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Big Feet Alternate Ending

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This is an alternate ending to the Big Feet Episode of The Tom and Jerry Show that aired in 1975

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My next fanfic is....Tom and Jerry! My own version of what I thought should have happened at the end of the Big Feet episode! Saw it when i was a kid, Sigh What am I doing with my life?

Big Feet was a creature who was seemingly terrorizing a National State Park. Scaring off all the lumberjacks who worked there. The head ranger LeChopp was crying thinking that all was lost. That was until LeChopp hammered in a Help Wanted sign. Sure enough, help did come. In the form of a tall grey cat and a small brown mouse.

They were Tom and Jerry.

LeChopp happily hires Tom and Jerry. The first mission that was given to them was catch the elusive Big Feet. After a series of traps that have failed. Big Feet was nowhere around as of yet. When Tom and Jerry were sleeping in their tent, Big Feet arrives. Not to mention causing an Earthquake anywhere he walked.

Waking them up, Big Feet trips over a cord used to hold up the tent Tom and Jerry were sleeping in. The tent rolled up the three, and went down the hill taking Tom and Jerry as well as Big Feet along with it. "HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!" Bigfeet cried for help. The tent with Big Feet wrapped around arrived at the doorstep of LeChopp.

"Is this the monster, Big Feet? Big Feet!" LeChopp exclaimed in happiness. Jerry pops out of the tent. "OH no! Big Feet has Jerry! I will save you!" LeChopp picked Jerry out of the tent believing Jerry was captured by Big Feet. Then LeChopp assumes Big Feet has captured Tom when Tom pops out of the tent.

"The monster has captured Tom as well! In no time I will rescue you from Big Feet!" LaChopp says now that he's pulled out Tom from the tangled tent.

Struggling to get out of the tent, Big Feet was shouting for help.

"Huh? What is this?" LaChopp asked himself as Tom and Jerry were watching.

"HELP! HELP! HELP ME OUT OF HERE!" protested Big Feet.

Not really helping Big Feet out of the tent, LeChopp just lifts a part of the tent and asks, "Bigfeet? Is that really you?"

Finally helping Big Feet out of the tent, Tom and Jerry look at Big Feet in shock because Bigfeet is not all what he appeared to be. LeChopp laughed at his appearence. Big Feet was actually a short bearded midget wearing a Tarzan like cloth.

Big Feet finally speaks out to LeChopp, Tom and Jerry. "Yes, it's me. You're just like all the others. You never taught me if my Big Feet hadn't tripped on that tent rope."

Tom and Jerry still standing next to LeChopp who questions Big Feet, "You have been the cause of all my troubles?" then begins to laugh.

Big Feet explains himself, "I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to. You see everyone made fun of my big feet and well, I ran away to live here in the mountains. " Tom and Jerry were listening to Big Feet in silence.

"I only came to your camp to find food because I was hungry." Big Feet tells his tale, then continues, "I always wanted to be a forest ranger. But they were probably just laugh at me too."

Tom pokes at LeChopp and whispers in his ear. Making his decision, LeChopp says, "Hey, that is a good idea! Mr. Big Feets. I think your Big Feets problems are over."


Taking Big Feet to the forrest, there was smoke from far away. Tom and Jerry who were with LeChopp were talking to Ranger Jeff. To see if Ranger Jeff will offer Big Feet a job as a forest ranger. LeChopp called Ranger Jeff, "Captain Ranger" because he did not know his name.

"Captain Ranger, we have something you might be looking for! A super fearless fire fighting forest ranger!" LeChopp explains.

"Hmm, this I gotta see." Ranger Jeff says. Tom and Jerry standing nearby, LeChopp says, "Observe set fire! And I will show you! FIRE FIRE!"

Big Feet now wearing sneakers tries to look around for the fire. "FIRE? WHERE?" Big Feet finally locates the fire! "Oh there!"

Jumping into the air, Big Feet makes a bell sound.

Big Feet runs to the fire and stomps it out with no problem at all. Ranger Jeff was impressed. "Amazing! I certainly could use him! You'll be the best forest fire fighters since Smokey The Bear!" Taking off his hat, Ranger Jeff gives it to Big Feet who was now wearing a forest ranger outfit.

Tom and Jerry were standing side by side next to Big Feet who was entirely grateful.

"Oh thank you! Thank you!" Big Feet cheers. He tells Tom and Jerry, "You see fellas, I'm a forest ranger!"

Jumping up and down in excitement, Big Feet realizes his dream came true. Jumping up and down some more, it causes some serious Earthquakes. Big Feet's dreams will soon be crashing down on him.

"I will put out fires! WEE! WEE! WEE! YEAH YEAH YEAH! I'm a ranger! I'm a ranger! YEAH YEAH! I'M A RANGER! YEAH YEAH! I'M A RANGER!"

Tom and Jerry take notice that the force of the Earthquakes that Big Feet was causing was making the trees all fall over like a domino effect. Even the cabins began to break. LeChopp and Ranger Jeff then saw everything and ran away.

"Let's get out of here!" "You took the words right out of my mouth!"

Tom and Jerry tried to stop Big Feet who was still jumping up and down causing an Earthquake. Big Feet finally stopped, "So what's my next job?" asked Big Feet.

Tom and Jerry looked at Big Feet with anger. "What are you looking at me like that?" Tom pointed to all the trees in the forest that were all fallen down and Jerry pointed to the now crumbled cabins that the forest rangers lived in.

Big Feet screams at all the damage he had done, "OH NO! Sometimes I dont know my own strength! Maybe you fellas can help me find another forest to be a ranger?"

Tom and Jerry shook their heads, "NO!"

Right there and then a truck comes to the now destroyed forest. It was a circus truck. A clown came out and spotted Tom and Jerry.

"Excuse me," said the clown. "Have you seen a midget with Big Feet?" asks the Clown.

Tom and Jerry point to Big Feet. The clown approaches Big Feet.

"Hello, Mr. Clown! What can I do for you, sir?" asked Big Feet who soon realizes who is was. "OH NO!"

"You escaped the circus freak show again! You're going back whether you like it or not!" demanded the Clown who turns to Tom and Jerry. "You know this guy?".

Tom and Jerry deny that they ever knew Big Feet. Then the clown took Big Feet against his will. The Clown even looked at the forest that was in shambles thanks to Big Feet. "Did an atomic bomb go off here?" The Clown observed.

Tom and Jerry gave the Clown a signal indicating that Big Feet caused it all. Without any hestiation, the Clown throw Big Feet into the truck. "Some friends you both turned out to be"! Big Feet yells at Tom and Jerry from the back of the truck. Tom and Jerry watch as it drives away.


The Clown drove off with Big Feet. Tom and Jerry were glad and gave the departing Circus Truck a "Good Riddance" signal.

Ranger Jeff and LeChopp found another forest to work and reside in. Tom and Jerry went off on their next adventure.
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