountant, Jared, to whip up a batch of tantalizing brownies. Jared was up to his neck in paperwork.

"Hey, Jared! You thinking what I'm thinking!" asked The Warden.

"I gotta finish this paperwork first." Jared implied.

"Well, take a break because we're going to make some pot brownies!" announced the Warden.

"For us?" asked Jared.

"No for the prisoners!" answers the Warden.

Little did they know that their baking adventure would take a bizarre twist. As they mixed the ingredients, a devious grin adorned the Warden's face. With each stir, he turned the tasty treat into a weapon for his twisted amusement.

The oven dings after 30 minutes and the brownies are done. "Okay, Jared! Now go serve these pot brownies to the prisoners." ordered The Warden.

"Whatever you say, Boss." Jared says. Meanwhile, Jared, caught in the middle of the madness, reluctantly played his part in the Warden's peculiar schemes.

When Jared served the pot brownies to all the prisoners. The reaction they got from the pot brownies were either hallucinatory bad trips or getting viciously violent towards one another.

Suddenly, amidst the chaos, a mysterious portal materialized in the midst of Superjail's kitchen via the cake pan. The Warden's eyes widened with delight, sensing a new opportunity for adventure. Eager to explore the unknown, he beckoned Jared to follow him through the swirling vortex.

"Holy shit Jared! Get a load of this!" exclaimed the Warden.

"Looks like a door to another dimension." Jared says.

"Grab a hold of my top hat, Jared! We're going in!" The Warden said. "But but, we got Superjail to run! We can't just abandon it and..." Jared says as he was being dragged away by the Warden!

"Too late! We're going! It'll be like the fucking Sliders! Besides, let Alice take over for a while!" The Warden says with excitement.

Without a moment's hesitation, they found themselves transported to a place beyond their wildest imagination—the Amazing Digital Circus. The vibrant colors, mind-bending illusions, and strange creatures fascinated the Warden, but Jared couldn't help but feel a sense of unease.

"Is this a circus?!" asked Jared. "Why yes it is! It's almost like Water For Elephants so to speak!" The Warden says.

The Warden and Jared run into Caine. They both scream at him.

"Hello! And welcome to the Amazing Digital Circus!" Caine greets them. "Holy shit! Does he even have a face?" asked Jared. "I know right, it's like he has dentures and eyeballs!" The Warden says.

The Enigmatic Pomni and Ragatha appear Before the Warden. "BBBAAAHHH! A JESTER AND A RAG DOLL?!?!" screams both The Warden and Jared. Before either the Warden or Jared could fully comprehend their new surroundings, Jared was abruptly snatched away by the enigmatic figures known as Pomni and Ragatha.

"That's it asshole!" pointed out Pomni. "You're coming with us!" Ragatha says. "That's the price he pays for insulting my appearence!" Caine added.

"WARDEN! HELP! IF YOU CARED ABOUT ME AT ALL! SAVE ME!!!!!" Jared yells out as Pomni and Ragatha were pulling him away.

"What did you do to my friend?" asked The Warden. Panic struck the Warden's face as he realized his loyal companion had been taken captive. Determined to rescue Jared, the Warden embarked on a thrilling quest through the mesmerizing and unpredictable world of the Amazing Digital Circus.

"He insulted us and so did you! Consider this your punishment!" Caine tells the Warden. "Oh fuck! Is this Taken all of a sudden? Guess I'm Liam Neeson! The Warden rolls his eyes as he knows there is nothing but danger and peril ahead for him.


The Warden encountered a myriad of eccentric characters, each testing his resolve and pushing him to his limits. The first one he runs into is Jax the Rabbit.

"Why hello there, stranger!" said Jax. "Who are you?" asked the Warden. "I'm Jax the Rabbit! If you want your friend back, you will complete these tasks!"

"What are these 'tasks'?" asked the Warden. "Why they're circus tricks of course. The first one you have to solve is this one..." Jax says, opening a curtain it reveals a stage with hoops of fire and a lion.

"Let me guess, I have to tame this lion? What am I? The Postman Always Rings Twice?" says The Warden in a sarcastic sense.

"No, not tame, ride this lion though the hoops of fire! Only one thing," said Jax. "Sighs Fine? What is it?" asks the Warden.

