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Chapter 1: Training

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Sandy trains up the Champions. Something else occurs.

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"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" Robotnik yelled.
Sandy was currently holding a dummy hostage. She rarely trains Robotnik, but he's overdue.
"I will shoot this civilian with my blaster if you don't tell me where to locate your secret stash!" Sandy demanded. She knew she needed to act the part, or her allies might not get the most out of training.
"NEVER!" Robotnik shouted. "I won't give my money and loot! You won't get my dangerous tech, nor my overtly large intellect!"
Sandy made an unamused expression, and could see Optimus make one as well, from behind Robotnik.
"Last chance, hero," Sandy threatened.
"NO!" Robotnik angrily threw his words at her.
Just before Sandy could pull the trigger, she felt a current run up her spine and she collapsed onto the ground.
"Good job, mouse!" Robotnik cheered. "You saved the hypothetical citizen!"
Sandy got her bearings and turned behind her to see Pichu had indeed snuck up on her and shocked her. It hurt.
"That was reckless, Robotnik," Optimus said. "The citizen could have died, and although you don't do field work, you need to be prepared for war whenever."
"I understand," Robotnik grumbled.
Sandy looked around. Pooh and Chip weren't in sight anymore. She supposed they left to count provisions or cook something for them. She wondered where Karen went.
"I am going to finish installing the turrets for us to dodge," Robotnik said.
"Rubber bullets only," Optimus sternly said.
"Not even a secret metal bullet?" Robotnik questioned. "I suppose, but you owe my four coppers for that."
"I am going to take a breather," Sandy explained. "I am going to look for Karen."
"Why am I missing my tools!" Robotnik exclaimed as Pichu ran away with them while Robotnik searches for them. Sandy didn't get why he didn't turn around.
She took the elevator and left the basement floor to arrive at the chamber floor. As opposed to the prison floor, the chamber floor is the area with everyone's rooms.
Sandy found Karen's chambers, and knocked.
"Don't come in," Karen said. "I'm… naked."
"You are always naked," Sandy said.
"…Fair enough," Karen conceded. "Come in."
Sandy walked in after opening the door, and see noted the walls looked different from last time. Sheldon's pictures have been replaced by pictures of Neil Cicierega. The room looked mostly the same, with the same wallpaper of her family standing by an aged Mermaid Man; the hero that saved two hundred people in one day.
"I got another phone call from Planky," Karen said. "This time he told me that he can't get his hands on the formula without me, as if that's important anymore. He's supposed to be taking care of the kids, and he still talks about stealing some worthless piece of paper."
Karen looked pretty sad, and frustrated. She didn't want to leave home, but the tower is located far away from home.
"I think that was his way of telling you he misses you, and that he needs you," Sandy said. "Plankton does have trouble putting those things in words."
"I… know," Karen said. "I argued with him though, and we said things we didn't mean… again. If he cheats on me I suppose I'd understand, and I hope he'd understand if I wanted a divorce…"
"Karen," Sandy said softly. "Maybe we should send you back home."
"I still can't believe his name is Sheldon, it still cracks me up," Karen said, while managing to let out a giggle and chuckle crossbreed.
Sandy didn't laugh. She was still sad that the job is taking such a toll on Karen. She started to wonder if the job is more taxing than it's worth. They haven't even received a job offer this month.
"I think you'd understand if I kicked his butt if he cheated on you," Sandy managed to joke.
"Yeah, but be careful," Karen said. "That's kink he has."
Karen started to laugh. Sandy smiled because the tension was starting the fade.
Suddenly her watch beeped. She checked it and it said that the Champions have a request.
"Apparently marauders have targeted a village in Casper Meadows," Sandy relayed to Karen. "I think we should-"
"Yes!" Karen exclaimed. "Let's go investigate right away! I'll start downloading my newest fighting technique right now."
Karen turned and starting rummaging through her bed looking for what something. Karen has thumb drives in her bed at all times.
Sandy looked on toward Karen. Sandy was hoping this wasn't all a bust, and that the Champions do mean something.
Sandy wondered who they would find on this mission. They have met many crazy individuals.
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