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Creepypasta Dave Over Yander

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Lost episodes of Dave The Barbarian and Wander Over Yonder.

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Dave The Barbarian Lost Episode: The Forbidden Reel: Dave's Descent

In the late '90s, Disney Channel aired an animated show called “Dave the Barbarian.” It was a lighthearted comedy about a bumbling barbarian named Dave, his quirky family, and their adventures in the medieval kingdom of Udrogoth. But what if I told you there was an unaired episode—one that was deemed too disturbing for young audiences? This is the tale of “The Forbidden Reel.”

In 2003, an old janitor named Mr. Thompson stumbled upon a dusty film canister in the basement of Disney Studios. The label read, “Dave the Barbarian: Episode 666.” Curiosity piqued, Mr. Thompson loaded the film onto an ancient projector and watched in horror as the forbidden episode unfolded.

The animation quality was off—grainy, distorted, and unsettling. The familiar characters appeared, but their eyes were hollow, devoid of life. The episode began innocently enough: Dave, Fang, and Candy were tasked with defeating an evil sorcerer named Malacoda. But as the plot progressed, things took a dark turn.

The Black Mirror: Dave stumbled upon a cursed mirror that showed him glimpses of his own death. Each reflection revealed a gruesome demise—a noose, a guillotine, a pit of snakes. Dave’s laughter turned to screams as he realized the mirror was predicting his fate.

Candy’s Song: In a haunting musical number, Candy sang about her loneliness. The lyrics hinted at a tragic backstory: “I’m the last of my kind, cursed to wander alone. My laughter hides tears; my heart turns to stone.” As she sang, her eyes welled up with tears, and viewers felt an inexplicable sadness.
Fang’s Transformation: Fang, the sarcastic magical sword, gained sentience. It whispered dark secrets to Dave, urging him to embrace violence. Fang’s blade turned blood-red, and its voice grew more sinister. “Kill them all, Dave,” it hissed. “Only then will you find peace.”

Malacoda’s Ritual: The climax revealed Malacoda’s true plan—to merge the cartoon world with our reality. He chanted ancient incantations, and the screen flickered. Suddenly, the animation shifted from 2D to 3D, and the characters stepped out of the TV. Mr. Thompson claimed he saw them in his living room, staring at him with hollow eyes.

Mr. Thompson destroyed the film, but the curse lingered. He reported hearing whispers at night, urging him to “join the cartoon.” His hair turned white, and he became a recluse. When asked about the lost episode, he’d mutter, “Dave’s descent… into madness.”

“The Forbidden Reel” remains an urban legend among Disney fans. Some say it’s a cautionary tale about the dangers of meddling with forbidden knowledge. Others believe it’s a glimpse into a darker dimension—one where our favorite characters suffer eternal torment.

And so, if you ever find yourself near an old TV set, beware. You might stumble upon a channel that shouldn’t exist—one that broadcasts “The Forbidden Reel: Dave’s Descent.”


Wander Over Yonder Lost Episode: The Haunting of Galactic Goodies

In the heart of the galaxy, there exists a quaint little planet called “Sweetopia.” It’s a place where sugary treats come to life, and the air smells like cotton candy. Wander and Sylvia stumble upon this delightful world during one of their cosmic adventures. But little do they know that Sweetopia harbors a dark secret.

Wander and Sylvia receive a mysterious transmission on their communicator. It’s an invitation to Sweetopia, promising the most delectable desserts in the universe. Intrigued, they set their spaceship’s coordinates and arrive at the planet. The sky is a swirl of pastel colors, and the ground is made of gummy bears.

Upon landing, they meet the planet’s ruler, Queen Marshmallowa. She’s a towering figure made entirely of marshmallows, with licorice hair and eyes that flicker like burnt sugar. Queen Marshmallowa insists they try her signature dessert: “The Eternal Éclair.” It’s said to grant immortality, but at a terrible cost.

Wander and Sylvia indulge in the Éclair, savoring its heavenly taste. But as they swallow, they feel their life force draining away. Queen Marshmallowa cackles, revealing the truth: The Éclair steals years from its consumers, adding them to her own lifespan. She’s been alive for centuries, feeding off unsuspecting travelers.

As Wander and Sylvia weaken, they notice other lost souls trapped in Sweetopia. Former adventurers, now reduced to candy-colored ghosts. They whisper warnings: “Beware the Taffy Tunnels” and “Escape through the Licorice Labyrinth.” But it’s too late—their bodies turn into confectionery, and they become part of the planet’s cursed cycle.

Desperate, Wander remembers an old legend: The “Cocoa Compass,” hidden deep within the Chocolate Caves, can guide them home. They embark on a treacherous journey, avoiding the Taffy Tunnels’ sticky traps and solving riddles in the Licorice Labyrinth. Finally, they find the compass—a chocolate truffle with a pulsing heart.

Wander hesitates. The Cocoa Compass demands a sacrifice: one of them must stay behind to power it. Sylvia insists Wander go, promising she’ll find a way back. Tearfully, Wander kisses her forehead and steps onto the compass. It glows, whisking him away, leaving Sylvia alone in Sweetopia.

Back on their spaceship, Wander gazes at the stars. He’s mortal again, but Sylvia remains trapped. He vows to return, armed with knowledge and courage. Meanwhile, Queen Marshmallowa laughs, her marshmallow form melting into the ground. She whispers, “The galaxy is my Éclair now.”

And so ends the lost episode of “Wander Over Yonder.” Beware the sugary allure of Sweetopia, for not all treats are what they seem!

Those are some new creepypastas I came up with! Hope I didn't scar anyone for life!
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