"We know you're a shapeshifter. So you cannot use your powers for this!" said Jax.

"Okay!" said the Warden taking this place riding on the lion though hoops of fire. "All the shit I have to do to get Jared back!" The Warden bemoaned.

Without the use of his powers, The Warden was able to complete the course with the lion and hoops of fire.

"Good job! That was awesome! Now your next challange!" Jax tells the Warden.

"What is it now?" The Warden wanted to know.

"Tightrope and avoid the monkeys coming at you!" Jax says.

"Here I go." said the Warden. Walking the tightrope and avoiding the monkeys, the Warden tries to make it though.

As the Warden was going though the circus feats. In another part of the Digital Circus, Caine was interogating Jared along with Ragatha and Pomni. Jared was in a cage.

"Let me out! Let me out! I work in a prison and now I'm in one? What type of bullshit is this!" Jared shouts.

Caine yells at Jared, "Quiet down young man!" Pomni and Ragatha walk around Jared in the cage.

"From what we understand you're an accountant is that correct?" asked Pomni. "Yes, what of it?" asked Jared.

"You are going to tell us all of your accountant skills so you can help us make money!" Ragatha says.

"Why do I have to do that?" Jared pondered.

"So we can gain a profit and build Amazing Digital Circuses around the world!" Caine says.

"What does that mean for Superjail?" Jared spoke out. "It means we're going to turn that into our main office."

"But if you do that, The Warden and I will be out of a job!" Jared tries to reason. "Exactly what our plan is! Now tell us your accounting skills!" Pomni demands.

"Uhh, I don't know where to begin. I'm sorry." Jared trying like hell to get out of helping Caine, Pomni, and Ragatha turn Superjail into Digital Circus Main Office!

"Come on! There's no pain! There's no pain in telling us all about accounting!" Caine said.

"The Warden will kill me if I tell and....." Jared says. "Okay you asked for it. If you don't tell us your accountant secrets, we will feed you to the lions!" Ragatha warns Jared.

"I don't know what to do....." cries Jared. Now Jared was faced with spilling the beans or being Lion Chow. "Why do I have to tell?" Jared protested. "Because we're going to make a Moneyball!" said Caine.

"And be Wolves Of Wall Street!" Ragatha and Pomni said together. Jared decides to give in. "All right. I surrender. I'll tell you everything you need to know."

Meanwhile, The Warden finished the tightrope monkey walk. "What's next?" Jax points to the next course, jumping from one ball to another.

Agreeing to do the course, The Warden jumps from one ball and to another ball and so on.

"Good good, you have excellent eqiulibrium!" Jax says.

Wanting to get out of doing the course, the Warden pretends to fall and gets injured. Jax runs to him.

"OOOOOH! YYYYEEEEOOOOOWWW! YYYYEEEECCCCHHHHH! I'm hurt really bad! I think it might be a compound fracture!" The Warden acted out jumping on one leg while grabbing his other.

Jax says, "I'll get you some help and you can continue....." Thanks to his quick wittedness, The Warden throws the circus ball at Jax's face and runs away.


Making a quick getaway. The Warden used his shapeshifter powers to morph into a toothpick jump into an air duct.

"Now let's get to the truth about why Jared and I were sent here to this fucking ass circus!" The Warden said turning back to his normal self.


As the Warden delved deeper into the circus via the air ducts, he uncovered the truth behind Pomni and Ragatha's motives. They sought to harness Jared's accounting skills for their own nefarious purposes. "So," The Warden looked though the air duct and saw Caine, Ragatha, and Pomni pestering Jared.

"These circus assfucks want to turn Superjail into their main office, hey?" The Warden speaking softly to himself. Careful not to be spotted.

Fuelled by his love for his friend and a sense of justice, the Warden fought his way through the air duct mind-bending challenges and surreal encounters. Getting out of the air duct, the Warden sees it lead to The Tent.

"Shit! Now I'm lost! What the hell did I do wrong?" the Warden questioned himself. In an expected twist, Jax spots him!

"HA! I knew you weren't hurt! You tricked me!" Jax confronted the Warden.

"So I did! I just want to get Jared and get the fuck out of here and return to Superjail!" The Warden explains.

