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Champions Tower Defense

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Champions Foundation Legacy is the reincarnation of Champions Foundation, an adventurer group. The nine members of CFL are eager.

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Chip waited for his teammates to enter the cafeteria.
The fifth floor contains the cafeteria, and although only nine members exist within Champions Foundation Legacy, the cafeteria takes up the whole floor. The magically charged elevator tube was centered in the middle as always. At the counter, Chip waited for someone to arrive.
Finally, the crystal door opened and Optimus-Prime emerged from the elevator area.
"You are early, Chip," Optimus said. "What do you have cooked up today?"
"Just sandwiches," Chip replied. "Your sandwich is just fuel crystals in the shape of a sandwich."
"Still a sandwich then," Optimus remarked. "It just isn't cooked by your impressive electric shocks." He then sat at a random table. He was the leader, but he cared not for a particular spot.
Chip exited the counter area to bring the sandwiches to his table. As he did, the crystal door opened to reveal Sandy Cheeks.
"Good morning y'all!" Sandy cheered.
Sandy did a spin kick into the air and landed on the table Optimus was seated at.
Sandy is the second-in-command. She can get a little scary, but Chip doesn't mind her.
Chip set the tray down and handed her a sandwich as Optimus grabbed his.
"This is the strangest cheese I have ever seen," Sandy remarked.
The crystal door opened again, and Winnie the Pooh stepped out.
"Oh bo-" Pooh started to say "oh bother" but was interrupted by his companion who stepped out after him.
"Woo! Cheese!" Pichu shouted as she dashed into the sandwiches.
"Pichu!" Pooh worriedly yelled. He ran over. "Are you okay?"
Pichu emerged from the sandwiches. "Pichu has a good feeling about today."
Chip smiled. Pichu is the youngest, but she never is a detriment to the team.
The door opener yet again. This time Oliver Queen came out.
"Did the party already start?" Oliver asked. "My sister told me the party can never start before the Queen arrives."
"Execution never scared me," Sandy said.
"This sandwich tastes different than my usual crystals," Optimus said.
Chip was about to answer, but the door opened again and a familiar woman wheeled in.
"I just got off a call with my husband," Karen said. "Planky is having trouble with the kids."
"How is Chip, Veronica, and Suki?" Chip asked.
"Well, Chip-" Karen paused, perhaps rethinking the way she phrases her words. "Well to answer your question, Chip Cruz, Chip Plankton is doing well despite burning down Jet City's newest hotel. Veronica is arguing with her sister, and Suki is trying to drive a tank into a bank."
"I'd call Gary to help him out, perhaps he'd be of good use," Sandy suggested to Karen.
"Pearl is already helping him," Karen explained. "I suppose calling others would help, but Veronica hates strangers."
Chip placed his Energy Gem on the table. He could feel the power coursing through it. He was hoping the charged crystal could give him an answer.
The door opened again, and Dr. Robotnik strolled right in.
"I want a cozy hot cup of Lapsang Souchong tea!" Robotnik declared as he snatched a sandwich.
Chip decided to go back to the counter to start brewing. He heated up the water with his electricity power. He felt the crystal drain of reserves, but he was going to charge it again anyway.
Lastly the door opened to reveal a tallish and teenage frog person.
"Hey! It seems everyone is here," Ivy Sundew said cheerfully. "Do I hear tea?"
"Curtesy of Robotnik," Sandy said.
"Oh yeah, Optimus, your fuel crystal sandwich was drenched in Sulfogate," Chip answered. "I used my powers to charge it a little extra so that you'll be extra prepared for battle. Your Spark won't be lively forever."
"Your insight is as brilliant as ever," Optimus said. "However, I implore you to worry a little less. I don't think we should dwell on those possibilities."
Chip nodded. He looked to see that Karen and Sandy went to a different table to talk. He wondered if things were actually worse than she let on.
"I HATE THAT MOUSE!" Robotnik suddenly yelled.
"Pichu is just playing!" Pooh frightfully reassured Robotnik.
Pichu had a knife in her hand, and Chip could see it was Robotnik's dagger. The dagger was a gift from his robot husband, who looks just like him.
"Pichu! Please hand over his weapon," Optimus firmly but politely commanded.
Pichu's happy expression didn't change, but she gave Robotnik the dagger back.
"Now I'm going to lock you in a closet, and take your place!" Robotnik angrily threatened.
"You already are a Champion," Pooh said.
"Shut up!" Robotnik ordered. "I will now go to the seventh floor to add the finishing touches to my latest creation!"
"Is your creation another jacuzzi?" Karen called over to him. A playful jab considering that Robotnik never made a functional jacuzzi.
"NO!" Robotnik yelled. He the stormed out and took the magic elevator up the tower.
"He's fat and he's proud," Pichu remarked.
Chip thought about his friends. Winnie the Pooh is the blacksmith and quartermaster. Optimus and Sandy lead. Pichu is moral support and a stealth operator. Oliver is the greatest marksman around. Karen is the air support and battle strategist. Ivy is the field worker with mixed martial-arts. Robotnik is a robotics "expert" that helps improve Karen when she doesn't have time to do that herself. Chip felt like he wasn't as inportant. He only cooks, cause fires as distractions, and mess up.
Chip didn't want to worry though. Optimus was probably right.
Chip wondered what the future held, and he hoped it was bright.
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