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Im new to this, so have pity and read this fanfic

Category: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Other - Published: 2006-09-30 - Updated: 2006-09-30 - 540 words

Sabrina ducked as another part of the cave fell in.
"What is going on!" She screamed, face sheer white.
"It's caving in, what do ya think!" Morganna yelled.
"Don't yell! We're all scared shitless here!" Bianca screamed.
Angel covered her ears. That wasn't the reason the roof was falling in. It was that thing. That dragon. She shook violently. She bit her lip and focused on remembering. Remembering how this situation had happened.

In the highlands of Scotland, Cairn Gorm mountains, a group of friends were setting up a expedition. Well at least one of them was. Angel. She was aking sure the rope was attached to the mountain securly, it was there only way out.
"Angel! You have been messing with that rope for hours! Leave it!" Morganna yelled, starting to climb down into the cave. Angel hesitated, then sighed and followed her stuborn friend.

She eventually found herself in a great chamber. Bianca, Leona and Sabrina were messing around in front of the camera, pulling faces, swearing, posing, etc.
"Right guys, that's enough, do you think we should start filming now?" Angel said, laughing.
"But we are filming, this is gold!" Sabrina said cheerfully.
Angel rolled her clear blue eyes and sighed.
"Oh wait, I left the torch, Morganna could you come help me find it?" Angel asked, already halfway down the passageway.

When they were outside looking for the torch, they heard a bang from inside the cave. They looked at eachother, both thinking the same thing. They jumped into the cave, and ran down the passageway. But Angel heard a thud behind them. The rope and the ledge it was attached to had fallen.

There was smoke and dust everywhere, and the chamber was blocked off, but there was a small gap that They could see through.
"Angel! Is that you! I can't see!" Bianca yelled.
She saw Sabrina helping Bianca across the rubble towards the exit.
"Are you okay!" Morganna yelled.
"I can't see at all!" Bianca yelled.
Angel looked around. It wasn't pitch balck in the cave, just dim and dusty.
"It's not dark..." Moranna whispered.
"What! It's pitch black! I can't see anything! This isn't funny! My back really hurts!" Bianca yelled, thinking they were joking.
Angel was about to reply when she remembered something about a woman who had fallen out of her seat and banged her spine so that it hit the part of her brain that made out pictures.
"Right!" Angel yelled, sticking her hand through the gap, "We'll get you out!"
"Wait! Where's Leona!" Sabrina yelled.
And then Angel saw it, out of the corner of her eye, a huge burning dragon just a few meters away. But as she blinked it vanished.

So here they were, trapped in a cave that was falling in faster than the south tower of the world trade centre. Suddenly something hit her. Hard.

She opened her eyes and it she was in a forest.
"Holy shit..." Morganna muttured.
Suddenly a bald boy with an arrow on his head jumped down from a tree.
"Who are you!" He yelled.
"Ya bastard!" Morganna yelled, startled by the boy.
"What a weird name!" The boy laughed.
Angle stared at him like he was stupid.
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