"No that won't do. That won't do at all. For your refusal of going though the courses! I'm going to make you regret that you never would've crossed us the way you did!" Jax says.

"How are you going to do that? I have powers you know!" The Warden tells him.

Jax says, "You're coming with me to The Grounds!" Jax hits The Warden with a stick and takes him over to The Grounds.

With his unyielding spirit, the Warden faced the ultimate test—a showdown with Pomni and Ragatha.

"Now you will have to face off Pomni and Ragatha in the Ball Pits and Mini Golf!" Jax informs the Warden.

"We'll beat you!" said Ragatha. "All right, I volunteer as tribute!" The Warden agrees. "If you win, we'll let you go back to Superjail." said Pomni. "If you lose we kill you, keep Jared for ourselves to get accounting tips from him then your precious domain will be our main office!" Caine says.

Jared from the cage shouts out, "PLEASE! WIN! WIN! WHATEVER YOU DO! PLEASE WIN! I don't want to be an accountant for this jester, rag doll, or a pair of dentures!" "Caine told off Jared, "Hey! What did I just say a while ago? If you must know, I happen to be sensitive about my appearance! Watch your mouth!" "Yes sir." Jared sighs.

First, The Warden had to swim in the ball pit and race against Pomni and Ragatha. Just as Pomni and Ragatha were about to get ahead of the Warden, he turns himself into a shark and eats the balls in the ball pit and races to the finish. Jax watches while he grinds his teeth in frustration.

"Okay, you won the Ball Pit Round." said Pomni. "You're pretty good." said Ragatha. "Now you will do the mini golf!" said Caine.

"Beat them Warden! Beat them so we can go home!" Jared begged for his freedom.

"Ha! I'll Happy Gilmore you bitches!" The Warden tells Pomni and Ragatha.

Pomni, Ragatha, and The Warden were taking turns playing put put golf. Ragatha and Pomni got some holes in one while The Warden kept missing. Jared was watching and breaking out in a sweat in his cage. In a thrilling display of wits, bravery, and determination. The Warden now was hitting more holes in one then Pomni and Ragatha were. For the Warden outsmarted the deceptive duo, rescuing Jared from their clutches by unlocking his cage.

"YAY! I'm free!" said Jared. "You're only going to be an accountant for me!" The Warden says.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOO!! He was supposed to lose!" Jax ranted.

"Okay, you win! Go back to Superjail now!" said Caine. "Thank you." said The Warden. Jax walks up both Jared and The Warden.

"You both can go home. But whatever you do. Never return to the Amazing Digital Circus!" warns Jax.

"Really? Why not?" asks Jared. "You don't want to know!" said Caine. Ragatha and Pomni find a cake pan. "What's this?"

"Oh that was from when he made pot brownies for our prisoners." The Warden explained.

The cake pan opened the portal and Jared and The Warden were back in Superjail. Ragatha and Pomni decide to keep the cake pan.

"Hmmm, pot brownies..." wonders Pomni. "We can use this in the future!" said Ragatha. "Of course! Maybe we can get them back someday!" said Jax.

Having triumphed over the odds, the Warden and Jared emerged from the Amazing Digital Circus victorious. Grateful for their friendship and the lessons they had learned along the way, they returned to Superjail with a newfound appreciation for teamwork and the power of loyalty. "Wow, Warden! Thanks for saving my ass back there! I thought you hated me." said Jared.

"No way. Without you, I don't..hmmm, how can I say this...well...uhhh..oh never mind." The Warden says.

As they resumed their daily routines, the memories of their extraordinary adventure lingered, reminding them to cherish the bonds they had forged. The Warden vowed to protect Superjail from chaos and use his eccentricities for good, keeping Jared by his side as a trusted ally. And so, their extraordinary journey concluded, but the Warden and Jared were forever changed, ready to face any new challenge that may come their way.

In fact, one was happening right in front of them. The Warden and Jared see the prisoners still haven't recovered from their after effects from the Pot Brownies. Alice runs up to them both, "Where the fuck have you two been all day! FIX THIS!"

"Right away, Alice!" The Warden assured.

"Uhhhh, You think we should build a rehab center in Superjail?" Jared asks.

"You took the words right out of my mouth!" The Warden said.
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